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Updates the worldmap to include the new roads added by \"New Roads and Bridges\" for use with \"Elven Map Redux\".

Permissions and credits
Name: Esme's world map update for New Roads and Bridges Revised & Elven Map Redux
Author: Esmerelde
Notes: To be used with "New Roads and Bridges Revised" and "Elven Map Redux"
Requires: Elven Map Redux (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3002)

*** UPDATE ***

I have put up an optional download for lower res. textures (folders menus50 and menus80) after reading that the world map will show the old textures if you are using low resolutions.

THESE ARE UNTESTED. Please back up your old files (though they can be replaced by re-installing Elven Map Redux if something goes wrong).

Any feedback is appreciated. If there are any problems I will try and fix them ASAP.

*** ***

4:Version History / Bug Fixes
7:Author Notes


1: Description

I have edited the world map from "Elven Map Redux" by xythen so that it shows the major new roads added by the mod "New Roads and Bridges Revised"


2: Installation

a) Make sure NRAB and Elven Map Redux are installed.
b) Back up your current worldmap (Data\Textures\Menus\map\world)
c) Unpack my new texture to the folder above


3: Uninstallation

Simply restore your back up worldmaps


4: Version History / Bug Fixes

Current version 1.0


5: Incompatibilities

Not compatible with other world map replacers.


6: Credits

- xythen for Elven Map Redux which I have merely edited
- Ukrr and Arthmoor for their "New Roads and Bridges Revised"
- albertovizoso for allowing me to see that this could be done through his own adaptation


7: Author Notes

- Like albertovizoso I did not add every single road created in "New Roads and Bridges Revised", some have been left for you to find yourself!

- This is the first mod I have ever created and the first time I have used Photoshop, so it is far from perfect, but I tried my best!!

- I have only produced a version for the full size menu (ie: not menus50 or menus80) purely because I have no idea how to resize the map I produced. If you use low resolutions the game should resize the map, but it may look a bit blurry.

- There are gaps in some of the roads so I don't obscure the script and labels on the map.