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This mod allows you, the player, to be Uriel Septim.

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We have re-released this mod on the nexus as part of the mod's 3-year anniversary!

As of October 10th, 2012 Baelin&Lonuma is now an sub-organization of Vinfreild Companies. Baelin&Lonuma is still managed by it's own members and rules. Baelin&Lonuma is not supported by Vinfreild's support centers.

Users should currently navigate to http://baelinlonuma.vinfreild.com instead of http://www.baelinlonuma.com.
This mod allows you, the player, to be Uriel Septim.
Update: November 13, 2012:

Ok! So here are the changes we have made, and bugs we have fixed during this round:


- All doors in the palace can now be unlocked with the Imperial Palace Key you start the game with (in case you should get locked out of a room.)

- Dragonfire has been added to the altar at the Temple of the One.

- High Chancellor Ocato's speech as been refined.

- Fixed a glitch where you could acquire a bounty by walking into the Imperial Guard Quarters

- Fixed a glitch where blind moth priest think you are Celia Cameron.

- Fixed a glitch where the door lever in the Elder Scrolls Library activated the Thieves Guild Quest - TG11

- Reversed the direction the doors open in for the Emperor's Chamber.

- Made the Elder Scroll writing visible in the Emperor's Book.

- Fixed a glitch where NPCs and Guards could not pursue, or approach you to talk.

- Fixed the ESSENTIAL check-box. (Your player {The Emperor} no longer goes unconscious, but actually dies. {Sad day for Tamriel})

Additional Notes: The mod takes place right before Emperor Uriel was taken along the escape route in the Imperial Prison, because of this the Palace has already been notified of your upcoming departure. They are ready to handle the situation during the "emergency" though with you playing as the Emperor, it will never come.

Update: June 20 2012:

1. Added new following system for bodyguards.
2. Fixed an issue where NPCs could not route to throne room.
3. Fixed path grids.
4. Fixed package issues.
5. Fixed Bodyguard weapon issues.
6. Added clothes for Glenroy and Renault (if their armor should break).

New Additions: June 19 2012:

1. Added Top of White Gold Tower, accessable from Uriel's room.

2. Added new furniture layout in bedroom

3. Added Imperial Throne Room (Top Floor)

4. Rescripted Guards

5. New Voice Files

6. Bug Fixes


Update: January 24, 2012

This mod complies with our creation standards: S:ES4:BGSC

for more info on our creation standards, please visit: baelinlonuma.vinfreild.com/creation-standards/

Added features: New furniture layout in Emperor's Chamber.

Update: 3rd May, 2011
We have finished testing this mod.

New Features:
Upon activating this mod, go to New Game. Name yourself
"Emperor Uriel Septim".
You will find that you have Uriel's items, factions, class, and face. You will also have a key named "Imperial Palace Key", and a crystal ball named "Speak Options"
(Remember to deactivate this mod before switching back to your normal character, as data may be altered.)

Speak Options:
Hotkey the crystal ball to get these options.

The "Hello/Random" menu option will make you say a greeting, or a random phrase in Emperor Uriel's voice.

The "Warning" menu option will make you say a warning to another character in Emperor Uriel's voice.

The "Encourage/Other" menu option will make you say a phrase such as "Come closer, I would prefer not to shout"
in Emperor Uriel's voice.

The "Set Alert (Blades)" Menu option will make your blades draw their swords and make a defensive stance to protect you.

The "Unset Alert" Menu option will make your blades put their weapons away.

The "Remove Bounties & Infamy" menu option will restore you, and your blades' fame and bounties to their original state.

You blades are programed to fight anyone that provokes you (or them). If you get a bounty, they will automatically acquire a bounty as well. If you loose your bounty, they will automatically loose their bounty as well.

The Emperor's Chamber is equipped with a bed, library, storage space, one bottle of Shadow Banish Wine, Emperor's Robes & Shoes, 2 Silver Shortswords, and a set of the hidden Emperor's Armor, fully equipable, like the Amulet of Kings.
Other Features:

- Better Scripting (Less Problems)
- Imperial Bodyguards to assist you.
- Baurus, Glenroy, and Renault to assist you.
- Emperor's Bedroom
- Stabilized guards
We hope you will return here, or to the Baelin&Lonuma website, in the near future!
Installation: Extract all files to:
C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksOblivionData
or download the installer version of the file instead.

(Readme Included)
- (Furniture used in Uriels Room - Highland Furniture Set by exilehunter

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks, for the creation of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and the T.E.S. Construction Set, and the wonderful voice acting of Patrick Stewart.

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[Important: The TES editor is an asset of Bethesda™ Softworks
All original base file, texture, meshes, ect used in mod are assets of Bethesda™
file CHANGES: Copyright ©2011-2013 Baelin&Lonuma™
(any added assets of Baelin&Lonuma will be clearly listed if used.)]

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