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Tamriel Resource Pack - a collection of resource material added to one master file.

Permissions and credits
Name: Tamriel Resource Pack (Basic) 1.51



Tamriel Resource Pack is a collection of free resources
added to one master file (.esm file). Which is released
in separate files:

The seperate files which are split into four packages;
the meshes, textures, complement and sounds .BSA packages &
the master file and plug-in.

If you decide to play any mod which will use this Pack;
download the BSA files and the ESM/ESP package.

This release is a pure resource pack, it will not modify
or add anything in-game.

The Elder Scrolls: Shivering Isles is a requirement.


Version History:

1.0 Current Master file.
1.3 several fixes and the transfer from separate
data files, which clutter your directory to
BSA files.
1.31 Alot of fixes. An update to the previous Meshes
BSA. Small patch file is available as well for
people who downloaded the 1.3 Meshes file already.
1.4 Adds the Complement BSA file.
1.41 A number of fixes inside the master file only.
1.5 Adds the Complement II BSA file.
1.51 Fixes/improves a number of scripts.



None. All resources use original file pathing and are
added to the master file with a unique ID.



After downloading the BSA & ESM/ESP packages:

Unpack to your oblivion main directory. It will
probably prompt you to overwrite the Data directory;

Now use a tool to set the proper load order:

Oblivion Mod Manager


Wrye Bash


run the programs mentioned above and enable the
Tamres ESM & ESP. It's better to have TamRes.esm
after Oblivion.esm.



Barabus' Cryptset for Oblivion v1 by Barabus & Razorwing

Hanging Skeletons by Andysaurus

Misc Windows by Xiamara

Cooking Range/Oven by Barabus & Xiamara

Gallows by Phitt

AlchemistSink by Helborne

AlchemyWallChartResource by Helborne

EnchantingAlterBrazier by Helborne

Filled Bookshelves by Helborne

UpperClassWeapRacks by Helborn

Qarls_Webs by Qarl

Full Wine Racks Modder's Resource by Xiamara

Lore Creature Expansion by Grimdeath, B3w4r3, Martigen & Syko Fox

Loreless Creature Pack 1 = Phitt

Hairy Spiders by Malo and elveon

Multiple Creatures by Mr_Siika

0_1 Dwemer Technology PartII Dwemer mod by mr_siika and centurion

Better Ports by mr_Siika

Ghogiels Armor Resource by Ghogiels

Dreugh Armour by Ghogiels

Ordinators and High Ordinators by Zenith92 & Cryo

Ayleid Meteoric by Madcat221

Helborne for his Morrowind Style Chitin Armor and Weapon for OB, Hammerfell Longaxe, Weapon Resources, Wolfstatue and Spear Set

Hel Bornes Morrowind Style Dwemer Weapons for OB by helborne

Detailed Textures for Helbornes MW Style Dwemer Weapons by Fearabbit

Lost Spires material by LiquidGraph

Dwemer Clutter, Chairs, Crates etcetera by Koniption

KoniptionsKreations - ResourcePack 1 by Koniption

Highland_Furniture by exilehunter

black cat remade for Tamriel Resources by onra

JaySuS for his JaySuS Capes Mod

Grumblepunk for his Bella Moretta Mod

Ssenkrad and Sarkandar for the Smokeable Pipe Mod

Assasin_456 for his Medieval Resources

Dragonblade86 for his Map Resource

meo3000 for his Settlement Resources, Globe Resources, Ayleid Resources, Money resources

firespark for his Skyrim and Legion Resources and some fixes/additions

someone1074 and beneros for his capes and cloaks mod

Celtic dog for his more nords with beards mod

Fearrabbit for his Morrowind Style Legion Armors

Darkness Eternal for his Dune resources

chigga for the Themae BathMod resources

Da mage for the Mine Rails

Geo for his tent resources

Different items taken from "Miscellaneous Skyrim Gubbins" made by the Skyrim for Oblivion team (uploaded by Alasdair)

B5_IcePick for his "TamRes Huskarl Shield" from "The Normans"

Phitt and Ghogiel for their "TamRes Huskarl Helmet" created by using resources taken from "Knightly Armory"

Static scroll sets resourceby Omegacron

Torture devices by Conifer

Crowd Control Rope Resource by Edocsil

Morrowind Paintings resource by InsanitySorrow

Children Race Resources taken from moDems City Life Mod by moDem,SAgiZm and Zenman

Vendors Table Resources by ebeneezersquid

Open Book Resource by MEO

Roman legion Armor by Ellixen

Imperial Battlemage Cuirass by Eggyslav

Morrowind Tapestries by DarkRider

Monk Robe Bottom Resource by DaMage

Animated Flag Resource by firespark

Multiple Creatures by StarX





If we forgot anyone please notify either Onra or
Firespark at the Bethsoft Forum or The Elder Scrolls Nexus.

Have fun!