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Overthrow a prince and conquer his empire. Defeat his dark hordes and liberate Saphiria - if you dare to! This is a companion-mod, including a romance and a challenging pre-quest. If you defeat the prince, his empire is yours. Then there\'s only one thing left to conquer- the heart of Saphiria...

Permissions and credits
Saphirias Romance
The Djinni's Chamber EV

by Eddy Kaschinski

Author: Eddy Kaschinski
Release: 07.2009
Last Update: 02.2010
Version: 1.5.5
Size: 250 MB
Category: Quests/Companion/Housemod
Translator: NNW, Pvan, Saldruir
Language recommended: English
Size of the file: Approximately 4,68 MB (only esp inside!)
Sound: Complete voiceover in german language.

This mod contains to big quests. The starting quest "The Djinni's Chamber" is a thrilling hunt for a legendary treasure. It contains new dungeons, cities and lots of new armors, weapons and so on. The main quest of this plugin is a companion mod which is laid out to 240 ingame days.

Extract from Count Bènegeserith's diary:
Entry 2:

The day I will take revenge will come. Then I will get to the breakthrough with my experiments to ban the curse.
Shiver, you bunch of maggots, fear the day Count Bènegeserith will come over you. I will carry pestilencia to your folks and will not rest until every human soul is captured in one of my gems. The realms of oblivion will decay in the flames of my revenge and will fall to dust with all their princes and creatures. Your whining for mercy will die away unheard in the gargling of your own blood. No one will grieve for you because no one able to do so will be yet alive. The malodor of your rotting bodies in the sun will sweep like a clearing wind over the burning cities of Cyrodiil.

I swear that any rememberance of you will be extinguished from the face of this world. And this day, I swear, the kingdom of the ayleids shall rise again, more powerful than ever before.

Vecause I am the chosen one, the prosecutor, the judge and executer. The headsman without mercy, who will chop your heads of!

Fear me because I will be allmighty.

The day is near.....

Count Bènegeserith

~ Oblivion
~ Shivering Isles
~ Patch
~ Full-Version of Saphirias Romance

~ At first you need the full version of Saphirias Romance.
~ Put the full version of Saphirias Romance in one folder.

The first part: DV_v1_5_part_1-20762.7z in saphirias_romance_v1.5.7z.001
The second part: DV_v1_5_part_2-20762.7z in saphirias_romance_v1.5.7z.002

Down`t forget to rename after the point! If you rename it so:
First part: saphirias_romance_v1.5.7z.001.7z
Second part: saphirias_romance_v1.5.7z.002.7z
It dosn`t work!

~ Then unpack with 7z. Rightklick with your Mouse on the File, unpack with 7z here.
~ Install all Files in your Programme/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data folder
~ Change the Dschinni.esp with the EV one

Credits and Informations
~ Look at the ReadMe

Special Credit:
~ NNW for fixing Misthakes & Translation
~ Saldruir for Translation
~ Arora - Testing the mod for the english community.
~ Fenix Nightweaver - Fix many dialogs.
~ Pvan - fixing Misthakes & Translation

~ Servant of the Dawn
~ Unique Landscapes "Arius Creek"
~ Heard of The Dead

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