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Quest delayers for starting a new game or changing mod lists.

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I find it annoying to click through a gazillion messageboxes when starting a new game or adding a new quest mod to an existing save. It is so not immersive or "logical" to have a pop-up just appear wherever your player may be in game: "I have recieved a note....". Uh, where the hell did that come from? So, for like-minded players, I present:

[size="6"]Bash-able Quest Delayers[/size]

  • If the original mod (master) is not loaded along with the delayer, Oblivion WILL CTD. You have been warned!
  • All these patches require OBSE v18 or higher to work.
  • All these patches are Bash-able, but you don't need Wrye Bash to use them individually.
  • Do not use multiple quest delayers for the same mod. Whichever is last will cancel the others.
  • Each delayer has the version number of the mod being patched in the delayer esp name.
  • Companion patches will not be included in the Bashed Delayer if "essential" or "non-essential" esp's are required.

My criteria for writing a delayer is simple:
I use a saved game with a level 1 test player standing on a rock overlooking Lady Stone near Anvil.
I load only the mod I'm checking. If a messagebox appears, I start looking at the mod to see if a delayer is worakble.

[size="4"]Versions 3.1+[/size]
Quests start when the player is close to the starting location of the quest or when the player is at randomly selected location (usually a City other than Kvatch), whichever occurs first.
No level requirement to start quest.
Improved Open Cities detection.
Delayers will not initialize if the player is in one of the Cities when first it is first loaded.
Delayers now have a console message showing "initialized" and the City where the quest will start.
Now the script checks if the quest is already in progress and aborts if so.
All versions prior to 3.1 have been deleted because there was the possibility of the delayer restarting the quest under certain conditions. That issue has been corrected in the latest release.

Mods with a patch available (listed in B.O.S.S. sort order):

* The stand-alone delayer for TotF was written by TheNiceOne and is available here.

All of the patches are included in Aellis Bashed Delayers. Each can be downloaded separately and used as stand-alone patch.

As a courtesy, I send a pm to the author of a mod I've released a patch for. If the author objects to my release, the patch is removed from Nexus immediately without notice.

If you have authored a mod for which I have released a delayer and you wish to have it removed, just say pm or post a note saying so and it will be. No questions, no arguments.

If you would like a delayer for a particular mod, just post a note or send a pm.