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If you prefer to download from here, then you must read the installation section below.


This mod combines over 50 Female EyeCandy mods into a single file and adds a new boutique for one stop shopping!


* Over 50 individual Clothes, Armor, and Item mods
* Lyre's Imperial City Boutique
* EyeCandy Mannequins
* New NPC's and AI for Boutique
* Shop Patrons
* Easy installation (.bsa format)
* NPC Topics for alternate item selections.

*See Readme for additional information.*


Imperial City Market District


There are several cheat jewelery chests located in each of the ladies rooms downstairs. These contain all of the items located in the shop.

Installation: (Very Important!)

This is a split archive and needs to be unpacked in order.
Since Nexus renames each file differently you will need to rename them each manually.

Rename files to the following:

ECC_Part1 to EyeCandy_Compilation_RC2.part1.rar
ECC_Part2 to EyeCandy_Compilation_RC2.part2.rar
ECC_Part3 to EyeCandy_Compilation_RC2.part3.rar
ECC_Part4 to EyeCandy_Compilation_RC2.part4.rar
ECC_Part5 to EyeCandy_Compilation_RC2.part5.rar
ECC_Part6 to EyeCandy_Compilation_RC2.part6.rar

This will allow winrar or 7-zip to unpack the files correctly.


- Mod is compatible with Better Cities.
- Uses original version of Exnem female body type but is compatible with HG version.


* Exnem's Female Eyecandy Body (Nude or Non-Nude).
* The Most Current Oblivion Patch.


Some users will notice an FPS hit when entering the shop.
This is due mainly to the layout of the shop and the missing load at the top floor of the boutique. I am not the original author of the shop and it was her intention to do things this way.

*Please do not re-distribute this mod without my permission.