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Provides three portable sorters - one each for ingredients, scrolls, and potions - that use the COBL sorter scripts.

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Portable Sorters Readme

by Tekuromoto

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Portable Sorters Readme

by Tekuromoto


Do you wish you could have the convenience and utility of the Cobl ingredient sorter while

out collecting ingredients? Need to quickly find that Cure Disease potion you're sure you

bought? Just want to tidy up your inventory? Use the Portable Sorters - Ingredient Pouch,

Scroll Case and Potion Case - which give you the convenience of the Cobl Sorter in a

portable package.

Formerly Alchemy Pouch, Portable Sorters provides all the features of the previous mod plus

sorters for potions and scrolls.


Oblivion Script Extender version 18. Get the latest version here:

You MUST have OBSE v18 for this mod to work. It will not work properly with earlier


Cobl (Common Oblivion) version 1.48 or higher. Link to the latest version, as well as all

the docs, can be found here: http://wrye.ufrealms.net/Cobl.html

Portable Sorters was developed with Oblivion 1.2.0416 (with Shivering Isles), OBSE v18,

Cobl 1.73, and over 200 mods of all sorts installed (Fran's, MMM, body replacers, All

Natural, Better Cities, Unique Landscapes, quests, you name it). It _should_ work just fine

with any setup.


Portable Sorters comes packaged in BAIN-ready format. If you use Wrye Bash' installer

feature, simply drop the archive into your Bash Installers directory and activate the

package in the installers tab. Couldn't be easier.

If you prefer to install manually, simply unzip the contents of the archive to your

Oblivion\data\ directory. You can delete the "omod conversion data" folder, but it won't

hurt anything if you leave it alone.

Don't forge to activate the mod using the method of your choice. Load order does not

matter: everything in the mod is new, and no vanilla items are changed.

Once the files are in place and the .esp is activated, simply fire up Oblivion.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Portable Sorters, there is no need to do

anything special. None of your items will be lost during the upgrade. Note however that

there is a new ini file with a new option (RetrieveFoods) that you will need to edit to

reflect your preferences. I suggest backing up your old file before copying the new one


If you are upgrading from the original incarnation of this mod, Alchemy Pouch v1.0, you

should follow the install procedure in the Alchemy Pouch readme before disabling DS Alchemy

Pouch.esp or you will lose the contents of the pouch. The simplest way to retrieve your

items from the pouch is to equip it, select "Retrieve by name" and take all of the items

from the container.

You can run Portable Sorters alongside Alchemy Pouch because all of the formIDs in the new

mod have been renumbered using TES4Edit. Other than facilitating the transition to the new

mod, however, there is no reason to use both mod since all of the functions of the Alchemy

Pouch mod are included in Portable Sorters.

How It Works

The Basics
When the mod is first loaded you will be given the three sorter items: the Ingredient

Pouch, the Scroll Case and the Potion Case. You can change the name of each of the items to

suit your tastes; see Customization, below.

Clicking on one of the sorters in your inventory opens the Cobl Sorter. It functions in all

respects just like the sorter would in a house, except that it has been customized to only

allow you to store the respective item in each container. There is no limit to the amount

of items you can store in the containers, but if you load too much into it, it will be too

heavy to carry around. Every time you access one of the sorters, the weight of the items in

the relevant remote storage container are tallied and the weight of the pouch or case is

set to this total. To adjust the weight of the pouch or case, see Customization, below.

If you drop one of the portable sorters you can access its contents by activating it, just

like a normal house-based sorter. To pick it up again, activate it while in sneak mode.

You can also assign any of the sorter items to a hotkey and open it without having to open

your inventory. Of course, it must be in your inventory for this to work (ie, not in

another container).


The mod includes a few settings that you can use to customize the pouch to your liking.

Simply open "DS Portable Sorters.ini" in Notepad or something similar. By default this file

is found in your "\Oblivion\data\" directory; if you prefer to tidy your data

directory, you can move the file to "\Oblivion\data\ini\". Also, if you're

like me and play with multiple characters, you can have a different ini file for each

character if you choose. Simply copy the ini file and rename the copy with your character's

name appended to it like so: "DS Portable Sorters - Example Name.ini". If a named ini file

exists then the mod will use it for the respective character. If not, it'll use the default


Customization is the same for each sorter item; details below use the Ingredient Pouch as

an example.

By default, the pouch is named "Ingredient Pouch", has a weight factor of 1.0, and weighs

1.0 stones when empty.

IngredPouchName - This allows you to easily rename the pouch to "Reagents" or "Alchemy

Sorter" or whatever you like. I personally like to preface the name with a leading

character like "." to keep it at the top of the misc items list.

IngredPouchWeightMult - This adjusts how much the pouch weighs. The total weight of all the

items in the pouch (or rather, the remote container) is calculated and then multiplied by

the WeightMult. The weight of the empty pouch is added to this to get the total weight.

Thus, if you put 10 stones worth of ingredients into the pouch, and the WeightMult is 1.0,

and the EmptyWeight is 0.5, the total weight will be 10.5 stones. If the WeightMult is

0.75, the total weight will be 8.0 stones. One thing to note is that Oblivion doesn't

display the decimal if the weight is over 1 stone; that is, 1.5 is shown as 2. The

fractional units are still tallied properly to get your overall encumbrance, however. And

yes, if WeightMult and EmptyWeight are both 0 the total weight will be 0.0 stones. Knock

yerself out. :P

IngredPouchEmptyWeight - This is the weight of the empty pouch, which is added to (total

contents weight x WeightMult).

RetrieveFoods - Allows you to retrieve only those ingredients flagged as "food" if you are

not using a hunger mod that uses the Cobl Dinner Plate interface. If you are using such a

mod, the retrieve foods option will be available regardless of this setting.


1.3 - Tweaked "retrieve foods" option again
- Updated scripts to use OBSE v18 functionality
- Added option to customize the ini file for different characters
- Ensured temp storage containers are player-owned, guaranteeing compatibility with

TheNiceOne's Enhanced Economy mod (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=25078)
- 25 Oct 10
1.1 - Tweaked "retrieve foods" option on the ingredient sorter: inventory menu is

automatically closed because the Cobl script doesn't start when in menu mode.
- 12 Aug 09
1.0 - Initial release.
- Rewrite of my previous mod which only had an ingredient sorter (Alchemy Pouch,

released 20 Jun 09).
- 26 Jun 09

Future Plans

I have no other plans for the mod, unless someone would like to provide custom models,

textures, and icons for the three storage items. If so, let me know and I'll include them

in an update (with full credit, of course).