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Fix for incompatibility with Morroblivion (2 comments)

  1. AllisterHenderson
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    I am not 100% sure, but I am under the understanding that if you contact a mod author about permission to publish a fixed or patched version of their mod, and they don't contact back after a set time (a month I think) you are then allowed to publish the fixed / patched version on a new mod page.
    TheNiceOne left the oblivion modding scene 5 years ago, so you should be fine to publish it.
  2. HautdenLukas
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    Usually the map markers would be discovered in this order:

    • see the marker on the compass, no marker added to the map yet (visibleDistance)
    • marker added to the map as "known" (addDistance)
    • marker changed from "known" to "discovered" (revealDistance)

    On Morroblivion maps the second step is skipped and the markers are directly added as "discovered". The issue is caused by script "MapMarkerCheckVisibility". It simply adds the marker, but doesn't set its status to "known" as it should.

    Unfortunately "theNiceOne" didn't react to my message, so I'm posting a fixed esp here for convenience. The fix is based on Map Marker Overhaul 3.9.3 and contains no other changes, just the fixed script.

    You can download the fix here.