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An alternative replacement for the Fur Armor, shaped to the HGEC body.

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This mod aims to offer a stylized, somewhat more revealing reinterpretation of the stock Armors, fitted to the Hentai Gentleman's Eye-Candy body.

This replacement effects the lowest of the light armors, Fur, altering the cuirass and greaves, in two versions -- one bearing cleavage, the other sans.

I hope you enjoy this mod. As before, this is free for anyone to use however they like.



HGEC Body and skins installed.



Simply drag the meshes folder into the data directory, and overwrite whatever comes up.


Locate your Oblivion file, and go to the data/meshes/armor/fur/f and remove cuirass.nif and greaves.nif. And that's it!

(Added 3/6/09) AUTHOR'S NOTE:

Since this seems to be a common question, the species I'm using is a cosmetically customized version of Chingari and Ismelda's Demon Race, which you can get here.

Since people seem interested, I'll zip it up and distribute it to the interested parties via PM, unless asked to stop by the original creators.