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(True Ayleid Armor 2.0)

Permissions and credits
---2.0 README---
Iomir's (TrueAyleidArmors)


|-a about (TrueAyleidArmors) Now (Ayleidoon Karan)
|-b Version History
|-c installation process
|-d bugs/glitches

|-a legal
|-b contact information
|-c credits

|-a other


Section 1



about (TrueAyleidArmor's) Now (Alyeidoon Karan)

The Elven Armor in the Game Didn't really fit in my opinion. and i didn't care much for the other elven styles that other's were doing. so i figured i would give my try at it.

This Package contains @ armors AyleidGuard and AyleidScout armor all are light armor. and a few new weapons. All are Located In (Welke) on the third floor..Don't expect it to be easy to get.



Version history

Version 2.0

Update:/ Version 2.0 has lots of updates. listed below

Most Models have been updated.

Lots of textures reworked and Optimised.

new weapons,cloths,Race,Icons

EBE_Eycandy version.

New : Vendor With replica armor.. all the Look none of the punch.. for lowlvls. (Located out side of IC near Weye inn)

Hopefully i have got most clipping fixed.

versions to come: I hope so



Installation Process

IMPORTANT!!!!! (YOU Will need to Delete all old files and replace with new)

Extract all files to c:\program files\bethesda softworks\oblivions\data. When
you are asked to overwrite files under meshes and textures, select 'yes to all'.



Bugs and Glitch's : there is a bug with having a weapon out and climbing onto a horse.. will cause you to get multiple weapons and could cause game to break..
i'm working on this but do not have a fix as of yet. just make sure to sheath weapon before getting on horse.

Another bug is that the merchant will follow you if you are near him when it gets dark. he will only reset if you fast travel or enter a building.


Section 2




The holder of the files included in the zip/RAR folder '(Alyiedoon Karan) / A.K.A[TrueAyleidArmors]'
shall not redistribute, copy, or altar the contents in any way without
permission from the creator,Iomir/ a.k.a (Jgreybear).



contact information

Email: [email protected]

official forum name: Iomir




credit is given where credit is due.

my wife for being understanding!

Alexscorpion : for his modified and wingless Helm.

Ren : for head, hairs, For My Race creation.

corean : for Hairs

Cute elf : for Ears

All: head, hair, ears are (renamed only) for compatability / standalone ability , as i didn't want this package to have to reli on other packages..(nothing else changed)

Bethesda : for thier Great Game ,and to Everyone out thier who incuraged me.


section 3




HGEC/RobertsMale4+ are requied for the (AyleidoonRace) as it uses there style textures.

Hint Ayleid Armor (Real stuff) is still located in the Ruins of Welke. but it will be much harder to get than before.. this is why there is a new Merchant that sells replica's of it. :)

I wouldn't suggest trying to get untill your at least lvl 25.

Could be updates in the i learn more and when i have time :)


Iomir. aka Jgreybear