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Adds 35 new quest-related and non-quest-related Black Horse Courier articles that can be acquired by the player, in addition to the game\'s 25 articles.

Permissions and credits
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Name: Black Horse Courier Expanded
Version: 1.2
Date: 10/09/09
Category: Books, Misc
Requires: Oblivion 1.2.0416
Author: Cliffworms ([email protected])

1. Credits
2. Description
3. Requirements
4. Installing the plug-in
5. Playing the plug-in
6. Save games
7. Conflicts/Known Errors
8. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
9. Changelog
10. Want to contribute?


Before starting with the in-depth information about the mod, I will start with the credits. The people listed have greatly contributed for this mod and it is because of their contributions that the mod sees the light!

Thank very much guys. You rock!


Cirosan a.k.a High Chancellor Ocato
WhoGuru a.k.a Redara Alleius
Rowan a.k.a Dursa Vreylanbin


Frodo67 for the proofreading
PacificMorrowind for proofreading
Arthmoor for bugfinding
StarX for showing me how to fix those evil texture issues.




Ulys for his Universal Silent Voice plugin, without which I'd have a lot of trouble getting silent voices in my mods.

The OBSE team for continuously pushing the limits of Oblivion's scripting engine.

The community for the support.

Bethesda for the CS and the Black Horse Courier.


I always thought that the Black Horse Courier concept was pretty cool but that it didn't delivered enough.

First, it's bugged. Most quest-related vanilla articles are unlocked from the start of the game and are not distributed amongst the game world.

Second, the quest-related articles cover only 1 Dark Brotherhood quest, 4 Thieves Guild quests, 2 Daedra Lord quests and 2 or 3 misc quests.

Third, the Black Horse Courier Khajiiti don't have a purpose. They sit in their office all day long, yet you can't ask them for the latest articles.

Black Horse Courier Expanded adds 35 new articles, written by members of the community and me. Most articles are quest-related and can be read/obtained upon the associated quest's completion. Combined with the original articles, you get 55 Black Horse Courier broadsheets to find and read.

Some quests have different outcomes, so do the articles. If you botch a Dark Brotherhood quest, the BHC article you'll read the next day will focus on your bloodthirsty actions. On the other hand, if you perform the quest as requested, the BHC article will not have the same details. It also applies to other questlines other than the Dark Brotherhood.

Since the Black Horse Courier is funded by the Empire, note that some articles might not be written from a neutral point of view. Lies and propaganda from the Empire may be found within the lines written by the Black Horse Courier. Praise the Nines! Praise the Empire!

You can obtain the new articles the following ways:

- Speaking to the couriers on horse (In the wilderness)
- Speaking to the couriers in the Imperial City (Tertius Favoius, Vlanarus Kvinchal, Cicero Verus, Pennus Mallius)
- Speaking about "Articles" to the Khajiiti in the Black Horse Courier offices
- Stealing them from the Black Horse Courier Offices' basement
- Finding them in home/buildings/guilds
- Finding them nailed on bulletin boards in every city

The basement of the Black Horse Courier offices has been changed. It now contains bookshelves filled with the unlockable articles.

Every old and new Black Horse Courier articles have been retextured so you can read the article's title on the broadsheet.

The original articles have been slightly modified and have been distributed amongst the gameworld as well.

Have fun reading/hunting the new articles!



- The latest version of Oblivion

Highly Recommended for the dialogue (Optional):

- Oblivion Script Extender version 0012 or above (http://obse.silverlock.org/)

- OBSE Elys Universal Silent Voice v. 0.93 or above (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622)


Simply extract the content of the zip file to your Oblivion/Data folder.


In the Oblivion Launcher, activate:
" BHC_Expanded.esp"

When you load your game or start a new one, a script will run to check your progress and will unlock any quest-related articles you can have access to if you meet the conditions.


You do not need to start a new game to see the changes.


- If used with the Leyawiin Reborn add-on of Open Cities, the bulletin board for Leyawiin will not show up.
- Should you find typos and bugs, please let me know.


The mod may be distributed/translated as long as everyone who helped me are found in the credits along with me as the author.




- Added compatibility for Open Cities. Bulletin boards will show up in the cities, except for the Leyawiin Reborn add-on, where the bulletin board is actually under the ground.

- The "Assassination!" article will be unlocked only if Uriel Septim dies. This is done for users of alternate start mods that make them start before the events of Oblivion.

- "Official Declaration" and the post-main quest articles have been added to every taverns of Cyrodiil.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed some quest-related articles showing up (Or not at all) in the gameworld without having the quest completed.
- Fixed some minor collision issues with the broadsheet meshes.


- Fixed texture errors on the articles


- Initial Release


In the next version, I plan to have even more content to read. You have good writing skills, know a bit about Tamriel's lore and you'd like to contribute an article or two, you are more than welcome!

The next version will include over 30 new articles, some of which will be distributed weekly in the game. Those will be about miscellaneous events happening in the other provinces of Tamriel.

Other articles will be classified as archived articles and will be accessed by using the services of the Black Horse Courier Offices. Archived articles are about events that happened between Oblivion and Arena. The Warp of the West, the rise of the Nerevarine, the independence of the Orcs, the War of Betony, etc.

So if you are interested in contributing articles for either archived articles or the weekly articles, send me a PM on either TES Alliance forums or Bethesda's Game Studios Forums. Or you can send me an email at my address found at the start of this read me.

Thanks in advance!