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Adds around 370 new dialogue topics in addition to the original version\'s 60+, bringing a grand total of 430+ topics.

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Name: 300 Lore Dialogue Updated
Version: 2.3
Date: 18/08/09
Category: Dialogue
Requires: Oblivion 1.2.0416, OBSE 0012 or above, OBSE Elys USV 0.93 or above (Download links found below)
Author: Cliffworms ([email protected]) and Cleitanious (ByblosHex [at] gmail [dot] com)

1. Description
2. Requirements/Recommendations
3. Installing the plug-in
4. Playing the plug-in
5. Save games
6. Conflicts/Known Errors
7. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
8. Changelog
9. Credits


This mod is an update to Cleitanious' excellent 300 Lore Dialogue mod that was released two years ago.

Cleitanious' latest and original version brought 60+ new topics and 120+ lines of dialogue.
This updated version brings around 370 additional topics and much more dialog lines.

You can now talk to NPCs about their skills, the provinces of Tamriel, the guild they belong to, the different drinks sold in pubs, the creatures of Cyrodiil, asking an alchemist about every ingredient and their locations and many more topics.

To see what topics are added and what changes have been made, refer to the version changes below.


Required: - The latest version of Oblivion
-Oblivion Script Extender version 0012 or above (http://obse.silverlock.org/)
-OBSE Elys Universal Silent Voice v. 0.93 or above (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622)

Recommendation: Because the topic listing will be much longer, I highly recommend the use of a mod that allows you to see more dialogue topics on the list like DarNified UI.

To bring even more diversity to the NPCs’ dialogue, I recommend to use Kragenirs Death Quest by Povuholo and Malchik. KDQ adds not only new exciting quests, but also expands the dialogue of the NPCs in settlements and in the wilderness. (http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=26219)


Simply extract the .esp file to your Oblivion/Data folder.


To avoid a problem where every topic show up on any NPC, you must do the following:

1. Delete 300_Lore_Dialogue.esp
2. Load Oblivion and save your game
3. Activate 300_Lore_Dialogue_Updated

Also, since my version uses OBSE Elys USV for the mute voices, run the “LoreDialog unSetup.bat” file that came with the original version to remove the silent voices generated by it.
After, you can also remove these files installed by the original version :

-Optional_mp3 folder
-LoreDialog unSetup.BAT

To uninstall, remove the ESP.


In the Oblivion Launcher, activate:

In-game, find any NPC and notice the difference in the number topics.

Start talking! ;-)


You do not need to start a new game to see the changes.


- Users of the original or 2.0 version will need to do a quick fix to avoid the problem with all topics being listed on every NPC. (Refer to the Installation section above)

- Users of Windfall mod have experienced problems running both mods together with Windfall dialogue not showing up. No solution has been found yet.


Ask me first before distributing the mod elsewhere. That is all.




- Every topic that required an NPC to have a specific skill will now require the NPC to have 75 or higher in that skill, instead of 50. As such, many NPCs will have their number of topics shortened.

- Armor Repair and Weapon Repair topics are now available to NPCs of 75 or higher in Armorer

- Bandits topic is available to guards who are not Imperial

- Dwemer Ruins topic is now available to the Savant

- The Varieties of Daedra topic is now available to the Witchhunter, Conjurer and to NPCs having Conjuration of 75 or higher.

- Varieties of Daedra is no longer available to the Savant.

- Varieties of Daedra can be talked about with Martin when you learn of his past.

- Empire topic has been changed to "The Empire" and is also available to the Imperial citizens.
- The Mages Guild topic is now available to members of the Mages Guild.

- The spell topics require the NPC to have 75 or higher in the appropriate school of magic or to be a member of the Mages Guild and have 50 in that school.

- Undead Creatures topic is now available to NPCs having Conjuration of 75 or higher.

- Pilgrims no longer talk about Fundamental Attributes

- The Nine Divines Topic is now available to pilgrims.

- Imperial Law topic is only available to guards or the Savant.

- Potions topic has been removed for the Traders.

- Cammona Tong topic is now only available to Cheydinhal's savants.

- Asking about the Thieves Guild rules requires you to be a member of the Guild.

- Members of the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will only offer their thievery/assassination advices if you are part of the Guild.

- Asking for advices requires a disposition of 40 or higher instead of 30.

- Asking for secrets requires a disposition of 45 or higher instead of 30.

- Several unique NPCs have got their number of topics reduced or completely removed: Lucien Lachance, M'aiq the Liar, The Stranger, Gray Fox, Corvus Umbranox, Martin, Jauffre, Ocato and the 8 City Counts.



-Endless thanks to Vacuity, who proofread every single dialog line and providing me with the necessary typos to fix.

-Fixed the problem where an NPC with a Strength of 50 or more could refuse talking about security if disposition was too low.



-Changed the class requirements for the spells associated to the magic schools. Only a class that has the associated magic school as a major skill will talk to you about it. Pilgrims have also been removed from those topics.
-Added disposition requirements for most topics. A NPC will refuse to reveal information if he/she has a Disposition of 29 or less with the player.
-Changed the filename from "300_Lore_Dialogue" to "300_Lore_Dialogue_Updated" .


-Fixed one of the ingredients listing not showing up.
-Fixed typos on several ingredient topics.
-Found out how to avoid the bug that caused all topics and sub-topics to show up at once.



-Created sub-topics for Appartus, Races, Spells, Daedra, Weapon types, Weapon Materials, Nine Divines, Skills, Provinces, Races, Creatures
-Changed "Daedra Hearts" to "Claws" in the Clannfear topic.
-Changed IDs of most topics for better organization.
-Added a new line in the Daedroth topic about the teeth ingredient.
-Added the existing weapon topics to the combat trainers.
-Added new classes that talk about the existing topics.
-You can talk about a magic school's spells with any magic-type class instead of limiting it to the Mages Guild, as long as they have sufficient knowledge in magic school.
-Finished Imperial Provinces
-Finished the Gems
-Moved Diamond and Emerald topic to a "Gems" sub-topic.
-Moved Dreugh in the Native Creatures sub-topic.

Additions (New Topics)

Mortar and Pestle
Flame/Frost and Storm Atronachs
Dremora, Golden Saint, Hunger, Scamp, Spider Daedra, Ogrim, Xivilai and Winged Twilight
Weapon types
Armor types
Armor styles
Weapon Materials
Nine Divines Gods
Skills and disciplines
Schools of Magic spells
Dwemer artifacts
Dwemer Ruins
Humanoid Races
Imperial Culture
Imperial Law
Imperial Legion
Imperial Provinces
Fighters Guild
Mages Guild
Thieves Guild
Fundamental Attributes
Little Advice
Little Secret
Native Creatures
Faction Rules
Undead Creatures

Original Version :

1.3 -Tripled the amount of Dialogue since version 1.0
New installiation! Read the Read Me!

1.2.1 -
Quest Script updated to that the player actually gets the new dialogue topics.

1.2 -
"Bosmer" Topic fixed.
MANY MANY More topics added!

1.1 -
"Race" Dialogue option added for all 9 playable races.

1.05 -
Fixed a small error which made 30% of the NPCs think they were "Herders"

1.0 - Initial Release

0.0 - Ancient History


Cleitanious for making the original mod and giving me permission to finish it. Thank you very much man!

Vacuity who proofread every single dialog line in search of typos and bugfixes.

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Page for the information about Oblivion’s ingredients.

The Oblivion Modding Community

Morrowind writing team for most of the dialogue
Bethesda Game Studios for the Construction Set