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It's the small fishing village with the funny name!

As I was poking around in the CS, scouting locations for something to fill a hole, I took notice of a dock next to Fort Variela. I wondered if perhaps it was the footprint of something Bethesda simply left out. So I went looking for lore maps to see if anything at all was indicated there. One such map exists, and was marked with the word "Vergayun" right about where the dock is. As it turns out, an old discussion in the lore forum had taken notice of this before and concluded the name was actually added by an overzealous fan of Redguard when they extended the map for it to cover part of Cyrodiil. Well, lore correct or not, the name stuck.

Imagine my surprise when checking my load order also turned up nothing touching the two cells I wanted to use. With a name, and the site being clear, the fishing village of Vergayun is born. It consists of an inn, a farmhouse, 2 small houses on the shore, and a larger building which is being used as a warehouse. The dock area has also been cleaned up a bit to remove the broken junk that was laying around.

The inhabitants earn their living by fishing for slaughterfish, trapping mudcrabs, and harvesting clams. These are then turned into a delicious clam chowder, mudcrab stew, and slaughterfish surprise. Nobody is really sure exactly what the surprise is, and the innkeeper isn't talking!