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Remember kids - NEVER go into a hazardous places without your Battle Shovel from Velatieren Inc. !

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Well, this mod adds a shovel as a playable, two handed, blunt weapon. Remember kids - a Zombie Hunter's shovel is the best choice for any Zombie Apocalypse, or other threats and events. Good at keeping enemies at long distance and... ummm... well, it's a shovel, you think of other usages of this weapon (besides of the humiliation of any enemy defeated with it ;) )
ALL DETAILS like placement, are in the guide ''My Shovel and I" (ReadMe file :P )

-Sense of Humor

-Well, there is one bug - please, try to NOT drop that items if you don't want to lose them - gravity works a bit wierdly, so that model will levitate, but the main weapon core will drop down as invisible, so it's hard to find it ^^
Besides of that - Enjoy!

Small update - just deleted the Screenshots folder from the file. There was some trouble with it, besides now the file weights 16 kb :P

If you want, feel free to use this mod in any way (including new mods etc.) - just put my nick somewhere in the credit (Velatieren) ;)