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An argonian was sitting near the fireplace, eating corn from a clay bowl. Dark elf with sitting next to him, just watching on the wavy flames, deep in his own thoughts.
“So, you think silver atronach can actually be killed?” Argonian asked.
“Yes.” Dark elf replied. “Just don’t use magic, while fighting this damn creature and it will be fine. He duplicates every spell that he can catch and sends it back to the caster. Pity for most mages…”
“True. Now I can finish last chapter in my second book. This section is about atronachs.”
“Well, we don’t usually deal with fire, cold or storm beasts.” Elf was smiling. “This is not our concern. Simple town guard can kill daedric monster, but special ones…”
“You are right, as always, my friend.”
“And your books. They are far from over. We have a lot of beasts to hunt. I’ve received a contract about Frolls last Loredas.”
“How did that go?” Argonian looked at his friend.
“Frozen remains are scattered across the cave…”
“Just like always!”
Both started to laugh. It was a long evening. They still had a lot of things to do. Dark elf was right – their job is never finished. It can never be over. This war between “Nature Spirits” and beings of the darkness will never stop. This is not work, this is life…

“ARCANE RISING” is a mod, which adds new guild to the game, called “Nature Spirits”. New series of quests, involving new monsters, dungeons, oblivion planes, items, artifacts and complete voiceover. Join the team, experience the hunt and try to survive, while unlocking dark secrets of the past…

Installation and getting started

Simply place all the files in necessary folders, or just extract the whole archive to your DATA directory. Then click starter icon, go to data files and tick “AR.esp”. You are ready to begin your journey. To begin first quest, go to Anvil and speak with Zarkun, when your infamy reaches 10 and higher. Module can be played at any level.
Used resources (permission granted):
I thank authors of these mods; they really helped during my work on this guild modification.
Known issues

If you use OOO mod, it can have some bugs, during the second quest. My recommendation is going to Beasts Maw Cave before loading AR, or just turn off OOO, during the second quest. Also Deadly Reflex can make you kill certain characters, which are not really supposed to die. So, be careful. And my advice – don’t teleport from quest locations; it will spoil the whole quest.
If you find more bugs, I would be happy to fix that.
My e-mail is [email protected]


New weapons, armor and artifacts, like:
Silver armor and sword, teleportation runes, spell runes, new scripted potions, spells, ghostly sword, unique amulets, mysterious akaviri swords and etc.
New enemies:
Dark servants and marauders, silver atronachs, astral avengers, new ghosts, frolls, demons of Purple Void and etc.
Also new guild hall, characters, music, voiceover, quests, books and even videos.

Warning, spoilers ahead !!!

I didn’t make full walkthrough, but I guess this section will answer most questions.

1. How do I increase infamy?
Join Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild or do bad things!
2. Where’s the key to second gate in fort Black Boot?
There’s a ladder near the gate, go upstairs, the key is on the right barrel.
3. What should I do after Zarkun leaves?
Just wait for a day or two – someone may visit you.
4. What’s with the crime scene?
Go there, when you receive a journal entry, wait for a few seconds – you will see a poor wood elf, chased by dark servants…
5. How do I open tower in Zarkun’s void?
There are two keys. First – on the demon you fought in the beginning. Second lies just near flaming bowl in the centre of the void. Look carefully it’s hard to notice.
6. What is the answer to a riddle?
7. I talked to everyone about biography, what should I do next?
Soon, peasant will run inside the guild hall, screaming for help.
8. Where are the body parts?
First two at the beginning of mine, two more in the side tunnel, one near dead miners and one in the first big cave.
9. Where’s the second volume of the book?
In the counts private quarters, key is on the desk, near display case.
10. I killed all assassins, what’s next?
Search their corpses.
11. Where do I get ten leaves?
West coast, alchemy shops and etc.
12. How to defeat Zarkun?
Kill silver atronachs, he will be weakened. Fight him afterwards, but he will escape anyway.
13. Where’s the secret dungeon?
Just before the entrance to the Black Boot final room, look on the right – there’s a trapdoor hidden.
14. How to kill Zarkun?
Use Last Gift’s killing ability. You may cast it only once, so be careful.

I guess that’s it! Enjoy your play!


Special thanks

Thanks guys, who helped with voiceover, especially funny paladin.

Zarkun ------ Alexey (Crappynight) Tyagniryadko
Kerr Flonious ------ Alexey (Crappynight) Tyagniryadko
Sebastian ------ Alexey (Crappynight) Tyagniryadko
Aronor Kirk ------ Alexey (Crappynight) Tyagniryadko
Ur gro-Kash ------ Alexander (Kyguar) Kotyakov
Orc Messenger ------ Alexander (Kyguar) Kotyakov
Sir Paul the Silvery ------ Edward (Hatred) Solodov
Marz-Malz ------ Vasily (Tess) Koltushkin
Ancient One ------ Leonid (Battery) Gabrevich
The Shade ------ Leonid (Battery) Gabrevich
Sarah ------ Victoria (AZ) Nazarenko