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Brings the Dark Ages to Tamriel ! A brand new disease infection engine for TES 4 Oblivion.

Permissions and credits
Bringing the Dark Ages to Tamriel
version 0.4

Requires Oblivion Script Extender and ConScribe


A great poet once said Bring it out, Sir, or in my passion, I shall kill everyone by giving them Syphilis. While we cannot be sure as to what happened in the 30 minutes that followed that, we can deduce one striking fact - He had never played Oblivion. If he had, he would have made a threat far worse for this is what he would have found - In Oblivion, the player is a selfish prat who doesn t transmit diseases but only receives them and tracks the number caught.

With the dawn of a new age, Vector goes forth into uncharted territories and aims to provide a reasonably easy way to carry out poor Byron s obscene threat.

Vector lets you - the player - infect the denizens of Tamriel with the diseases you carry around so proudly. Let the heavens and romance mod makers tremble, for Vector opens new horizons in PC-NPC-Creature interaction.

(Slightly bigger) Description

Vector is a unified infection engine that replaces the vanilla disease transfer engine. It seamlessly integrates the player, NPCs and creatures into the game as disease vectors, creating a full-fledged disease ecosystem. The salient features list out as follows:

  • Multiple infection vectors – Diseases can be transferred in a multitude number of ways. The unified engine removes the dependency on the source and target actor types, making most vectors available to all actors.
    • Melee Combat – The most common infection vector, available to every actor. Similar to the vanilla method of infection, but with weapon effectiveness taken into consideration.
    • Bartering goods – Participants in a barter transaction can spread their diseases through contaminated consumables.
    • Failed pickpocket attempts – Chances of scratching yourself while trying to pocket contaminated goods.
    • Feeding as a vampire – Vampires have a chance of infecting the wound with any disease they have while feeding.
    • Close Contact – Spend too much time talking with an infected character and end up becoming sick.
    • Rummaging through corpses – Essentially gives one second thoughts about pilfering goods from a festering corpse.
    • Sleeping in dirty beds – Gives a reason not to compromise on hygiene when it comes to spending a night in an inn.
    • Poisoning weapons – Smear your blade with some infected blood and slash your foe ! Increases the chance of causing an infection.
    • Lurking in unhygienic places – Skirmishing in nasty places like sewers and caves can get one sick to the boot.
    • Airborne infections – Always use a hanky to cover your nose while sneezing or coughing. If not, you may risk dispersing pathogens into your immediate surroundings !
  • Universal Disease Progression – A full-fledged, customizable disease progression system with up to 3 stages of progression.
  • Immersive symptoms – Over 6 physical symptoms; tied to progression stages. The player also gets visual symptoms when using OBGE.
  • Multiple diseases on actors – Actors can have more than one disease at a time, each of which function independently.
  • Dynamic disease resistances – Actors can and will develop resistances to frequently caught infections.
  • Integration with the UI – Get multiple notifications on a successful disease transfer.
  • Improved pathology – Allows both contagious and non-contagious diseases.
  • Overhauled disease cures – Cure disease potions/spells are no longer a cheap commodity. Neither are they all-powerful. Working with UDP, one would need multiple cure disease potions/spell effects to get a complete cure. Each usage reduces disease stage by a single level. Optional hardcore features that limit the curative effect even further. Chapel altars are no longer cure diseases - Priests do that job now, for a fee.
  • Improved actor AI – Actors are imbued with a sense of self-preservation. For starters, they will seek to cure themselves when diseased and will try to avoid those that are. Additionally, guards will euthanize those that are highly contagious.
  • New diseases – Diseases from Morrowind and Daggerfall now prevalent in Cyrodill.
  • A malady market – Nefarious characters can now adopt new strategies! The player may purchase diseases from shady characters.
  • Compatibility – Fully compatible with 3rd party mods that add usable diseases.
  • Highly customizable – Customize how and what diseases are transferred for every transfer vector. Add support for new creatures, NPCs and diseases through a neat infection table.

PS: Support for 'companion' mods yet to be implemented …


This mod is, and should be, compatible with all other mods except those that add the ability to transfer diseases like Vector does ( to my knowledge, there isn’t any ) and those below. Minor incompatibilities with:
  • Mods that remove the barter confirmation message box
  • Mods like QZ Easy Menus and Menu Escape that fake mouse button presses
These incompatibilities only affect the Barter (Sell/Buy) infection method. Disabling that particular method will remove them (or by not using their shortcut combos, as in the case of QZ Easy Menus).
  • Mods that add animations to sleeping, like See You Sleep.
This incompatibility only affects the dirty beds infection vector. Major incompatibilities with:
  • Lightweight Potions – Reported to mess with Vector’s disease management code
  • Wounds Healed – Breaks Vector’s life drain
  • Any death handling mod – Will screw with Vector’s scripts in ways unimaginable


Special thanks to :
  • Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly (The OBSE Team) – For keeping up the Oblivion Modding spirit and providing the modding community with TES4 Oblivion's Elixir of Immortality
  • LHammonds – For his Readme generator
  • tejon – For his help with the formula and ideas
  • greenwarden – For being such an asset to the mod's development and testing
  • The10CentGamer – Who practically co-authored the mod by provided a lot of ideas, inspiration, grunt-work and massive, massive amounts of testing.
  • Phoenix1213 – For extensive testing and confirming a nasty bug.
  • Crimson.Cosmos – For helping me get rid of a very nasty bug and dabbing the project with some hope when it was most needed.
  • Haama – For helping C.C.
  • UK47 – For the custom animations.
  • Qazaaq – For his help with the meshes.
  • All the folks who participated in the Vector discussion thread, without whom the mod would have never gotten this far.
  • kuertee - For inspiring me to fix the mod's outstanding bugs.
The Entire Community around the TES Construction Set Wiki - For making such an exhaustive resource catering to ES Modding.
The Folks at the Construction Set Forums - For all their help, rum and fish.
The Rest of the Modding Community - For the inspiration I needed to start modding and all the wonderful mods which I use.
Bethesda - For providing a great game, with enough flaws to keep us busy.

Change Log

  • 0.4 - Fixed various script errors
  • 0.3 – Improvements over 0.2
  • 0.2.0 – 0.2.9 – Development/Testing Builds
  • 0.2 – Complete rewrite
    • Unified infection engine lovingly christened 'CUDI'
    • Replaces vanilla disease infection system
    • Supports multiple diseases on actors
    • Surpasses the Carnot engine in efficiency
    • Improved compatibility across mods
    • Dynamic disease resistances
    • Multiple infection mechanisms
    • Indications on successful disease transfer
    • Universal Disease Progression
    • New symptoms, including hallucinations and paranoia
    • Overhauled disease cures
    • New AI for actors that infuses a sense of self-preservation
    • Tons of new diseases to play around with
    • A malady market
  • 0.1 – Initial Release