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Added: 03/07/2009 - 08:42AM
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Last updated at 1:52, 4 Jul 2009 Uploaded at 8:42, 3 Jul 2009

Tamriel can be one very dangerous place for the aspiring young hero and it doesn't help that no one seems to care when you're getting your butt kicked by daedra, antronachs, dark mages, and all manner of Tamriel's unfriendly inhabitants. Well warm up those vocal chords because now you can yell for help just like everyone else in the game. Of course, not everyone will respond in the same way: Guards and friends will come to your rescue, responsible citizens will report assaults, cowards will run away, and others may even egg your assailant on. Some caring citizens and guards may even offer to follow you if the trouble lies elsewhere. So lay down your pride and SHOUT! once in a while because you no longer have to fight all your battles alone. You can shout by pressing "G".

- Hear your character shout for the first time
- Your shouts will be heard at different distances depending on your current environment (Hear No Evil must be installed)
- NPCs will rely on sight and sound when determining if there is trouble
- NPCs will all react and respond differently to your cries for help
- Ability to recruit others to help you depending on your charisma
- NPCs will choose sides: They may help you or they may just decide to help your opponents.
- Guards will always side with the crime victim. So don't go yelling for help after you pissed off the wrong shopkeeper m'kay?
- Shouting near enemies may alert them and cause them to search for you

- This mod requires OBSE v0017 or higher. You can grab it here: http://obse.silverlock.org
- Hear No Evil is highly recommended but not required to use this mod. You can grab it here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=25462

Planned for Next Version
- Customizable SHOUT! hotkey
- Smarter followers
- Ability to issue group commands to followers
- Improved nearby enemy reactions
- Integration with BRAINS: Brighter Radiant AI for NPCs by Syclonix (http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=1005791)
- Instructions for adding sounds to custom races

Known Issues or Bugs
- SHOUT! will work with custom race mods but if you are using a custom race that has its own sound files you may not be able to hear your character shout. In order to make SHOUT! work with your custom race you will have to edit the mod with the construction set. I've made a short video showing you how to do this in under 3 minutes: http://screencast.com/t/hHtSjq0Uy

1.0.2, 2009/07/04 - Fixed a bug causing the mod to stop working.
1.0.1, 2009/07/04 - Minor bug fix for missing mesh.
1.0, 2009/07/04 - Initial release.

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