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Voted Oblivion Real Estate\'s Most Imaginative Home of 2009 Unlock the secret past of Shadowbanish Wine to obtain a large interactive vineyard and manor, located in rich fields surrounded by waterfalls and lakes. So come on over and have a drink...or are you scared of what lurks in the shadows?

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Voted Oblivion Real Estate's Most Imaginative Home of 2009

New Mod User?
Since I've received many emails/messages from new mod users wishing for assistance with installation, I've written
up a mod installation tutorial and also used the Shadowcrest Vineyard archive as the example for the 7zip shortcut
installation tutorial. Need help? Please stop by here!


Oblivion Patch

Compatability Patches

New Roads and Bridges Revised

See You Sleep

UMO - Ultimate Map Overhaul

"If you found this note, it means we made it out in time and made it to Skingrad. Years ago, we bought Shadowcrest
Vineyard. When we found it, it was in shambles, all but taken over by the ivy, but we worked long and hard to
repair it. That is when the troubles started..."

Unlock the secret past of Shadowbanish Wine to obtain a large interactive vineyard and manor, located in rich
fields surrounded by waterfalls and lakes. So come on over and have a drink...or are you scared of what lurks in
the shadows?

To start the quest visit the Chapel of Julianos, in Skingrad. On the first pew there is a note that you must read.
The note is located on pew to the left if you are facing the altar.

This house is packed full of features. There are two very short quests, but many things to see and do. While
obtaining the manor is very quick, you may find it very difficult to get a decent nights sleep until it is

For your ease, there are 2 manuals placed within the manor that add to the manor's history, but also detail
processes and procedures required for several of the following features. These may be found in the kitchen
and laboratory.

1) The vineyard harbors the secret of the disappearance of Shadowbanish wine, and also provides a cursed version
of the manor. You get two homes in one!

2) The vineyard features a wine cellar. Here you can press harvested grapes into juice, and then place the juice
in a barrel to age. The wine press is animated, and the wine obtained is unique to the vineyard. At 10 days you
may bottle a special "cheap wine", at 20 days "fine wine", and at 30 days a "vintage wine". You may press and age
more than one barrel at a time, and remove them at different intervals while allowing the remaining wine to
continue aging. When the bottles of wine have been "emptied" by equipping the potion, you receive an empty
bottle to use in the winery process once more.

3) You will also obtain ownership of 2 unique horses when you obtain ownership of the vineyard. If they get lost
or you mount another horse, they will return to the vineyard stable. There are two map markers for the vineyard.
One places you directly in front of the front door to the manor, the other in the stables. If you are traveling
via horse or have a horse in tow I highly recommend you use the stable maker. You can simply dismount your horse,
open the gate, and then close the gate behind you without worrying about stabling your horse.

4) The main hall features a window which you can sit in, as well as a reading area with lots of storage for books,
letters, and scrolls. It also features formal and informal dining areas.

5) The formal dining area features place settings which can be stacked on top of the cupboard, or set on the

6) The bathroom features a tub which you may rest in, curing yourself of disease and restoring attributes, a wash
basin which helps resist disease (as proper hygiene should), and a trash basin which will respawn for item disposal.
You may only use the tub and wash basin once a day. The bathroom also features an animated curtain which may opened
or closed for more privacy.

7) The main bedroom features organized storage for weapons and armor, as well as a porch that overlooks the
vineyard, a private seating area, desk, and inviting fireplace. The guest bedroom features plenty of storage in
disguise, a small seating area, small alchemy area, and Ayleid window lights which can be turned on or off.

8) The laboratory is extremely user friendly. It features:
-Custom spell making altar
-Custom enchanting altar
-Static alchemy equipment (meaning you may perform alchemical experiments outside your inventory)
-Labeled and organized potion and scroll storage
-Ingredient shelves
-Plenty of storage in disguise for laboratory books, etc.
-Controllable Ayleid window lights
-The sink will boost your alchemy skill when in its vicinity.
-You may perform an experiment with the test tubes to create a potion of cure poison, but sometimes even the best
experiments go bad.
-Butterfly case for viewing
-Fishtank featuring animated slaughterfish and mudcrabs for viewing

9) There is a unique summoning altar in the laboratory loft. Placing a soul gem inside this altar and activating
it will send the altar into action, summoning a creature for you and filling your soul gem. The creature chosen is
random. You may place as many soul gems as you wish in the altar and activate it consecutively.

