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My ORE Water Homes Challenge entry, a charming and functional fishing cottage on the water. COBL version available

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Name: Clamshell Cottage COBL
Version: 1.5
Date: 9/15/2009
Category: Buildings, player owned home
Requirements: Oblivion Patch
Author(s): Korana

"Do you dream of sitting on a dock, watching the sunset? Do you wish you could feel the water tickle
between your toes? Elsynia at Leyawiin's Best Goods and Guarantees has the home for you!"

So reads the advertisement you pick up. You may purchase a functioning fishing cottage, located due
north of Leyawiin on a small peninsula. The home is located literally on the water, and was designed
as an entry for the Oblivion Real Estate Water Homes Competition.

Playing The Mod
The advertisement will be added to your inventory when the mod is first loaded and a very short quest
pointing you in the right direction will start.

You may purchase the house for 8000 septims. However, the price changes according to your character's
mercantile skill, etc.


1) You may fish for slaughterfish by activating a pulley system for a fishing net on the back deck.
The fishing net is random, so you have a chance of catching a fish and a chance of catching nothing.
You might catch a fish 50 times in a row...or not catch a fish 50 times in a row! If successful, you
receive a slaughterfish as an ingredient.

2) You may catch mudcrabs in a crab trap, located in the water off the dock in the front of the house.
The crab trap is random, like the fishing nets. If successful, you receive a mud crab as an ingredient.

3) You may use the "Crab Mashing Mallet" to crack open the mud crabs to receive 4 pieces of crab meat.
The mallet is located on the table in the kitchen.

4) You may use the "Skinning Knife" to clean and skin the slaughterfish. You will receive slaughterfish
scales, as well as a fresh fish fillet ingredient. The knife is located on the table in the kitchen.

5) You may use the "Cooking pot" in the fireplace to boil fish chowder, and actually see the chowder while
it is boiling. When finished, you receive a few bowls of fish chowder.

6) You may use the "Mixing Bowl", located on the table in the kitchen, to mix together a very simple bread.
You may then see it placed on the hearth for baking.

7) The kitchen also features an ale keg, which you may use to fill pewter tankards with ale. A few tankards
are included with the house, but you may also buy the special tankards from Elysnia. (Note, she will also
sell a few other things you may need for your evening meal at the cottage.)

8) All that fishing can leave one rather rank, so there is a wash tub which Elysnia had installed in the home.
The washtub may be used once daily.

9) The lights change from night to day.

10) An alchemy chest is on the dresser in the bedroom. This chest is animated, and will open upon activation
to reveal alchemy equipment and a sack to store ingredients in. Very handy for making water breathing potions!
To close the alchemy chest, activate it again in sneak mode.

11) The alchemy equipment inside the alchemy chest is static, meaning you may activate it and open up the
alchemy menu...all without opening up your inventory or making a mess of the contents of the alchemy box!

12) Companion friendly. (See "Compatibility" section please)

13) Tons of hidden storage (And it's all safe to use!)

This mod has been cleaned with Tes4edit

COBL Features
In the COBL version, the following features have been added and/or changed:

- The Ingredient sack in the alchemy chest is now uses COBL ingrediant sorting scripts,
which will sort your ingredients for you. Please refer to the COBL readme for more information.

- Instead of a mortar and pestle in the alchemy chest, you now have a mortar and pestle that uses the
COBL Grinder techinique. "Grinders convert various miscellaneous items into alchemical materials:
bones into bone dust, gems into gem dust, iron ingots into iron filings, etc." Do NOT store anything
in the grinder, as COBL grinders respawn.

- The Luggage has been added to the storage loft. If you have previously discovered The Luggage
on the Anvil dock, you will find The Luggage on a bench under the window...near the bedrooms. If not,
you must first discover The Luggage first. COBL Glue is required for luggage use.

- A Dinner Plate has been added to the kitchen table. If you are not running a COBL-aware hunger mod this
will just simply appear as a named plate you cannot pick up! The dinner plate will take food from your

- The barrel in the kitchen next to the fireplace (with shells on top) has been changed to a water barrel.
If you are not using such a mod, the well will simply appear as a named well.

- An empty barrel has been placed in the kitchen designed for COBL food storage. I decided against filling
it, and it is safe to use for your own storage.

- Added the following books to the bedroom: History of Anvil & Piracy, Imperial Navy, Smuggler's Island, and
Breathing Water. I felt they fit the history and general feel of the home.

- The COBL version ONLY features a frying pan on the hearth. You may use this frying pan to cook up Fresh
Fish Fillets, turning them into COBL's Slaughterfish Fillets. I did not make a cooking option available
for COBL's Slaughterfish Chowder, as I'm missing that mesh and it's a fresh download and re-install.

Please read and be aware of the Common Oblivion readme and features:


1. Extract this archive to your Oblivion directory, or extract to a temporary directory and manually copy
over files if you prefer.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher (Or Mod Manager if preferred), click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside
Clamshell_Cottage_v1.5.esp OR Clamshell_Cottage_v1.5_COBL



1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the Mithris_HGEC.esp
2. Delete the following files associated with the mod.
3. Delete Clamshell_Cottage_v1.5.esp OR Clamshell_Cottage_v1.5_COBL

Compatibility Notes

I have not modified any creature markers, with a previous release I learned that some people seem
to think I should have. I will never do so, as it can cause conflicts with other mods extremely
easily. Because of this, you may have a mud crab walking along the front dock, or a random fish or
two out of water on the back deck. I recommend use of the CS, console, or a non aggressive creature
mod if this bothers you. I however, will not knowingly release a mod that causes conflicts.

