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Got enough of that vanilla chameleon magic effect making virtually everyone superman? But still want to use items, enchantments and spells as Bethesda intended them? This is your way …

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This is the English version of Real Chameleon Rebalance:

Dies ist die englische Version von Real Chameleon Rebalance:

It is the purpose of this modification to rebalance the existing chameleon magic
effect in Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

Instead of completely removing the chameleon magic effect or weaken its power, as
some other modifications do, this plug-in introduces a so called "chameleon
limit". If your chameleon rating (measured in the spell book) exceeds this limit,
it is being cut down to the limit's value.

Example: You fixed the chameleon limit at 85% while in your spell book you have a
chameleon rating of 95%. So the actual chameleon rating affecting your visibility
is, as set by the limit, 85%.

Beyond that it is still possible to become completely invisible using the
chameleon magic effect, but it is not a carte blanche anymore. Therefore an
"invisibility limit" has been established. If your chameleon rating (measured in
the spell book) passes this limit, after five seconds the standard invisibility
spell will be applied to you.

So the player is invisible, but as soon as he does something, the invisibility is
being removed and the actor stays visible for fifteen seconds. During this period
of visibility, naturally the actor still has the chameleon limit chameleon rating.

For further information on installation and configuration
see the attached ReadMe File (PDF).

Technically Chameleon Rebalance is compatible with any other modification.