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Name: The Underdark: The Realm Of Northdark
Version: 1.1

Category: Dungeons and Locations at TESNexus.com

Shivering Isles latest
Oblivion latest Patch version 1.2.0416
Mage Equipment 21

Author(s): Underdark Devteam
Source: TESNexus.com
Forum: Underdark thread @ http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/

NOTE: This mod is usable with any body. Only the new armors are designed for Roberts Female. You do not need Robert's Bodies for this if you equip the armors in this mod - they will override, not replace your currently active body mod. I.e. if you equip the Drow Assassin armor on your character, it will appear as the body that the particular armor was designed for.

NOTE: This mod is finished. I will provide a fix for the broken mod GGIlli Companion as soon as I can.

This mod will move to version 2.0, when it is completely revamped and converted to worldspace and every other good thing that comes with worldspaces(maps,fast-travel,swaying trees and grasses all in a dungeon).

That mod expansion is actually 100% complete but is going through the current conversions before it can be released. Also, new creature models, weapons, armors and locations not available in any other mod will be available as well.

Take a look at Underdark: Shadows of Old Shanatar

The Underdark is a realm of cities and creatures that lie far below the surface of over-worlders. They struggle to survive and some even thrive in this world of darkness. New creatures, new races, and new cities will be discovered within the darkness. Even new magic called psionics, used by fearful and intelligent, mind eating and mind controlling races. Dare you venture below...to the Underdark?

There will be many, many entrances to the Underdark, but on this release only three are available. One such entrance is near Fort Scinia, east of Cheydinhal, another deep in Timberscar Hollow, and another within the old mine of Crayfish Cave. Only one has a map marker, the main entrance. The Quest mod(s) available from Sulteric Drums rely on the entrance near Fort Scinia.
The city of Menzoberranzan, House Baenre, Arach-Tinilith, The Labyrinth, Blingdenstone, Veintaur and Ched Nasad are complete with Sloopdilmonpolop, Ch'Chitl, Melee-Magthere, Tower of Sorcere of which all are partially or completed and on the way.

10/24/2009 ~ Two more entrances are available: near (not inside) Black Rock Cavern, and near (not inside) Field House Cave.

This version release of the Underdark: The Realm of Northdark, TRoN, is now our full resource of the entire world. You will now see the main area we call the wilderness that leads down into the Underdark and the cities that reside there in the realm. Ched Nasad, Blingdenstone, Menzoberranzan, are populated, although they are still under construction as well as Menzoberranzan. The main areas are still being worked on. Most of the new weapon models, creature models and armor models are available. The Mindslayer is complete with some psionics available. You may see the other new creatures roaming through, like the Kou-tan (Kuo-Toa look-alike from FR), Driders, Belilith, Beholden (Beholder look-alikes from FR), Mindslayers (Mindflayer look-alikes from FR), and a myriad of new creatures never encountered in the game ever before!

It is highly recommended to enter the Underdark with a medium ranged leveled character. As we progress, more information will be released. We are currently working on re-levelling the creatures you may encounter.

WARNING: The use of ingredient harvesting mods like "Gather ye Rose Buds", or any other mod that collects ingredients in a large scale, can and will result in instant character death while gathering underdark plant ingredients. Always proceed with caution in handling Underdark plants. There is a solution for collecting underdark plants safely and it can be found in Drow Fortress - Dark Version in the form of gloves. And here is a quick tip: If you find yourself losing 50 points of intelligence from a yellow musk creeper, then maybe you have lost your marbles and can't figure out that you need the Memory Restorative Potion to raise your intelligence. And if you find that you have lost your health in a substantial amount and it doesn't come back, try finding a Spore Acid Relief Potion. You'll soon feel better.

Concerning the Shadow Labyrinth: It is included in this. It is very difficult to navigate. There is a nice reward that can be found at the end. All the rewards are not fully in place at this time but we believe that most players will appreciate what they do find. If you encounter issues in this area, report them and we will address them. Currently, there is no map available for navigating the Labyrinth. We welcome anyone who would take upon this challenge to map it and provide us a map wherein the devteam will give all credits for. mwahhaha ^^

We personally recommend the following but they are not required:

MiniMap - HUD Element by Kyoma
Oblivion -Elys- Uncapper
Darker Dungeons and Nights Mod Pack
Streamline 3.1
Portable Campsite

Take heed for those of you who use MMM and OOO, because some of these areas will be extremely hard to get to because of these two mods.

