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  1. SpaceCadetAri
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    The original RAEVWD was removed from the nexus. The mod author has it up on another site, and it seems you need the original file in order to use the omod installer instructions with Oblivion Mod Manager. Here's the linkie to the BAIN friendly original files if anyone is coming and needing them:
  2. GeorgeSD
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    I have done everything by the guide in description, but when I try to activate the mod in mod manager, it offers me only 2 plugins: "Imperial city plugin" and "Cities plugin". Aren't there supposed to be more options?

    Edit: After installation I went into the wilderness to see if this mod is working. Strange things happened. Check this:
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      yo same what the f*#@ do i do
  3. d181sp1
    • premium
    • 33 kudos
    Agreed, job well done here. You made a good point to me some time ago about using this VWD mod, found it and your omod installer. Here to tell you, you were right. RAEVWD is a great, great mod. And the installer you made makes getting it going a cinch.

    Thanks for the donation to the community.
  4. Meshuggah85
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    Endorsed! Well done TNO
  5. mtdew332
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  6. tom292
    • member
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    odd, i tried your script fcara1 and it didnt work. i can see what needed to be changed though, the CopyDataFolder and CopyPlugin lines don't match up with the new folder struture in version 1.9.2. i just manually changed the numbers myself in the original script and it worked fine. thanks for the tip.
  7. fcara1
    • member
    • 10 kudos
    Edit: comment unnecessary now, removed, mod updated. Tnx TNO!
  8. snarfies
    • BANNED
    • 5 kudos
    Third confirmation - Lots of installation errors with 1.9.2, I'm afraid. I tried BAIN, but BAIN barfs on the names of some of my mod files (probably because I'm using a few asian mods with chinese and japanese filenames) and won't function.
  9. blake00
    • member
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    Does not work with 1.9.2
  10. ironlancer
    • supporter
    • 4 kudos
    new version 1.9.2

    not work with your omod

    update ?

    thank you