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This is an assassin inspired outfit for HGEC & UFF

Permissions and credits
Name: ShadowWatcher Armor for HGEC & UFF
Version: 2
Date: August 24, 2009
Category: Armor
Requirements: Eye Candy body textures (or FF), Oblivion Patch
Author(s): Korana

UFF Version by Spirited Treasure

For a male version created by Alien Slof please visit here:


For a beta version of LilaMue Blue's Male Body version, please visit here:



This is an assassin inspired outfit for HGEC. It comes in three versions, long cape, short
cape, and a skimpy version with the short cape. There is also a masked hood and a non
masked hood which may be worn with all 3 sets of armor. I've also included a retextured
katana (two handed, back sheathing.)

You must fight Dulcea, a former character of mine. It seems she joined the Morag Tong after
fleeing Cyrodill (slight necromancer mishap, it happens...) She's moved her way up the ranks,
and now she's been sent to destroy the Dark Brotherhood. She can't find her way in the door,
so she's waiting patiently for members to arrive in the abandoned house's basement in

She has one set of armor, hood, and katana on her. Additional sets you may find in her sack
near the door, as well as extra sets of her equipment...just in case. The sack does respawn
for companion use.

A separate esp has been provided for beast race support (Argonian, Khajiit, and Orc.)
YOU MUST ONLY USE ONE OF THESE ESPS ONLY!!! The default esp does not offer the additional
race masks, only the human mask and the stand alone hood. In addition, the beast race esp uses
the tail slot on the long cape version, so there is no odd tail clipping when equipped. If you
play a race that has a tail, you will want to install ShadowWatcher_HGEC_v2_b.esp The beast
support version is a full version, and still offers all items. I realized that many people play
common human/elven modded races and also enjoy using accessories which take up the tail slot.
It also seemed odd that the beast masks would be with Dulcea. Because of this, I decided upon
two versions. I stress again, do not run both esps!

Naming conventions used:

Shadowatcher Armor S Cape: Short cape, with body suit
Shadowatcher Armor L Cape: Long cape, with body suit
Shadowatcher Armor SS Cape:Short cape, skimpy
Shadowwatcher Hooded Mask: Human/elven hood with mask
Shadowwatcher Hooded Mask A: Argonian mask with hood
Shadowwatcher Hooded Mask K: Khajiit mask with hood
Shadowwatcher Hooded Mask O: Orc mask with hood

You will need to equip the proper hood for your race for proper results. Due to the attached
face mask, hoods had to receive different shapes and egms to accommodate for the facial structure.
The stand alone hood will work on any race.

Required mods
Eye candy textures are not required here, with the exception of the skimpy set (Then you'll need either FF or HGEC depending on which archive you've chosen.) You can ovewrite only the skimpy outfit with the FF version if you choose, or all of them for a more UFF form.


1. Extract this archive into your Oblivion directory to install the files.

2. Start Oblivion Launcher, Click 'Data Files' and place a checkmark besides the following:
ShadowWatcher_HGEC_v2.esp OR ShadowWatcher_HGEC_v2_b.esp depending on your choice.

Also included in the extra folder are a few lighter textures. I had received a report that the detail
was not easy to see on the person's set up. If you need more contrast between the body suit and straps
you may install those by doing the following:

Copy all textures from the Extra\Lighter Textures folder included in the archive. Past them in the
following folder: textures\armor\nk\watcher. Overwrite when prompted. If you do not like the
lighter textures you can re-extract the archive at any time and copy over the textures located in the
textures\armor\nk\watcher folder in the archive and paste them over the textures in your data files
directory of the same path.

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp
2. Delete the following files associated with the mod.
3. Delete ShadowWatcher_HGEC.esp OR ShadowWatcher_HGEC_v2_b.esp

*Might* conflict with any other mod that modifies the abandoned house basement.

It does interact with "A CM Partner Companion Aliyah" by Divine Avenger. With both mods
installed, when you arrive you will find Aliyah doing battle with Dulcea...which is quite
fitting considering both character's backgrounds. I believe Aliyah is marked as essential
so it should not be an issue of loosing her. If she's not marked as essential get a hold
of me and I'll try to provide a console command to bring her back to you or provide you
with instructions on how to mark her as essential or how to remove Dulcea from your game.

