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Added: 26/04/2009 - 11:34PM
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Last updated at 23:35, 26 Apr 2009 Uploaded at 23:34, 26 Apr 2009


This mod adds a re-textured Hunters Vest to a barrel outside the Imperial City Prison Sewer Exit next to the boat. It is based on the leather vest worn by Richard Cypher in Legend Of The Seeker.

Also included in the barrel are the clothes I thought looked best with the vest: Fur Greaves, Leather Boots, and Leather Bracers.

The Vest has armor similar to Mithril, health close to Perfect Amber and weighs less than Fur. I did this as I diddn't want to make this simple leather vest provide more protection than the best armor in the game, but I made it very light and durable to represent it being of high quality.



I do not see how there could be any reason for conflicts or bugs as it just adds new content, doesn't alter anything.

This is a Male mod only, it will just look like a normal Hunters Vest on Female characters.


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