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A small mod that adds a large number of \"collection\" jobs, suitable for low level characters or people playing RPing as traders or explorers.

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03/26/09 - Version 1.1a
-Spam scrolls can now be removed and turned in.
-Minor changes to minimize duplication after several weeks. This can not be fixed without a complete rewrite, but it is easy enough to work around it by just picking up or ignoring extra scrolls.

Random Tasks
Version: 1.1a
Author: J. Schaffer
[email protected]

This mod creates a job board in the Imperial City Market District just outside the Black Courier offices. On the board collection jobs are listed, asking for delivery of ingredients, books, or just random items. Every week 8 random jobs appear.

To take a job, take the paper from the job board. When you've got whatever the poster requested, turn it in to "Mudcrab" (the orc next to the job board).

I made this as an RP mod. I just started playing again after several years, and wasn't able to find many non-epic quests that are suitable for new characters. It's designed to give players, especially low level players, something to do that doesn't involve slaughtering hordes of people. The quests involve buying or finding random objects, so it's a good start for those wanting to RP traders or non-heroic folk.

Read JSRandomTasks.txt for more details.