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Never search for Nirnroot again. This mod takes place in Cheydinhal, where you have a full Nirnroot garden growing in your backyard. Version 1B includes a complete remodel of the player\'s house in Cheydinhal.

Permissions and credits
If you own the house in Cheydinhal, your property just increased in value. This mod takes place in Cheydinhal, where you have a full Nirnroot garden growing in your backyard. Good news too, the Nirnroot acts like normal flora in the game. That means, you can harvest all the Nirnroot you want, and still have a beautiful garden growing in your backyard.

Modification Contents

(Ver 1A)
-Added 115 Nirnroot plants to player's Cheydinhal House.
-Added 20 Nirnroot plants around South water/bridge area. (Closest to Riverview Inn)
-Moved player's Cheydinhal House back to give a bigger front yard.
-Added 3 gates to player's Cheydinhal House Garden area for concealed access.
-Increased wall/barrier's height for more privacy around house and garden.
-Removed "Begger2's" bed/sleeping area behind player's Cheydinhal House.
-Changed Nirnroot script to act like every other plant in game. (All Nirnroot grows after harvested)
--*UPDATE*--Moved Cheydinhal House back to original position due to door misplacement glitch.

(Ver 1B)
--Combined "Zyrtos' Cheydinhal Nirnroot Garden Mod" with "Borjoyzee's Cheydinhal House Altered Mod"
to create "Zyrtos' Perfect Cheydinhal Nirnroot Garden and House Mod."
--Added helmets of each armor type on top of armor cabinets in first level basement
--Added archery targets and full arrow cases to lowest level basement for the maximum archery experience.
--Renamed cupboards and drawers to fit specific item containment.
--Added two beautiful fountains to the front of Cheydinhal player's house.

--With this console code, you CAN successfully complete "Seeking Your Roots" for Sinderion.
~All you need to do is go into your console, "tilde" and type "setstage MS39 90." If you want to progress through the mission, then you need to increase the value of the last number "70, 80, 90" until the mission is complete, in which Sinderion will still collect Nirnroot sample and grant Elixirs to you for the exchange.
Here is the info if you are still confused. (Also available in the downloadable README.
(Scroll down to SetStage)

-Zyrtos Olemugo

**NOTE** Must have Knights of the Nine, and Shivering Isles to experience full capacity of this mod.

(Partial Credit owed to "Borjoyzee" for creating "Cheydinhal House Altered Mod.")