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Zira's Medieval Horse Clothes


CATEGORY: Models and Textures


DATE RELEASED: 2009.08.28.

Horse Clothing Shops opened in all cities (alone in Imperial City not), near the stables.
It is possible to buy horses with a medieval horse equipment in these.
You can buy altogether 18 medieval style horse clothes. The Price: 12000 gold.
The horses: not wander, essential, their speed is equal to the speed of the Black horse.

Anvil - Kiara Sintav /White Horse/
Skingrad - Stefan Caro /Bay Horse/
Chorrol - Meridor Timo /Chestnut Horse/
Bruma - Degil Nilawen /Paint Horse/
Cheydinhal - Draven Relas /Black Horse/
Bravil - Rufius Martin /Bay Horse/
Leyawiin - Jena Lerus /Paint Horse/


- 18 new different medieval style horse clothes
- new rein model with different textures


Place the folders of the mod in the corresponding
folders (texture to texture, meshes to meshes) of the your
OBLIVION/DATA folder along with the
Zira's Medieval Horse Clothes.esp file, check this .esp, and play.

- Oblivion + v1.2.0416 Patch


Thanks AlienSlof for horse textures and new rein model.
Thanks for the makers of the CastleSeaview mod (Mr Siika & Centurion & Rung) for the new horse cloth model.
Thanks Krisz for the script.


This mod can be edited in CS. Textures can
be used by any modder, i only need some

Thank you for trying this mod, enjoy the new horse clothes.