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The elf race with a touch of gothic.

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Raven Elves

An elf race with a touch of gothic inspired by The Crow (I love this film). Both female and male Raven elves have tattoos on their body (but there are also body textures wihout tattoos ;)). The race and its variations is for HGEC and Robert Male Body V4/V5.

The full version includes the main file and the addons.

Update of 22 January 2012
- reuploaded Deepfreeze's Valeria 2.0 companion with his permission. You can find it in the Optional Files section. If you want to read the readme first, click here.
- added a patch which fixes the female hand texture if you choosed the "No body tattoos" option from the full version of Raven Elves. You can find it in the Updates section.

HG EyeCandy Body (or Exnem)
Male Body Replacer V4 (or V5)

The addons

Head06 Addon:
converted face texture for throttlekitty's Head06 mesh

Dark Raven Elves:
Dark elf variant of my Raven Elves

Addons as separate download:

Head06 Addon

Dark Raven Elves

Light version for Valeria Caresse 2.0
You want to play Deepsleeze's Valeria Caresse 2.0 companion but don't want to download the big main file? Then download the light version;). It includes all required meshes and textures for Valeria's hair, eyes, head and body.


Changes since version 1.0
- added tattooless body textures
- gave textures the right texture format
- replaced the face texture with the right one
- added the right head mesh
- new voice for male and female elves
- made Full version (BAIN friendly archive -> BAIN) containing the main file, the Head06 Addon and Dark Raven Elves
- added light version for the ones who use Valeria Caresse 2.0