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Last updated at 23:19, 12 Aug 2009 Uploaded at 2:05, 16 Jul 2009

I have uploaded v.04 which is an INCOMPLETE ALPHA version of ACT II. This is purely for testing purposes and to get some feedback. This version contains 6 of the 8 quests in ACT II and is fully playable and *shouldn't* break. Save accordingly.

Version .04 DOES REQUIRE SHIVERING ISLES - sorry if this is an inconvenience.

Version .04 also includes the awesome Sotha Dagger model and texture (with permission) by Gizmodian for use during a quest.

This mod will eventually consist of three ACTS revolving around the Order. All of the major quests have multiple solutions and support any combination of stealth, diplomacy and brute force that the player wishes to use. It is possible to complete all of the main quests without engaging in combat.

The quest line can be started any time after completing the original Order of the Virtuous Blood quests without killing Roland Jenseric. Once 10 vampire dust has been "sold" to the Order, Roland will want to talk to you about expanding the Order's membership. An effort has been made to make this mod fit seamlessly into the world of Oblivion and its lore and attentive Oblivion players will find many "easter egg" references. Because it is impossible to experience everything in a single play through it is recommended to save often if you want to try a different solution to see what happens.

The four characters recruitable by quests are (minor spoilers for the curious):

Publius Scipio: an Imperial Watchman whose extreme enforcement of the law landed him in the Bastion. Find a way to spring him out of jail and convince him to join the Order.

Maralu Ramoran: a wealthy Redoran noble in exile. You will need to help reclaim some family heirlooms from the invading Nords in Morrowind to convince her to help. How you go about securing the heirlooms from the Nord invaders and their Orcish mercenaries is up to you.

Raecius Felix: a down and out gladiator for the Yellow Team. Prove to him that he has not been forgotten (ranks in the Arena faction are useful here).

Adrianna Sintav: a young scion of the powerful Sintav family with a skooma problem. Either blackmail her into helping the Order or try and find a way to help her cope with her addiction.

Once you've expanded the membership of the Imperial City Chapter of the Order Roland might have bigger plans in mind. Of course the mysterious and secretive ruling vampires of Cyrodiil are unlikely to allow this expansion to go on unopposed...

Highlights include:

A working skooma lab that can make various kinds of skooma with different ingredients.

A small Redoran village in Morrowind

A challenging Arena fight

and more...

Be sure to check the Readme!