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Redecoration v0.61

NOTE: I did not create this mod it is property of Uberspeedo I am simply uploading an updated version with permission from Buddah I deserve n o Kudos for the creation of this mod. I simply made the powers immune to silence and enabled moving of doors for the purpas of handling display cases. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. also this is a FINAL releas I will be releasing no further updates to this mod for the forseeable future. enjoy

Redecoration is a tool for extreme housing customization: Move items of all types - furniture, chests, you name it! Place new furniture and decorations, tweak your house to your heart's desire! Lock items in place for easy book placement, wall mounted weapon or armor displays, and the like!

This mod assumes that you are a big boy (or girl) and that you:
-fully read this readme, paying particular attention to the FAQ and known issues
-understand that this mod gives you a LOT of power for customization, but also power to screw things up
-know to make a save *before* moving anything if you're worried about breaking something
-understand that if you break something because you ignored this readme, you can only blame the person in the mirror
-fully read this readme, paying particular attention to the FAQ and known issues

-Oblivion version
-Oblivion Script Extender v14a or newer: http://obse.silverlock.org/
-Pluggy v56 or newer: http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/Category:Pluggy

1. Copy Redecoration.esp into your Oblivion\Data folder
2. Open your My Documents folder, and browse to the subfolder "My Documents\My Games\Oblivion". Copy the Pluggy folder into this directory. (note: this is simply installing settings for this mod - to install the actual Pluggy plugin, follow the link given above)
3. Activate Redecoration.esp the next time you start the game.

===From v0.56 or newer===
1. Update your Ini file with new settings that have been added.
2. Replace the old Esp file with the new version.
3. Look for the message "Redecoration upgraded..." the next time you load your game - then you're good to go!

===From v0.50 or 0.55===
1. Update your Ini file with new settings that have been added.
2. Create a clean save (disable the old Redecoration.esp, load a saved game, and then make a new save)
3. Enable the new Redecoration.esp, load the save game that you made in step #2, and continue playing.

===Moving Items===
Select the Decorate spell, place the object you want to move under the crosshairs, and cast the spell. The object you targeted should begin glowing purple and can now be moved using the following keys:
+X = Insert
-X = Delete
+Y = Home
-Y = End
+Z = Page Up
-Z = Page Down
In general, +X will move the object east, -X west, +Y north, -Y south, +Z up, -Z down.
For rotation, hold the Left Shift key, and then press one of the above keys to rotate in that direction.

There are several movement tiers available which control how much an object is moved for every key press. Use the + and - keys on the main keyboard to increase or decrease the selected movement tier. The value of each tier is given in Oblivion units; 1 foot is roughly 21 units while 1 meter is about 70 units.

Once you're finished moving the object, cast the spell again to complete movement.

Several other commands can be used:
Increase Size = ] (right bracket)
Decrease Size = [ (left bracket)
Reset Rotation = \ (backslash) - resets rotation to 0 on all axes
Abort Move = Backspace - use when you select the wrong item by accident; can't be used once an item is moved

====Locking Items====
Toggle Lock = Enter (on main keyboard)
Locking an item will prevent it from being moved by the "grab" key, or when it gets bumped by other items. Mainly used to display books in bookcases, to "mount" armor or weapons on walls, and etc. Once an item is locked, there are two ways to unlock it:
1. Pick it up.
2. Cast the Redecorate spell on it again, and press Enter.

====Some Notes on Moving Havok'd Items====
-Always let the object come to rest before casting the Redecorate spell on it.
-If the object is hanging partly through the floor or another item, try to pull it out (using grab) before using Redecorate.
-Trying to place some items into Display Cases can be somewhat quirky as the Havok fights against the movement commands... if possible try to place objects manually (using grab) in the case, then cast the spell and lock them without moving them again.

The Save Item spell allows you to save objects to a list; you can later place copies of these objects wherever you wish by using the Recall Item spell, allowing you to add furniture, gardens, and essentially anything else you desire to your house.

====Saving Items====
Place the object under the crosshair and cast the Save Item spell. The item should begin glowing purple; if you targeted the wrong item, you can press Backspace to abort, otherwise press Enter to save the item.
You'll then be prompted to enter a name for the item. This name will be shown on the main menu when you go to recall an item, so it should tell you something about the item so that you can pick it out later (e.g. "Tall Candle" or "Short Dripping Candle" rather than just "Candle"). The maximum length for a name is 32 characters.
After entering the name, you'll be asked for a description. Here you can go into more detail about the item. Maximum length is 512 characters.
Once you've entered the description, the item is saved.

Note that you are protected from re-saving an item that you've already saved. When you attempt to save it (by pressing Enter), you'll get a message warning that the item is already saved and telling you what name it was saved as.

