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a complete overhaul of the Oblivion music system - enhanced combat detection, custom playlists for many locations, silence while sneaking... and much more!

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BetterMusicSystem 3.0
7 years after the last version you can now beta test version 3.0. Read the readme! Have fun! :)

BetterMusicSystem 2.3

BetterMusicSystem is a complete overhaul of the Oblivion music system:
enhanced combat music, custom music playlists for many locations, regions, factions...,
silence while sneaking... and much more!

now with support for Shivering Isles and Elsweyr: the Deserts of Anequina!

(most of the features can be toggled via the ini file)

- ENHANCED COMBAT MUSIC (more info below)
- CUSTOM MUSIC PLAYLISTS for many locations, factions, cities, regions; for night, underwater, stormy weather and sneaking!
- 7 CUSTOM PLAYLISTS that you can assign via spell or special magic items (see below)
- ASSIGN the 4 DEFAULT playlists to any cell. (yes, battle too!)
- FADING between tracks, music types (explore, public...), playlists
- RESUME of normal music if combat was short
- battle music fades out SLOWLY after combat before normal music fades in
- music fading out when sneaking (as an alternate to the sneak playlist) and when talking
- PAUSE FEATURE: custom pause after each track (that ends after a given time, on a shortcut press, on music type change)
- track names can be printed to the console.
- there is a playlist for the load screens.
(otherwise the mod would play the default music for a few seconds before it is able to recognize the target cell) by default it's silence, but you can put any short jingle in here.

The Phonograph / The Emerald Of Music:
if you place it somewhere, whenever you are in the same cell, it will play a custom playlist which you can choose by activating it. you can use it in ALL EXTERIOR cells too! you will find these items in a chest near the prison sewer exit.

this is a spell that gives you the power to alter the music for a cell, all cells owned by a faction / npc, or for a whole worldspace (including cities!). it does not work in the wilderness. (where you can still use the phonograph though!) you can also change playlists for predefined locations (e.g. mages guild). if you want to change a single cell that is owned by a faction you have to use the phonograph or emerald.
if you change a worldspace ALL interiors in it with default music will play that playlist too!

when equipped it plays a playlist that you can choose with the 'power of music' while it is equipped. it's in the chest with the other two items.

(most settings can be altered via the ini file)

- you must be aware of an enemy. battle music won't warn you about enemies that you can't see yet unless you get hit.
- VoyeurMode: combat is also detected if player is not engaged in a battle that is happening near.
- rats (and very weak enemies) don't trigger battle music at all, unless they hit the player or the player has low health. more then 3 rats will trigger combat music though.

- ... when you THINK (or don't know if) combat is over. again the battle music won't warn you about further enemies waiting for you in the dark and you will never know if the battle is really over!
- when you are chased by an enemy that is far enough behind you that you can't hear him. you will never know if he is still behind you!
- music fades out slowly while some adrenaline heartbeat and breath sounds calm down... (depending on combat duration. short combat = short fade out, no heartbeat)
- silence after combat (few seconds) before happy explore flute music restarts

prepare your mp3-files for usage (delete any tags and artwork): http://www.headstrong.de/software-id3kill.shtml

if you like this mod you might want to have a look at my Side's EAX Control, that adds EAX environment effects to oblivion: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=32128