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Four unique islands have appeared on your map. Hoist the sails and set course for Barbada Island and experience the amazing world of pirates, corruption and adventures Current Version - 4. Beta

Permissions and credits
Mod: Barbada Island
Version: BETA 4
Author: Awia & Rebel

1. Install

2. Content

3. What's New

4. Info

5. Known Bugs

6. Credits

7. Contact

================== 1. Install ==================

To play this mod with quest images, loading screens, map, new meshes and textures, music and voice recordings,
you have to extract all the folders in this zip file to your Oblivion data directory

The .esp file - Barbada_Island.esp - should be placed in your Oblivion/Data folder
And the rest of the files in the right folders

When installed correct, Barbada_Island.esp should appear in your data files under your Oblivion Launcher flag it and you're ready to play the mod.

If you have compatibility problems, please post a comment in the forum tread explaning your problem.

If you previusly downloaded "Barbada Island" Please delete all old files of the mod includes meshes and Textures, because some old meshes have been remade, and the old ones are not needed


Latest Oblivion Patch
Shivering Isle
Latest Shivering Isle Patch

================== 2. Content ==================

Barbada Island.
The island of lust and pleasure!

In this Beta version, you are able to, for the first time experience Black Bottle Bay as a living, breathing city.

For all you new players of Barbada Island, you can first hand see a crude and harsh pirate city, where the term "every man for himself" applies.

The Black Bottle Bay team does not wish ruin your experience of this mod, therefore we will not spoil
your gameplay, by enlightening you about our ideas and the mods content. though we decided to give you a little
"Sneak-peak" to keep you thirsty (since drinking is a very big part of this mod, so cheers and
chug down that bottle o' rum matey!)

Barbada includes:

A rich living island with lots of features
A complete working world-map of the island.
Loading screens
New meshes and textures
A big amount of custom original dialoug
Most of the dialog is with voice-acting.

We are currently working full-shift on creating a Mainquestline

To get there, you have to go to anvil.
A new harbor is placed a little the north of the Anvil harbor
Speak to Captain Thomas Roughnight and he will tell you more

Known compatible with:
Unique Landscapes : Lost Coast.
Any hunger mods
Any Sleep Mods

Known compatible problems:
Better Cities (gives visual problems with the new dock i placed in Anvil)

So hoist the sails and set course for Barbada Island!

================== 3. What's New ==================

In this new version of Barbada Island, you will be given the possibility to go to 3 entirely new islands which no one has ever seen before.

Seawings isle, Anglia Island, and Jungle Island, will all be included in this 4. version of Barbada Island.
All of the islands is still under 'construction' and is not done yet, but there is already at this time so much work in the three of them so we think we will show it to you.

Seawings isle:

Seawings isle is a neighbor island to Barbada Island and it houses the city "Port Rock". Port rock serves as a Merchant city where a lot of the goods from the seas are created and sold.
Besides from the city, the island is a rough cliff island and the giant rocks is majestic and shows the strength of the nature.

Anglia Island:

Is a small but yet interesting island. from the foggy swamp to the high grounds, the island is very detailed.

Jungle Island:

Jungle Island is by far the biggest of the 4 existing islands, if you ever have wished to see a jungle in Oblivion, then this is our try to create================= 4. Info ==================

Travel Sequence

We've added a possibility to skip the travel sequence. Do only use this if one of the following problems is one of yours

You have a Hunger or sleep mod Installed
You're game crashes when you try to watch the sequence
You're Travel Sequence takes a year or so to pass ;P

The AI will bug a little, untill it gets updated, if you choose to skip, but for those with one or more of these problems it should do okay (at least you get to see the island ;))

================== 5. Known Bugs ==================

1. If your game crashes when you activate the ship lever, then wait a couple of hours in game and try again ( wait to around 4 pm)
Its not known if this bug appears in the 4 Beta version, but the solution above should still be able to fix the problem

2. Because of the Eula law, we can not redistribute the Jungle Roots that we have created, so the big "?" on Jungle island is created because of mising meshes.
We will as quickly as possible upload a fix to this problem.

3. We have included some non low mesh _far models of stones to improve the visuality of the islands, if you use TES4LODGen then remove these (unless you want lag) before you generate LOD for bigger worldspaces like Tamriel.
Barbada Island will as a mod become a lot more beautifull if you use TES4LODGen to create lod data, but remember to untick all other mods

================== 6. Credits ==================


and a bottle o´Jack Daniel's fine sour-mash, triple distilled, Tennessee whiskey.
Making the induscrutable AAR.

Special thanks to:

the Bethesda Oblivion game forum

cs.elderscrolls. Const wiki

S3nten for his Mayan houses

Jannix Quinn for his excellent "Modders Resource Potion Bottles"

Disturbed for Palm trees fix
Originally "Dark Eternal and the DUNE team."

Steven Savage


The Ghouls


================== 7. Contact ==================

Contact Awia on this mail

[email protected]

If you find bugs, either mail them to my mail or leave a comment on either Planeteldersrolls.com, Tesnexus.com or the Barbada Island Forum thread

See ye in Black Bottle Bay