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Conduit Magic

Version: 0.8
Author: Kamikaze


>>> REQUIRES OBSE 0020! <<<





With this plugin you can enchant weapons using spells from your spell book. It is an alternative to normal enchanted weapons meant for Spellsword-ish or arcane archer type characters. Weapons enchanted this way are called "conduits" and are not charged, but drain magicka directly from your magicka pool. The amount drained is equal to the spell cost at the time of creation. If you run out of magicka the enchantment is dispelled.

Conduit magic is only really useful to characters who already use magic, so it does not make normal enchanted weapons redundant. It is not unbalancing because conduits can only be as powerful as your character already is anyway.

The magic skill advancement on hit with a Conduit is by default 1/2 the amount for casting and hitting a spell. This is configurable in ConduitMagic.ini.

- Enchant any unenchanted weapon (except quest and scripted items) with any spell in your spell book, as long as the spell's effects are available at the enchantment altar. Scripted effects also work (results may vary).
- Change or dispel conduit enchantments on the fly.
- You can make as many conduits as you want.
- Companions can use conduits.
- Highly configurable using the supplied .ini file.




First you have to read the book "On Conduit Magic" to learn the lesser power "Infuse Conduit". The book can be found in the Mystic Archives on the right when you come in. You can also buy it in the First Edition in the Market District.

INFUSING a conduit is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Equip a non-enchanted weapon.
2. Cast Infuse Conduit.
3. Select a spell (you don't have to cast it, just make it your active spell).

That's it. The weapon is now enchanted. You can see how much magicka will be drained on hit by checking the maximum charge. Although the enchantment shows 0 charges, the weapon will work anyway.

CHANGING the conduit's enchantment:
1. Equip the conduit.
2. Cast Infuse Conduit.
3. Select a spell.

DISPELLING the enchantment:
1. Equip the conduit.
2. Cast Infuse Conduit.
3. Cast Infuse Conduit again.

The enchantment is also dispelled if you run out of magicka.

You can give conduits to companions. It works mostly the same, except when the companion's magic pool runs out the enchantment is not removed, _your own_ magic is drained instead.


Skill Based Infusion


Skill based infusion limits your your ability to create conduits by comparing the spell cost to your weapon or magic school skill level (when infusing a staff). It is off by default but can be turned on in the .ini.

When turned on the spell magicka cost must less than or equal to your skill level of the weapon you are infusing. So if your Blade skill level is 50, then you can only infuse spells that cost 50 magicka or less. If you want to infuse a staff then the spell's school skill level is checked instead. So if you have 80 Destruction then you can infuse staves with Destruction spells that cost at most 80 magicka.




Don't use Supreme Magicka's Enchantable Staff addon, use the Wooden Staves from this mod which you can buy from Rindir instead.

Otherwise compatible with all mods. You can even use scripted spells from other plugins, but it is impossible to test this properly so do this at your own risk.


Possible Issues


Although On Self effects applied on strike are possible with this plugin, this was never intended behavior by Bethesda and therefore some effects may not work correctly.

You can (ab)use Sorcery's Toll's magic system by setting a power as your active spell and not suffer from negative effects. If you think that's cheating turn on Skill Based Infusion.




Place ConduitMagic.[esp|ini] in the Data folder and enable it. The load order does not matter.

To uninstall, first dispel any conduits you have. Then you can delete the files.




Q: I get a "Spell not suitable" message when trying to infuse a conduit!
A: You're not using OBSE 0017. Download it from http://obse.silverlock.org.




- Fixed bug where the infused weapon would not dispel when running out of magicka.
- Added setting bAllowOnSelfEffects to control whether you are allowed to create conduits with on self effects.

- Fixed bug where the player would only gain skill in Alteration.
- Fixed bug where you could incorrectly infuse a power.
- Added setting bUnequipWaitForAnim to fix possible crash when the conduit is unequipped while an attack animation is playing.

- Upgraded to OBSE 0020.
- The conduit's effect shader no longer appears on the player (ie no more fire effect on yourself when you use a fire enchanted conduit).
- Added two cheat options to the .ini: bCheckMastery and bEnableUnsafeMode. Details are in the .ini.
- Improved some of the messages that can appear when infusing.

- Infuse Conduit magicka cost decreased to 20.
- The magicka cost for On Target spells on melee weapons is reduced and On Touch on ranged weapons is increased, according to the normal spell cost formulas (by default ranged spells are 50% more expensive). You must redo the infusion on conduits for this to take effect.
- Bound weapons cannot be infused anymore.

- Rindir sells unenchanted staves now.
- Staff conduits cost 25% less magicka (by default).
- Implemented skill based infusion (see "Skill Based Infusion").
- Added a bunch of settings to the .ini.

- Staff enchantments now work properly.
- Changed the way conduits work when used by companions (see "Usage").

- The selected spell's mastery is now checked against the PC's magic skill mastery.
- Conduits can now contain On Self effects, which only affect the PC. However, weapon enchantments are hardcoded to only show "On Strike".
- The magic skill advancement on a hit is now configurable in ConduitMagic.ini.
- Some additional checks to make sure the resulting enchantment is legal.
- Now requires OBSE 0017 or higher.

- Initial release.