Quests for Underdark
This project is still in BETA, however, Sulteric Drums, DeepFreeze and InsanitySorrow are creating/have created quests/mods for the Underdark. I recommend downloading them to experience and enjoy the Underdark in their mods.

Vampire Hunter - Underdark Saga Part II
Viconia DeVir - The Underdark Saga I and III
Illi Mindslayer Companion and Mindslayer Retex
[WIPz]: Companion Drizzt Do'Urden

Additional Information
The mod Underdark: Prelude to the Wilds is not compatible with this mod. It is now included with this mod, so delete that old mod first.

Not having Roberts female will not prevent you from playing the mod, it's just the new armors are designed for Roberts female body. If you are using a different body mod these new armors will override it only while they are worn, as with any armor mod.

Some of the new armors are with full robes that may even prevent any perception of conflicts in body's. We will try to add an exnem option in the future which will depend on Metrick's body mod.

We are aware of some issues such as placements, collisions, AI's, etc, but try to remember that even though it is complete with our resources and is our foundation for our ESM, it still is in BETA level for design. The project is so large in scale that we must release and continue to build.

We would rather release some parts than risk a possible breakup of our team and the mod not get continued. I can not expect our team to stay together all the time and expect roster change. Thankfully, in as much this foresight has come to be, the mod had released in several stages and continued inspite of our members coming and going.

For those who download the separate files, the file sound.7z is only optional. We recommend everyone to use the music options, because they play special music at specific areas. They will not remove or replace any other music files and will only play in the cell that we designed it for.

Concept Art through development


A reorganization of the archives were done to make downloading easier. Download the following MAIN files:
1.) meshes1.rar
2.) meshes2.rar
3.) sound.rar
4.) music.rar
5.) textures1.rar
6.) textures2.rar
7.) textures3.rar
8.) textures4.rar
9.) textures5.rar
10.) textures6.rar
11.) textures7.rar
12.) Underdark V 0.59 - ESM & ESP.rar


UPDATE Underdark version 0_59_1b Overwrite when prompted.
Underdark_V_1_0 Update to version 1.0, overwrite when prompted.


1.) Movie_How to find Ched Nasad
2.) SPOILER Pics to find CHED NASAD.rar
3.) SPOILER Underdark Map.rar
4.) PATCH Assassin Texture Stretch.rar (a backup for those who overwrite their skeleton.nif's)
*note: the patch is included in the MAIN file download

Install into a temporary folder first, then place the contents of the following archive files you downloaded in the path listed immediately after as noted.
meshes 1-2 - /Oblivion/Data/Meshes/
music - /Oblivion/Data/
sound - /Oblivion/Data/
textures 1-7 - /Oblivion/Data/Textures/

Recommended Load Order:
Please use BOSS for any issues you may have, other than that load order requirements should be the following IF you do not use BOSS.



Youtube movie to find Ched Nasad:
How to get to Ched Nasad

Delete the above files you installed. There are too many to list individually, so it is recommended that you create your own OMOD as an alternative. Or, as some people do, backup your entire Oblivion folder. I learned this from a wise and dangerous looking Drow... "backup!"

Due to the nature and expanse of the Underdark, add-on mods are currently under construction to add and expand on the Underdark.
In Order to play upcoming add-ons like Sulteric Drum's Viconia add-on or The Vampire Hunter, you will need the new ESM and ESP continuously updated. The latter mod requires V 0.59. All future add-ons will also need the combination of ESM and ESP as we have set up here.

There will be a couple conflictions with Supreme Magic and L.A.M.E. with a couple of spell effect visuals. In the future we'll try to correct this so there will be no conflicts. In the mean time, it is vital that The Underdark override these two mods, so that the experience of fighting the Drow in the dark can be fully appreciated. It is the visuals of the two spells Fairie Fire and Dancing Lights that will create the conflicts. These spells are what make the Drow so formidable and feared to fight in darkness. However, it is not required to change your load order to keep your mods working, follow installation instructions above.

Known Issues or Bugs
Because the mod is still BETA, there will be bugs and wacky things in place, but we're always working on upgrading, improving the quality and expanding on quests. Please understand this is a major project so progress can be slow, but it does progress.

