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This mod will add appropriate robes according to their rank to the members of the Nine Divines faction. REQUIRES OBSE. Check \"Nine Divines Robes - ReadMe.txt\" for details.

Permissions and credits
Nine Divines Robes - ReadMe
This is version 1.00

0. Requirments:
This mod requires:
- Oblivion 1.2.0416
- OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender)

Get OBSE from here:

1. Description:
This mod will add robes to every NPC in the Nine Divines faction. There are 10 robes and depending on the rank of the NPC, the appropriate robe will be assigned. The ranks are:
0 Layman - Pilgrim if KotN is installed
1 Novice
2 Initiate
3 Acolyte
4 Adept
5 Disciple
6 Oracle
7 Invoker
8 Theurgist
9 Primate
The robes are added through OBSE script so this mod won't have conflict and will work for any NPC added by any other mod.

2. Instalation:
*** Make sure that you have OBSE installed. Install latest stable version. ***

Extract all files from NineDivinesRobes.7z to bethesda softworks\oblivions\data. When
you are asked to overwrite files under meshes and textures, select 'yes to all'.

Activate 'Nine Divines Robes.esp' and play.

3. Conflicts & issues:
Since this mod only adds new content, it doesn't change anything there are no conflicts with other mods.

There are some minor issues:
1. Some NPCs should be top rank in the game (Primate), even have dialogue that says "I am XY, the primate of YZ", but actually their rank is low, and hence they get low rank robes.
2. NPCs that wear armour could prefer wearing robes.
3. If NPC has more expensive piece of clothing, he/she will most likely prefer wearing it instead of the robe.

4. Permissions:
The robes can be used as a modder's resource without special permission, as long proper credits are given.
If anyone wants to make changes to the mod, edit it, expand it or something similar, you are free to do it, but please contact me first. I'd like to know about it and maybe keep it in one place.

5. Authors, credits and contact:
Author & contact:
"washington" at official Bethesda forums:

People that created or helped creating the script for this mod:
popcorn71 for creating female version of Emperor's robe (Addon01)

Thanks to:
StellaStardust for giving me idea by starting the discussion about the church of Cyrodiil
CS wiki, General TES CS Forum and everyone that wrote anything there.
OBSE Team for OBSE
Bethesda for creating Oblivion and giving us the CS.

6. Version info:
This is version 1.00

7. Version change log:
This is first version.
*** Thank you for reading***

Primate Rank Fix - ReadMe
1. Description:
Fixes rank in NineDivines faction for following NPCs:
- Arentus Falvius
- Chana Mona
- Dumania Jirich
- Kantav Cheynoslin
- Tandilwe

Merge in Bashed Patch.