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Sleep anywhere, no bedroll needed... just don\'t get caught!

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This mod gives you a lesser power called "Sleep Here."

When you use this power it first makes sure you are out of combat, not in an owned interior space, not sneaking, not swimming and not in the air. If any of these tests fail, the spell has no effect and gives you the message: "You won't be able to sleep."

If all tests pass, you are told "Preparing to sleep..." and any nearby NPCs who notice you are notified of your vagrancy. This lowers their disposition toward you, places a small bounty on your head, and summons guards if any are nearby. If you are not noticed by any NPCs, none of these effects occur.

The spell triggers a 12 second timer. During that time you will be unable to move, and going into any of the states which would have prevented sleeping in the first place causes your camping attempt to fail, displaying the message: "You won't be able to sleep now." (You will then be able to move again, so you can cancel your preparation by jumping or sneaking.)

If you successfully wait 12 seconds with no interruptions you are greeted with Rest menu as if you had activated a bed, and may sleep!