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Pluggy is an OBSE plugin that adds functions for HUD, string, array, ini and text file creation and manipulation.

Permissions and credits
Pluggy is a OBSE plugin that adds new functions to Oblivion, and is a further extension to Oblivion Script Extender. The functions allow modders to create and manipulate arrays, strings, .ini files, text files, both text and surface/image HUDs, and change object names. Full function list is on the CS wiki.

For players, in general use the lowest version your mod(s) require, should be either v132, v128, v125, or v122. If your mod(s) take advantage of the HUD functionality, rename the Pluggy library from "OBSE_Elys_Pluggy.dll" to "OBSE_Elys_Pluggy-Hud.dll".

Note that if you're using v132 no new .pluggy files will be created. If you have updated from another version, be sure to keep your old .pluggy files. These will be merged into the .obse file for new saves, but still need to be loaded for the old saves.

Optional Files

There are also 2 test files. If you had any exterior to interior crashes from the older HUD versions (v100-122) or with HUD enabled in the latest version, please try these out and see if they stop the crash.

Update Plans

I have some time now so will try to create a stable version. That will include at the least updating to OBSE v21. It will probably also mean cutting out functionality, to the point where some mods will no longer work with it (of course the older versions will be kept available, but they'll still be unstable). The HUD functions are unique to Pluggy so that will be split into a separate download (instead of using "...-HUD.dll" as a switch) and those bugs will be handled separately.

Elys for 122 versions of Pluggy. I'm really just making minor patches on the groundwork she's already laid.

Leandro Conde for helping me with the Pluggy code and general Delphi understanding.

Scruggsy and DragoonWraith for helping me with the OBSE side of things.

Everyone who tested out the various fixes, attempts, and crashes going from v122-124.