NOTE: This issue of the transitioning doors seems to be a common misunderstood concept that leads players to getting lost because they can not find an "obvious" door. There are many places that uses an "Auto Load" feature created by MentalElf. The purpose for using this concept was incorporated heavily into quick loading areas that we needed, such as in the Labyrinth (the very reason it is so easy to get lost) and for trick visuals we wanted to build such as in the Sentient Tomb passage ways and providing a means to divide up an incredibly huge dungeon into what is now the 3 main dungeon "wilderness" areas of the Underdark. It is also how we were able to make it appear that you are walking upside down on the ceiling.
The most important feature that I wanted MentalElfz's scripting for was to make it possible to see the interior of a cell before entering and the exterior before exiting as seen in this demo. So I don't blame players for getting lost, it's easily done, but by showing how the 'AutoLoadDoor' change works; it may provide a better understanding and what to look for. This very script is how changing of the Main Underdark Cells works. If you see (in the dark, it may not be possible) well enough, watch for these doors, however they are not visible. Just watch for the normal cell changing windows pop up and for quick terrain changes. Once loading through a door like the AutoLoadDoor, the next time you will change faster through the transition.

version 1.1 3/19/10
OMOD & hotpatch

version 1.0 2/20/10

version 0.59.1b 12/1/2009

version 0.59 9/3/2009
STABLE Version
product identity adherence changes

version 0.58 8/27/2009
Added resources for upcoming Sulteric Drum's Vampire Hunter Stokers Quest
Separate patch uploaded for Assassin Hood/Cloak fix for those who overwrite the skeleton.nif
Fixed texture leak for "female" drider armor/torso model

version 0.57 8/6/2009
version 0.56 6/5/2009
version 0.548 4/17/2009
version 0.547 4/10/2009
version 0.5463 3/30/2009
version 0.546 3/14/2009
version 0.545 3/14/2009

I want to give special thanks for the devteam for all their efforts and support, no matter what they have contributed. Especially to AlienSlof, for she also supported me the same day we had given up on modding. With her contribution to this mod, it has given a unique flavor for the drow of the underdark. ~ Aoikani

Current devteam members official/unofficial contributing actively, or inactive for r/l reasons:

MentalElf ~ scripting
Najaknevrec ~ modeling, texture
Kielanai ~ flora resources, lore
Dramat De'leal ~ lore concepts
Aoikani ~ interior designs, mod construction, lore, scripting, project leader
ShadowLance194 ~ interior designs, modeling, texture, mod construction
AlienSlof ~ texture, modeling
Wix ~ modeling, texture, scripting
Demon_Slayer_Rav ~ testing, interior development
InsanitySorrow - texture, mod construction
Euther ~ voicing
Mr. Mirrors ~ interior/exterior designs
Sulteric Drums ~ quest development
UK47Howard ~ models/textures
RedDragonDreamer ~ interior designs, texture
Mr. Sorry of Balmora ~ interior designs
OldBook ~ testing
Deepfreeze ~ testing
Crashpilot ~ lore
Vereta ~ voicing
Tyana Rie ~ voicing
Nivea ~ texturing
dragonmg ~ testing

..other credits:

Sandor / ST Team {Silgrad Tower Project}
Kikaimegami, Xiamara, Sshodan, Donutz, Cryo_, Cryonaut, Crimenir, Orix, Mdogger, Someone1074, B3w4r3, Koldorn, Saidenstorm, Phitt, Francesco, Karstux, Lilith, Vagrant0, Dragoonwraith, Mr Smiles, Helborne, JDFan, Loth Bonneville, LHammond, SinBlood, WoogieMonster, Xilverbullet (Midas Creatures), AlienSlof, Gizmodian, Sulteric Drums, Linus, Shavn, Liquide Grapics Interactive, Jon Satriani, Dire Storms, Robert, Disturbed, Growlf, Throttlekitty, Texian, Godhugh, Soya, Sam fisher, Walx, Qarl, Brucevayne, Always Z, Mr. Siika, FlyFightFlea, Madmole, Elsexo, Thraxonas, Bg2408, Kalikut, Plangkyef, Alexander, Buddah, GhostWalker71, Wolf2, Arynn, Corepc, M.E.R.P.s Team, Malo, Elveon, Mikal33, Joel Huenink, Alexander Wolf, Grimdeath, Lazymonk, Xmarksthespot, Grey-Starr.ca , Wizards of the Coast, Bethesda Softworks~Oblivion, Exanimis, Meo, Jured, CemKey, css (aka css0101), Jured , Tegeal, jcarl904, BAB team, Shimmer, Eventine Shangea, KafeiDotour, Kikaimegami, WillieSea, Haama, DewShine, Capucine

Credits are not compiled completely and we will update them accordingly as we progress.