Known Issues or Bugs
You might get minor clipping in some poses, and major clipping with more extreme
pose mods.

NPCs wearing the masks, may get clipping when talking. You do not want to know how long
I've tried to get those masks to behave. If I manage to finally succeed, I'll provide
updated files asap!

If you have a race or race add on which adds extras to the face, such as whiskers the mask
will not accommodate and you'll need to wear the stand alone hood instead.

I have discovered a bit of a rarity with the face masks egm. One out of four test characters
of mine had her nose stick out of the mask. Opening up the race menu (by hitting ~ and typing
in "showracemenu" and exiting without touching any sliders) seems to immediately fix the issue.
This seems to be a localized issue on my machine, as it has been tested by others with the same
race and they had it worked correctly.

August 14, 2009 - Initial release (mostly private)
August 24, 2009 - Version 2 release

Updates to verson 2:

- Made my own face mask (version 1 had to be semi-private because the original
face mask was made by a modder who did not leave a readme and seems to have disappeared.)

- Created an egm for the face mask.

- Replaced the body suit section with the normal HGEC lower body and D cup upper body. Previously,
it was using the S lower body, and interest was shown in the fuller lower section.

- Snipped out the second side of the corset area to avoid a noticeable seam caused by the alpha
and stencil property.

- Refit the harness section to fit better and resculpted the breast area for a snugger fit against
the nipple area.

- Refit short cape to fit better with harness.

- Made skimpy versions after accidentally discovering that a panty fit quite well and the new harness
wasn't as revealing as before.

- Added a seam to the neck section of the long cape, since I had noticed a few people using seam
concealers with it, I realized it need a bit refinement.

- Adjusted the cape on the long cape to sit flatter in the neck area and also adjusted cape length

- Adjusted GND model

- Added skimpy version to esp.

- Lowered Dulcea's PC level offset to maybe give Aliyah an easier time.

- Fixed a tiny clipping issue when in sneak mode.

- Added beast support

- Added hood with no mask

- Re-weighted boot straps since they wanted to move on their own when walking in reverse.

- Added optional lighter textures.

If you are updating from version 1, please stop by the place you downloaded it from *wink wink*
for instructions and a separate esp for the updates if you do not wish to deal with updating
an esp in your game.


You can find me under "Korana" at ORE, nexus, or TESeyecandy.co.uk or http://tesadventures.com
You can email me at the following address: [email protected] but due to some recent
mis-adventures I'd prefer contact via one of the above forums. Thanks for understanding!

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to Hentai for so many things! Every time I look at Hentai's stuff I feel inspired!
The leather textures that inspired this outfit! Thanks for the straps,long cape, the leg
wrap mesh I modified., the knife mesh, and the potion mesh.
Thanks to A-Type2 (AKA Speed Buster) for the boots, gloves, thigh section, and all straps (including neck)
Thanks to Zhu for the corset resource
Thanks to Ozmo for the belt/bags and short cape
Thanks to Mkat101 for all the work she did on this fixing up clipping issues before I got blender
up and running!
Thanks to Nexon for the original Assassin's Creed hood mesh.
Thanks to Tiff for the panty.
Thanks to Exnem & Raiar for the the Eyecandy/HGEC body!
Thanks to Scanti for The Conformulator
Thanks to everyone who's enjoyed this so far and play tested it and offered insight and help.
Thanks to the Nifskope Team
Thanks to the Blender Team!


Permission aspects have changed since someone recently helped themselves to this in a mod and told me to basically kiss their rear when I politely asked them to take the mod down until they properly credited myself and obtained permissions from another author.

Since apparently it is difficult for at least one person to understand that it is not ok to confuse the statement of "please obtain permission for one mesh, but besides that it is fine" as "go right ahead and use use use" I've revoked permissions entirely without you seeking permissions from myself first as well as Nexon for the original hood mesh. Thank you for your understanding.

If you've downloaded this earlier before the permissions change and have started using it in a project and have obtained permission to use the hood from Nexon (I had to ask...so do you), feel free to continue using it for your projects.

Conversions are fine, but make sure you state in your readme that further usage is not OK.

I have re-uploaded this with amended readme for permissions.