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This mod improves the Hand-to-Hand experience by bettering its damage range to, essentially, go from simple iron to deadric-quality over the course of your character's martial arts career. Now uncapper-friendly.

Permissions and credits
Author: AdeptRogue
Email: [email protected]

The ultimate goal of this mod is to allow Hand-to-Hand users to fight on equal footing
with, and against, those who use weapons.

And this is it. I'm pretty sure I did the best I can.

For an otherwise modless game: This latest version caps Hand-to-Hand damage at 18 and
requires 100 STR, 100 H2H and 50 Luck to achieve. Fatigue damage is just about the
same as Vanilla.

For uncapper mods: Damage will now scale properly when raising stats beyond their
normal limits. I've tested with both -Elys- and AV Uncapper; both are good choices to
use with this mod.

For AV Uncapper: I found the upper limit, with fully-uncapped stats, to be 126 damage.
This occurred at 255 STR, H2H and Luck; any less results in lesser damage and the
absolute maximum is set to 127, so Fortify effects should be useful at all attribute
and skill levels.

The only downside: I've found that damage at 30 STR, 5 H2H and 50 Luck (the minimum
Vanilla stats) starts at 3. Absolute minimum is set to 1, so lesser stats should
still result in lesser damage (this can happen with Race mods and some levelling mods).
The starting damage is a little high, imo, but any less makes a mess of the scaling
later on.


Simply extract the plugin to Oblivion\Data.


Unload and remove the plugin; shouldn't harm saves.


This mod makes changes to the following gameplay settings:

fHandHealthMin *

If you use another mod that changes the above (such as Obscuro's Oblivion Overhaul), load
my mod after it.

* This setting is an ITM (Identical-To-Master) record, included to keep the minimum damage
in a heavily-modded game. Do Not Clean.


June 9, 2017 - v2.1 (Final), One plugin now fits all.
June 7, 2017 - v2.0, New version made to be uncapper-friendly.
August 1, 2013 - v1.1, Added a fourth option: 23.
April 6, 2009 - v1.0, First release.


Bethesda Software

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TES Construction Set -


If you wish to upload this mod elsewhere, please ask for permission via email and state
where you plan to upload it.