A great deal of care has been taken to find a spot that does not conflict with Unique Landscapes.

Special care has been taken to allow this mod to be companion friendly, and was tested thoroughly
with CM companions. However, you do need to be aware of a few things if you use companions:

Special consideration for companion seating has been arranged by giving certain furniture
persistent references. This assures that when you sit, your companion rests someplace within
the cell which makes sense, instead of running off or standing about. However, there are
some exceptions which you may or may not experience. If you sit and your companion does
nothing...you are in the chair they prefer. Moving to another chair should result in your companion
sitting. With the exception of the exterior cells. On occasion, they may choose the bed instead of
a chair, but otherwise they will not sleep when told.

Companions behave rather oddly in exterior cells when it comes to seating. It appears they will
seek out a chair even if it's several cells away. Because of this, I had to make a choice as to
which deck the companion would sit on- front, or back? Sadly, neither wasn't a working choice
as they would wander off in an odd run to find someplace to sit. So, I decided upon the front deck.
You and your companion may sit at the front table together. This said, DO NOT...I repeat DO NOT sit
on the back deck's stool with a companion in tow. They will run off. If you forget, re-enter the
house and they should warp to you.

Pathgrids have been set up and adjusted for one companion only. Several areas are rather tight
spaces, and even with one companion they are forced to show up a slight distance away from the
player upon cell load. If you are running more than 1 companion, things may get sticky!
Pathgrids, etc have only been tested with non creature companions.

I have intentionally made it so your companions can NOT follow you up the rope ladder into the storage
loft. It's terribly tight up there, and I discovered all kinds of collisions issues can occur with a
companion up there. They will simply run around lost while you are up there, so if that might bother you
quickly tell them to stay/eat/sleep/etc while you are up there.

The rope ladder on the back deck is set up using sub spaces, to allow your companion to follow you in and
out of the water without swimming around to the front of the house. However, it seems that 90 out of 100
times they will have problems reaching the ladder. I've tried every pathgrid I can think of, and a bit of
research gives me the feeling that this has something to do with the way AI treats pathgrids underwater.
If they cannot go up the ladder, go up yourself and enter the house via the door. They should have warped
to me everytime.


None currently known :-)

Please be thorough when using conflict detectors. For example, Knights of the Nine does in fact NOT conflict
with this...however, running through certain programs may return a conflict result. As one should always do,
please do your research and investigate thoroughly before reporting a conflict. However, if you do in fact find
one certainly let me know as soon as possible? Thank you!


- I have not made icons for lower resolutions. With past releases, I have received no feedback about them
besides the general comments of people not installing them and running the regular icons at low resolutions.

- Due to the game engine's time scale, baking bread or chowder past PM may result in your items being "cooked"
earlier than their allotted time. I have chosen to play this, rather than attempt to fix it. The coals are
burning hotter since the fire has been burning all day...and your food cooks a bit quicker.

- If you run out of pewter tankards or need non cottage specific ingredients to cook or bake with, Elysnia's
supply will respawn. However, she is the only person to sell the tankards and deed...so if you've killed her
you will have to use the console to obtain the key and tankards.

- If you get bad FPS or your computer blows up, you are on your own. Any emails about "my FPS is poo!" will be
quickly sent to the recycle bin. My computer is very powerful, so it is rather difficult to tell FPS differences.

- If you're inside when the light changes, you might notice the lights changing in a sequence. I haven't quite
figured out the best way to avoid that.

- Me and blender do not get along, matter of fact it's not even acting correct. Due to this fact, some meshes
are not perfect.

7/30/2009 - Version 1
9/15/2009 - version 1.5

Version 1.5 just gives the quest for the cottage an icon. Nothing to worry about updating for unless you just
absolutely have to have a quest icon!


You can find me under "Korana" at ORE, nexus, or TESeyecandy.com
I am not accepting emails at this time.


Thanks to Bethesda for the wonderful game!

Thanks to the Nifskope team! Without nifskope, I wouldn't have been able to combine Bethesda's wonderful
meshes to create new things.

Thanks to the Blender team.

Thanks to Trollf for 3 stacks of books, collisions adjustments on some ingredients from Shadowcrest Vineyard,
and previous scripting knowledge which I applied here.

Thanks to Pendraia for the veggie sacks, modified by me and further by Trollf to have proper collision and to
use the default textures.

Thanks to Koniption for the boiling mesh used for the chowder, and the two fishing nets.

Thanks to Shawn Dworshak for the static alchemy scripts.

Thanks to Phitt for the fish animations that I applied to the mud crabs.

Thanks to Ghostfig, who supplied the tankard script for another project.

Thanks to Texian for the water meshes, which I modified to behave like real water.

Thanks to the Harvest Containers team ( Dejunai, mmmpld, XMarksTheSpot, and PhoenixAmon) for the alchemy
chest mesh and the original script, which I've modified.

Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

Thanks to Wrye and the COBL team!

Tools Used
7-Zip - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579
Blender - http://www.blender.org/
NIFSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/
TES4Edit - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11536
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp


Basically everything else has been released as modders resources elsewhere or has been made by me.
I do ask that you download the original files if it is credited in the readme, as I might have
changed things in some way and you should definitely check the usage section on each mod before you
pull it's files from here.

Anything I have modified is not free for use, please ask for permission.

And always, always, give credit where credit is due and do not claim things as your own!

You may not change this mod and redistribute it without my permission. Please do not upload this mod or translate
it without seeking permissions and providing me with links. Even with permission granted, by re-uploading
or translating you assume responsibility for keeping those files up to date.