The modding community for giving a reason to mod and to those who would enjoy this mod and to all those who contributed suggestions in or out of the thread during developement and for anyone we have mistakenly forgotten.

Tools Used
3D Studio Max - http://www.autodesk.com/3dsmax
Blender - http://www.blender.org
NIFSkope - http://www.niftools.org/
Paint Shop Pro - http://www.paintshoppro.com/
TES4Edit - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11536
TES4Files - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8489
TES4Gecko - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8665
TESsnip - http://timeslip.chorrol.com/TESsnip.html
TES Construction Set - http://www.elderscrolls.com/downloads/updates_utilities.htm
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

You must contact the Underdark Devteam to obtain permission before re-packaging any part of this mod @ BethSoft Forums

Although, use of The Underdark mod is free, we do NOT give permissions to use any Author's material used in the mod The Underdark, or any variation of the name, created by the devteam of this project The Underdark, unless so specified by the Author that it is a modder's resource OR given permissions for free use by the devteam of this project The Underdark. Any other Author's use of material that we use and have permissions to use within this project that requires NO DISTRIBUTION and NO ADDITION TO NEW MODS, or use of their material so stipulated by their original mods, must have permissions directly from the original Author. This is to protect the rights of those Author's, whom have specific or limited requirements for their own personal MODs. This notice will be included within our mod documents.

There are some authors who have graciously given permission for use of their material that do not want their work redistributed in part or whole, without their knowledge and permission. So please, respect this request. These are the inclusive creations of Xilverbullet and AlienSlof. In other words, you may not freely distribute their work without their permission.


Help for the lost:
Directions to the underdark via the two caves Timberscar Hollow and Crayfish Cave. First find the two caves in Tamriel and follow the instructions to get there through the caves.

First, in Crayfish Cave, go to the bottom level called "Crayfish Soggy Bottom" (crayfishcave05), then to the level called "K1 Mine Shaft, Khazad-dum" (TUCCursedMine03)<<<--- LAST CELL BEFORE UNDERDARK.

Secondly,in Timberscar Hollow, go to the level called "Deep Doubleback" (TUCToadstoolHollow03), then the level called "Great Pit" (TUCWindCave02)<<<--- LAST CELL BEFORE UNDERDARK.

The third entrance is north of Fort Scinia (coc FortSciniaExterior) to teleport there. A marker will appear NE of the fort.

Alternate entrances can be found near Blackrock Caverns and Fieldhouse Cave.

The latter two, newly added entrances will give quicker and deeper access to the underdark and the means to exit the deeper parts of the dungeon very quickly. But they too are hard to find, especially Fieldhouse Cave.

In the last update, 4 additional portal links were added to exit the Underdark quickly without having to exit the long way out. They can be found near Faerzress rock, near Menzoberranzan within the Drider area. Beware exiting while in battle, because you may find yourself teleporting anywhere in Tamriel with Driders on your heels, eager for your death. If you downloaded the Underdark Map, it is signified as the bright white star at the top of the map.

Detailed specifics on the locations in and out of Underdark are:

Tamriel Worldspace:
-19, 26


36, 21
37, 21

17, 3
18, 3

29, 9

32, 17

27, 3

NPC's of Underdark
Anyway, Verfelavel ath'Noquund can be found between the tower and the temple.
Bregan's Fence can be found at the top of the fighter's college, Melee-Magthere.
Dyrr, the drow lich but he will not have any dealings with you until we place more city quests within.
Akordril ath'Arabep friendly
Brizeyl ath 'Lymxyra friendly
Dipree ath'Kilsek NOT friendly
Seh'lascla ath 'Lymxyra Some drow do not follow Lolth, in fact there are many factions that some drow follow, and of a few that follow and worship dragons. This NPC has the favor of a KEY Dragon personality. NOT FRIENDLY
Tregahn ath'Kilsek NOT friendly
Aleanath ath'Torlyl NOT friendly and is NOT Suppose to be. She is one of few Blackguards.
Ahvanna ath'Oussath NOT friendly
G'eldvier, is in a dual-side-by-side house in Menzoberranzan.
Tregahn ath'Kilsek, can be found usually at the Temple front. But his AI has secret meetings with Dyrr. He will attack any non-drow on sight.
Any drow that is recognized as the normal drow class type, will attack on sight. e.g., sword master, assassin, arachnomancer, etc.
Any key personalities, e.g., Triel Baenre, Mother Matron's, Quenthel ath'Baenre, Liriel ath'Baenre, Jaggred Baenre the Draegloth, etc..