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All of my various tiny to small mods, patches, etc. Including request Swords, request Warhammers, Arrows replacement mesh packs and many more

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Pacific Morrowind's Miscellany

Main Download Location @ Tesnexus

All of my various tiny to small mods, patches etc!

Listing, details below:
Current RELZ:
- MG19 Alchemy Chest Fix [recommended: mods that add ingredients - FCOM adds lots]
- Large Headed Amber Warhammer [requires: SI]
- Compatibility Patch for The Ayleid Steps and Ayleid Respawn
- Curio Ceremonial Rapier (a new Sword)
- Visible Shivering Isles Map Markers
- Higher tail base for Beast Races
- Long Arrow Mesh Packs for Modsnew one added!(June 30)
- Armamentarium
- Martigen's Monster Mod
- Shivering Isles

Current WIPZ
- Compatibility Patch for The Ayleid Steps and Ayleid Respawn and Real Lights
- Compatibility Patch for The Ayleid Steps and Real Lights
- Long Arrow Mesh Packs for Mods
- Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul
- FCOM RealSword (also Realsword)
- Shivering Isles DONE!

details (same order as list above).
MG19 Alchemy Chest Fix version 0.9
requires: OBSE 16+
Fixes the Mages Guild Alchemy chest script (Mages Guild Quest 19, Arch-Mage's Alchemy chest, not vendor chests) to work with any ingredient added by any mod! No known conflicts except possibly with HrmnsOblivionScriptOptimizationv1.0.esp.. Can be merged into your bashed patch. Soon to be included with FCOM but for those of you that don't have FCOM this file will work just as well.
thanks to:
OBSE team

Large Headed Amber Warhammer version 1.1
Requires: SI
Just a Shivering Isles Amber Warhammer with a larger head, setup as a replacer for the existing Amber Warhammer.
Thanks to Magic Steel for the req.
Thanks to:
Niftools team

Compatibility Patch for The Ayleid Steps and Ayleid Respawn version 1
Requires: The Ayleid Steps
Makes the Ayleid Respawn compatible with The Ayleid Steps. This is a replacement ESP for Ayleid Respawn. You do not need to have Ayleid Respawn already.
Ayleid Respawn changes all the Varla and Welkynd stones in the game so that they will respawn when their corresponding ruin does so. Almost everything else in the game respawns with time, so why not these Ayleid treasures, too?

Load Order
After The Ayleid Steps. Will conflict with any mods that change Welkynd Stones if not having the intended effects please move down in your LO.

where ever welkynd/varla stones are to be found... often ayleid ruins. see install etc. on it's page.

Curio Ceremonial Rapier Version 0.6
a totally new sword, model and texture by me - my first totally new mesh and texture combination!
based of an image linked by Ragnalin the Thief on BGSForums! Thanks for the req it has finally got me to be a modeller!
Note: name highly open to better suggestions.
Available from: added to player on game start for version 0.6
thanks also to:
niftools team
Vince Bly

- Visible Shivering Isles Map Markers Version 1.0
Requires Shivering Isles
Makes all the shivering Isles map markers visible fromt the start of the game, but not fast travleable until actual discovery. By request for Dysprosium, on the Nexus Forums.

Higher tail base for Beast Races
Moves the base of the tail for beast races so that it is coming from the tail bone rather than the but. Done for Req. by Geechan on Nexus forum.Includes a version for vanilla and a version for RPG-BlackDragons Skeleton Resource (which will work with vanilla too, needed for a small number of mods). RC until confirmation that the tail is now placed good from at least one downloader. When out of RC a readme will be added to DL but I was lazy.
Not enough change (very very limited), still in testing but a much better one is now uploaded, since it is still not perfect it needs to be extracted to meshes/characters/_male rathe than just data. sorry about that ;).

- Longer Arrows Mod Packs (Arrow Replacer) Version 1.0
Requires the mod it is designed for.
Makes mod X's arrows longer like Grumblepunks arrow replacer so that they look better (IMO) and like they would actually fly more than 20 feet and still puncture armor.

currently supporting:
- Armamentarium
- SI
Coming soon!
- FCOM Realsword/individual realswords
- Know any other mods that add new arrow meshes/textures? Suggest them and I may add them!

-Sneaky Summons
Requirements: Oblivion Patch,
HIGHLY Reccomended Wrye Bash 264+ (required for full enjoyment/mod use)
Reccomended: LAME, Midas Magic, Silj's Martigen's Monster Mod summmon spells and conjuration compendium, SM, Akatosh Mount By Saiden Storm
It has always really bugged me that you can't really be a stealthy summoner; you are sneaking through a ruin on a gallery above enemies and if you have a summon trailing you they see it and immediately come running for it and then they see you as well. Also sometimes I've found the summons to be a bit slow following. This fixes that. If you are sneaking your summons will sneak, if you are running your summons will run. I have found neglible fps drop with it but there conceivably could be since it is a script running every frame when there is any summons around.

There are three plugin files; Required: PMSneakySummons.esm which just holds the script and token which the script is attached to.
and then ONE of these two:
- PMSneakySummons-ForVanilla.esp places the token for non-bash users just for the vanilla summons (including SI).
- (RECCOMENDED:) PMSneakySummonsCompatibility.esp requires Wrye Bash to work; it places the token in the summons from LAME, Midas Magic, Silj's Martigen's Monster Mod summmon spells and conjuration compendium, SM, Akatosh Mount By Saiden Storm and vanilla, and using the bash patch it only requires the mods that you have of those! To use PMSneakySummonsCompatibility.esp just click rebuild patch, and as well as your usual setting check merge patches and this file in the merge patches menu, and check this file in import inventory.

Load Order
In BOSS but until the next public update:
ESM doesn't matter, PMSneakySummons-ForVanilla.esp place after magicka overhauls to keep this feature, or before to keep their features. PMSneakySummonsCompatibility.esp after magicka overhauls and Bash will keep all of their features and this feature!

Compatibility Patch for The Ayleid Steps and Ayleid Respawn and Real Lights and [b]Compatibility Patch for The Ayleid Steps and Real Lights[b]
same thing as Compatibility Patch for The Ayleid Steps and Ayleid Respawn except with these combinations of mods; get around to it sometime.


Pacific Morrowind