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This mod tries to tweak another aspect of gameplay to make Oblivion more immersive. In short, the mod allows the player to actually disguise themselves by putting on an Imperial Legion guard\'s uniform.

Permissions and credits

One of the Gang aims to add another dimension of realism to Oblivion. If a player has a bounty on their head and are being pursued by a lone guard why not lure him into an alley, kill him and steal his uniform?
Unfortunately Vanilla guards know that its you hiding under all that heavy metal. But imagine if they didn't!

Imagine, say, a world where a disguise was a disguise, and thieves could use both their heads as well as their feet to flee covertly from the scene of the crime.
Imagine, say, the implications that having Imperial Legion clearance to access restricted areas, where others wouldn't be permitted to go.

Well imagine no longer, since the future of disguise and pretence is here.

One of the Gang is geared towards satisfying the immersionist player, and in doing so it fills a void that stealth characters in particular have been missing. Everyone who is anyone has had their run-ins with the law, so at some point you've probably decided to 'Resist Arrest' and try your luck with fleeing. In Vanilla Oblivion your only option is to either stand and fight or run so far into the Wilderness that you are lost yourself. This mod offers you the choice of disguising yourself as one of your pursuers. Unlike many of the other disguise modifications out there 'TRN One of the Gang' homes in firmly on Imperial Legion disguise and concealment.

Otherwise if you are a law abiding citizen and just want to pretend that you are a guard you can access restricted areas and even get paid while roleplaying as a townguard.

New in Version 1.3

Completely new content:
- Townguard armour now disguises you - Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Kvatch, Leyawiin, and Skingrad. (also: Bartholm);
- If you spend time in the guise of a townguard you can collect wages from that towns' Paymaster;
- A new quest for Anvil;
- Cash payslips that can be earned or stolen with garrison Paymasters;
- Suspicion System;
- You can buy a selection of Legion equipment from fences;
- You can now spar with with Imperial City Legion Armoury soldiers by using a practice sword;
- All towns have Legion and garrison horses for riding.

Suspicion System:
- It is easy for a player to become disguised once he/she has the correct uniform, however from version 1.3 onwards they will have to maintain that disguise!
- Suspicious behaviour, when disguised, is punished by the Suspicion System;
- If you act or look suspicious your disguise will slip and depending on where you are at that moment you may be caught;

Factors that influence suspicion include:
- Weapons and arrows not made of Silver or Steel;
- Wearing mismatching townguard cuirass and shields;
- Riding a non-Legion owned horse, or riding another garrison's horse;
- Running;
- Sneaking;
- Having your weapon out;
- Size of player's bounty when undisguised;
- Player's level of infamy when undisguised;
- Player's level of Personality, Luck, Illusion and Speechcraft.

Changes to disguising:
- Passive redisguising - if you get caught, but still are wearing the correct equipment, you may suddenly become redisguised if you kill/lose your pursuers.
- Amulet that appeared when you became disguised was removed.

Other changes:
- Shield is no longer required to complete a disguise, but can be useful to reduce Suspicion.
- Re-Fixed the glitch where opening any container in the Armoury resulted in the +5 Marksmanship bonus;
- Armoury targets give marksman experience;
- Journal entries reworded.


- Steal, rob, loot, purchase or otherwise acquire Imperial Legion, or townguard armour and disguise yourself as a soldier.
- 2 Quests for undercover soldiers.
- Get paid for your work as a guard, go to the garrison paymaster to collect your wages.
- Forgery - develop new skills to forge documents.
- Unique disguise conditions depending on your race.
- If you are caught changing into an Imperial Guard uniform the real guards will be notified and come to investigate.
- Supports custom disguise conditions for new race mods.
- An immersive forgery experience, with realistic conditions, and surprising results.
- Some new literature.
- A realistic Imperial Legion Armoury, complete with AI rich NPCs to spar against and facilities for the player to use.
- Secret Legion Tavern for unwinding after a hard day protecting the Empire.
- Comprehensive Help Guide available if you get stuck or confused.

-If the player is human, then a Cuirass, Greaves and Boots are needed to complete the disguise.
-However if they are elves, then a helmet is required as well as the Cuirass, Greaves and Boots.
-If the player is a Khajiit , Argonian or an Orc then they need gauntlets, as well.


Patch Version 1.2.0416
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) version 16 or later.

OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice for unvoiced dialogue.

Installing/Uninstalling the Plugin

See the Readme file for detailed instructions.

Conflicts / Known Errors


Custom Races Due to a small bug in the disguising code, custom races that are not listed in the "Supported Mods" below cannot disguise themselves in version 1.3.

Audio Lip Syncing: Unfortunately there is very little I can do about this.
The lip syncing software is designed predominantly for maximum compatibility for American accents,
and it doesn't behave well at times with an Irish one. My apology if this aggravates you.

Feel free to explore the Imperial Legion Reserve Outpost. However it doesn't have any quests attached to it, just two NPCs.


- The Elder Council:
A patch is available here.
Ensure that you have the patch below TRN One of the Gang.esp in your load order.

- Clothing Matters:
If you are using Clothing Matters then go to the Clothing Matters .ini file, in your Oblivion directory, and set:

kCMQuest.guardArmourCrimeGold to 0
kCMQuest.guardArmourIsADisguise to 0

- Ranokoa's Undercover Overhaul:
Ranokoa kindly released a compatible version of his mod, you can find it here: Ranokoa's Undercover Overhaul - TRN Compatible
Note: An small problem has been found with Ranokoa's Compatibile version. This can be easily solved by places TRN One of the Gang below his mod in your load order.

- West Roads:
A patch is available here.
Ensure that you have the patch below TRN One of the Gang.esp in your load order.

Tested and fully compatible with:
- Official DLCs
- Unofficial Oblivion Patch
- Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul
- Better Cities
- Reneer's Guard Overhaul

Supported Mods:
Unrecognised races default to the settings used by Orcs, Argonians and Kajiits.
- bgbalancingEVcore.esp [English]
- bgbalancingDVcore.esp [German/Deutsch]
- COBL Main.esm
- DemonRace.esp
- DesuChan's Kawa-Khajiits.esp
- Elsweyr Anequina.esp
- Waalx animals & Creatures.esm

- Bartholm

Contact And Information

If you have any suggestions, comments, praise, or constructive criticism you are encouraged to share it on the forum thread.
If you are having technical difficulties and need support you can contact me directly or leave a post on the forum.
All feedback is most welcome.

Bethesda Forums Thread
PM me on the Bethesda forums, username: therealneraverine


Thank you to Tad who voice acted for Procis Gloriosus, and was a great general moral support.
Thank you to Dazu for his extensive tests and interest which kept me motivated in the early days of the mod.
Thank you to Daniel who voice acted for Phintias.
Thank you to Ionis who created the Imperial Legion Reserve uniform.
Thank you to Trollf who created the Arm of Stendarr shield texture.
Thank you to the members of Bethesda's Official Forums who helped me to surmount any difficulties I had when scripting.
Also thanks to Gary, Robert, and Minty, kuertee.
Thank you to you for reading the guide and downloading the mod.

Utilities Used:
TES Construction Set (1.2.404 and 1.0.303)
CS Wiki
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE)
MP3-Encoder LAME
Kivan's LIP Template
BSA Extractor
Wyre Bash

Please do not share, edit or use any part of this mod without my prior permission.