====Recalling Items====
After casting Recall Item Spell you'll be presented with a menu that displays the names of the items that you've saved. Use the "<prev>" and &gt;&gt;Next&gt;&gt;" buttons to go backwards and forwards if you have multiple pages of items<br>Once you select an item, you'll get a new menu that shows you the description of that item. Most of the buttons here are pretty obvious: Place Item will create a copy of that item in the world. Delete will remove the item from the list, when you don't need it any more (it does not remove any items from the game world, it only removes it from the list of saved items).<br><br>====Duplicating Items====<br>When you're moving an item with the Redecorate spell, you can create a copy of that item by pressing Scroll Lock. This is just a convenience thing, so you don't constantly have to go back to the Recall Item spell when placing multiple items. You should finish placing the original item before duplicating it, because the spell will automatically "target" the newly created item so that you can place it.<br><br>Note that not all items can be duplicated.<br><br><br>==FAQ==<br>===General Questions===<br>Q: I never got the spell in game, what's the problem?<br>A: You should have gotten a message telling you what the problem was. If you didn't, double-check that the Esp is actually active. If it is active and you're still getting nothing, you probably don't have OBSE installed.<br><br>Q: Do I *have* to use the .ini file?<br>A: Technically, no. All key commands automatically load to their default values *however* you'll only have 1 movement Tier available.<br><br>Q: What all *can* I move?<br>A: Essentially everything in the game except for the ground itself (in exteriors), trees, bushes, and flames.<br><br>Q: Of those, what *should* I move?<br>A: **Never** move buildings or building structures (walls/floors when inside). Other than that, when inside of a house that you own and that is not used by NPCs, you can pretty much go wild. When in exteriors, you should really limit yourself to customizing objects right around your house.<br><br>Q: Will I lose my changes if I disable this Esp?<br>A: Static items such as furniture that you've moved or items that you've created shouldn't be affected. However, items that you've locked in place with the Redecorate spell will fall out of position and you'll lose your list of saved items.<br><br>Q: Does Redecoration cause savegame bloat?<br>A: No. When you lock items or place new items with the Recall spell, information is saved in your savegame, however you have direct control over how much is added to your save by this mod, and you'd have to lock or place many thousands of objects to cause any problems.<br><br>===Moving Items===<br>Q: Can I move rugs and mats?<br>A: Depends. Rugs are a separate item from the actual floor, but in some places the rug can't be selected - either the rug is getting "hidden" behind the floor so that it can't be targeted, or else it lacks collision data, also preventing it from being targeted.<br><br>Q: Every time I finish moving something, it vanishes and then comes back?<br>A: Yes, this is necessary for the collision to update to the object's new location.<br><br>Q: I can walk through objects while I'm moving them! WTF?<br>A: The collision detection on most objects won't update until you finish moving them.<br><br>Q: An object jumps out of position slightly when I finish moving it?<br>A: This just seems to be a quirk of the game engine when you move items that use Havok physics.<br><br>Q: I moved some objects around, and now NPCs are constantly walking into them?<br>A: NPCs use a "path grid" to determine where they can walk. It can only be changed manually within the CS, so there's no way to update it and let NPCs know that there's now something sitting in their way. I strongly advise against moving objects in areas frequented by NPCs.<br><br>Q: I moved a target/lectern/etc, but the NPCs that used it won't perform their action in the new location!<br>A: As above, there's no way to tell the NPCs the new location where they should go.<br><br>Q: Help! I screwed up and moved a building or something else that I shouldn't have! How do I fix it?<br>Q: How can I restore an item to the original position?<br>A: Reload a previous save.<br><br>===Save/Recall===<br>Q: Is there a limit to how many items I can save?<br>A: No.<br><br>Q: I don't want/need to give a description for a particular item, what can I do?<br>A: You do have to enter *something* (at least 1 character), so just enter a space.<br><br><br>==Known Issues==<br>-The Save/Recall/Duplicate functions can be used to some degree to cheat/exploit (copying items, saving rare alchemy plants and placing a hundred of them in your house, that kind of stuff). New functions coming in OBSE v15 will help to some degree, but it will never be entirely fixed. You just have to use your own willpower.<br>-You can't move or save trees, bushes, or flames. This is a limitation of the OBSE function that's used to detect what item you're targeting - probably not fixable.<br><br><br>==Customization==<br>See the file "Customization - Redecoration.txt"<br><br><br>==Credits==<br>Elys for making Pluggy.<br>The entire OBSE team for all their work.<br>scruggsywuggsy the ferret for some scripting ideas<br><br><br>==Contact Info==<br>uberspeedo -at- gmail.com<br>or PM me on the Beth forums.</prev>