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Custom jackets for the Lore books in Cobl.

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I've been working on some custom jackets for the lore books in Cobl. I keep getting distracted, so I thought I'd release what I have so far, since I never know how long it'll be before I get more done on it.

I'd recommend placing this shortly after cobl glue in your load order, importing it into your bashed patch under "graphics," and disabling it. If you're using my Cobl Bookplacement patch, this'll break that functionality. I had planned to make a BP-compatible .esp, but since I've stopped using BP in favour of Decorator Assistant which does not (as far as I know seem to) need object scripts on each object in order to function.

Version History:
0.1112 - Added Asylum Ball, History of Daggerfall, and Chronicles of Nchuleft with Daedric font for the time being just to see how it'd look, since from what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) Aldmeris would have a different character set, which I couldn't find a font set for. Anyways, no icons on the new ones yet, I just figured I'd upload what I'd done recently, since I just installed the Sims 3 so I probably won't work on it for a bit .
0.1 - Guide to the Empire, complete with icons, and I think the wrong normal map on volume 1.