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Lady Rowenas & NNWs Ayleid Ruins Expanded Projekt - Series 1 & 2


Important Note
Since I'm rarely online @ Oblivion Nexus, you can contact me for Support Questions by my Public Mailaccount: the_3thrd_survivoratyahoo.de

The Story So Far

Lately you have read in Black Horse Courier the following articles about the Mysteries of the Ayleids:

A very long time ago, an artifact filled with stored knowledge was hidden by the Ayleids in an unspecified Ayleid ruin, together with lots of gold, welkynd stones and other useful things. Approximately 80 years ago, an Imperial Army troop stumbled across a strange artifact in a ruin of completely strange architectural style - partly Ayleid, partly completely unique. Since they didn't know anything about it they simply let it disappear into the Emperor's vault....


This Plugin sends you on a hunt for a special type of Ayleid artifact and contains all the Dungeons from Series 1 of our Ayleid Ruins Expanded Project.

A somewhat absent-minded archaeologist of the Mageguild in Skingrad has left there a mission report about his investigations. Perhaps you should visit this location in order to receive more exact information?

Start of this little "Paper Chase" is in the Mageguild of Skingrad. The Quest self starts when you visit the place which was specified in the note.


In the sequel from our little paperchase, we will send you again on a hunt for a special type of Ayleid artifact. This is, as might be expected, once again well-concealed. Maybe, the Hero of Cyrodiil will find out the secret that was hidden in the old days?

Travel to the Anvil Mages Guild and try to find the Broadsheet from the Black Horse Courier there. Crack the mystery of the Ayleids!



1. Oblivion - inclusive SI!
2. Patch: 1.2.0416


BAIN ready!

Please copy the Content from the following Folders

  • 00 Texturen-Meshes
  • 02 Dungeons

into your Oblivion DATA Folder.

Then Activate all Pluginfiles - ESM & ESPs in the Oblivion Launcher.

recommended Loadorder:

  • NNWAREAyleidDungeons_Series1EV.esp
  • NNWAEDungeons-Series2EV.esp
  • NNWARE06-RhyeliaEmeroEV.esp

Extra Infos:

In order to preserve you from frustration, please note the following:

The degree of difficulty and the resulting loot, depend on if you use an overhaul mod, and which one it is!

- ALL Dungeons have a minimum level of 25! L30 is even better, however.

- Piukanda contains a little puzzle; you can find clues on the same level...

-For Veyond, Piukanda and Bawn must you change the Entry from bBorderRegionsEnabled=1 in the Oblivion.ini to 0.
- All have built-in "deadly traps"!

The traps and the activators are not identifiable, as the originals were!
So please use more the F5 (Quicksave) function there :).


1. Lady Rowena - for Her Suggestions, improvements and building 2 Levels.
2. Sonea - for one Level of Dungeon Nr. 3 Series 2
3. Growlf for the Permission to use his Pyramid from Growlf-Pyramide-ModRes.
4. and for the Permission to use Parts from his GrowlfsHotClothes_v5.0 Project as Bonus Armor in Series 1.
5. WalkerinShadows for revise the English translation.


I'm reading this site still only rarely, please contact me therefore for further questions and if you has Problems to continue by email: [email protected]

2008 - 2013 NNW & Lady Rowena

You may NOT alter or reintegrate one of our PIs, Meshes and Textures in other projects without our permission. But you can translate it in any language you want, when you give us proper credits.