Egypts Alexandria by mjy
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Added: 05/09/2009 - 10:05PM
Updated: 28/01/2010 - 03:27AM

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Last updated at 3:27, 28 Jan 2010 Uploaded at 22:05, 5 Sep 2009

egypt alexandria, well wanted to put everything together, it is finally done with the update version, next version there will be all oblivion texture, so like it will look like a ruin city and then can add lod.

not going for the history of egypt,just egypt buildings, etc as best as i can make them, tons,of tons of google pics,etc for info

2] u can play the modd, u can collect the egypt collection, mostly gold statues,etc 1-60 items

3] Cleopatra palace, if u like to use her room, she doesn`t use it anymore

4] visit the ancient wonder, the pharos, alexandria library, the pyramids of egypt with the entrance,3 famous queen palace, Cleopatra palace[u can move in] big place, added monsters around outside in update

5] visit and play as a tomb raider,all insides finish, 6-7 tombs, Nefetari,Cleopatra with mark Antony, Hatshepsut, thothmoses 3, Ramses 2, Seti 1, king Tut, Queen Tausert, Menhotep

6] ring to port u to palace

7] Balace mod, no cheat, no god item added.

8] Alexandria library, biggest library i ever did, almost same mesh as my library castle, but modified it and retextured it,
wasn`t going to do one, but a request kind of made it possible

9] Creatures are hard, so u might want to ajust it in option if u feel it is or isn`t, they carry the collections also on them,
but it is ramdom, and they do respawn, same as the chest


I DROP A CHEST IN OBLIVION MARKET , THERE IS A RING To PORT U TO Cleopatra palace inside the room, no more island hoping

p.s. there are some very cute nude statues, so if nude statues offend don`t download it, thx


cleaner mod now, last update the chess got deleted with the cleaning of the mod, as it was the only oblivion item outside egypt mod, its fix