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shadeMe and InsanitySorrow

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Loading Screen Addon for trollf's Loading Screens !

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Natural Selection
A Loading Screen Addon pack for trollf's Loading Screen Replacer
version 1.0


First, there was nothing - An unending void, an ether that was blacker than the darkest mind's darkest dream in black and white. Then, there was shadeMe ( and to an insignificant extent, InsanitySorrow ).

shadeMe conceived the most colorful, brilliant, exquisite, ravishing, gorgeous, splendiferous loading screens there were. They were the epitome of beauty; the most delectable of all that existed. They were unmatched in their grandeur; immaculate, banishing the omnipresent darkness with just their presence. But it was not to last for He soon discovered the Construction Set, which bewitched and left Him harebrained. This terrible quandary would have continued to exist perpetually if it weren't for InsanitySorrow's courage.

Taking pity in shadeMe's plight, he took a deep breath and agreed to His[shadeMe's] request to create a plugin for the loading screens, which would include loading text as well. The heavens shook as the ensuing shock snapped shadeMe out of His delusion, freeing Him from the clutches of the malevolent Construction Set.

Things returned to normal soon after – He read the bible, created the world, gave birth to Todd and released the mod. All was well.

Fine Print

Natural Selection is a loading screen addon for trollf's Loading Screen Themed replacer. It adds over 500 scenic loading screens that blend right in with trollf's. Natural Selection covers many realms and landscapes, mod-added and otherwise ( incl. the Shivering Isles ).

The plugin contains loading text comprising quotes from the game's literature, dialog and manual.


This mod is compatible with every mod there is.


Special thanks to :
  • Trollf - For his loading screens replacer and dev. kit
  • Galahaut - For inspiration
  • LHammonds - For his readme generator.
  • InsanitySorrow - You read the description, didn't you !
The Entire Community around the TES Construction Set Wiki - For making such an exhaustive resource catering to ES Modding.
The Folks at the Construction Set Forums - For all their help, rum and fish.
The Rest of the Modding Community - For the inspiration I needed to start modding and all the wonderful mods which I use.
Bethesda - For providing a great game, with enough flaws to keep us busy.

Change Log

1.0 - Initial Release