10) The basement features a training area, and a forge with a special anvil which will boost your armorer skill
by 10 points when approached.

11) The house features 2 hidden areas: a thief hideout and a dungeon. The dungeon features a custom sleeping altar,
static alchemy equipment, usable dungeon cells, and plenty of storage. The altar and coffins are all safe for
storage. You may dip apples in a barrel of poison to create poison apples in the dungeon.

12) The dungeon cells are restocked with prisoners (by your imps in your absence) who respawn. There are 10
respawning prisoners per cell. One cell has remote controlled darts, the other remote controlled gas traps.
You may also sneak a poison apple into their food sacks, or use them for food yourself if you are a vampire.

13) The grounds feature a pond area (courtesy of Bethesda, all I did was add some more "umph" to it.) This area
features a rope swing, stool, small additional water feature, and swimming mudcrabs slaughterfish. These creatures
are actually activators and will not attack you.

14) This house has been "havoc proofed" quite a bit, meaning what looks like clutter is usually containers to hold
your belongings. If you were looking for an empty house to clutter up, this mod is not for you. However, if you
like to be organized and have that lived in look, without messing everything up each time you run by a table,
this house is for you. Not everything is proofed though, so you will still have some episodes.

15) And last, but certainly not least...the kitchen!
The kitchen is fully stocked, and fully functional. While it looks full of food, don't be fooled...those are
containers. I chose to do this to avoid destroying that cell if you pick anything up, and it provides more
organized storage. Containers have been set up for everything marked as food. You may do the following in the

-You may bake a very special bread if you have all the ingredients. Once mixed, the bread must cook for up to 3
hours before you may take it off the hearth.

-You may bake shepherd's pie if you have all the ingredients. Once mixed, it must cook up to an hour before you
may take it from the cooking pot.

-You may fill up a re-usable tankard with ale, beer, or mead from the kegs. When you drink them, you get a dirty
tankard added to your inventory.

-You may then wash this tankard at a wash basin, which washes your dirty tankard and puts an empty one back in
the dish cabinet for future use.

-You may grind wheat into flour using an animated wheat press.

-You may make cheese by milking the vineyard sheep, boiling the milk in a special cauldron, and then aging it
a special rack. You may only milk the sheep once a day, and they only yield one bucket per sheep. You may age
more than one bucket of boiled milk at one time however, and remove the cheese at any time while allowing the
rest of the cheese to continue aging. At 5 days you receive young cheese, at 10 you receive mild cheese, at 15
you receive a cheese wedge, at 20 you receive a cheese wheel, at 25 you receive sharp cheese, and at 30 days
you receive mold cheese.

Compatibility Notes

Special care has been taken to allow your mounts access to the stable. The extra map marker
makes it much easier to stable them. However, "larger" non-horse mounts may not fit within
the stable and may also cause trouble when traveling to the manor map marker as well. Keep
this in mind when traveling with larger than normal mounts. You are responsible for how your
actions in game react with this mod, not I in cases such as this.

The horses have been specially renamed to not conflict with anything that uses AlienSlof's horses.

Special care has been taken to allow this mod to be companion friendly, and was tested thoroughly
with CM companions. However, you do need to be aware of a few things if you use companions:

- Special consideration for companion seating has been arranged by giving certain furniture
persistent references. This assures that when you sit, your companion rests someplace within
the cell which makes sense, instead of running off or standing about. However, there are
some exceptions which you may or may not experience. This only extends to one companion. You may
have odd behavior with multiple companions.Your companion will run to the upper seating area of
the upper hall if you sit in the lower section, this is to avoid your compaion sitting on the waste
barrel (and gives you a bit of privacy while in the bathroom.) When in the bedrooms, your companion
may pick a chair, or choose the bed to rest. 90% of the time they seem to choose the chair, but
because the beds have references that are related to the quest and assure that they will sleep in
them if told to, it is possible for them to choose them. Please also note that the dungeon is not
exactly small, and if you sit near the cells they will run off to another chair near the lab area or
possibly the sleeping altar (though I have not had them do this). If you sit and your companion does
nothing...you are in the chair they prefer. Moving to another chair should result in your companion
sitting. Seating in the exteiror cells with usually result in them sitting on the porch, however sometimes
they will seek out other seats, even if they are owned by the vineyard workers. Eating they may or may not
sit elsewhere, and under certain conditions they may sit on the waste barrel to eat or sleep in the bathtub.

- If a companion searches for food and finds a bottle of wine or a full tankard, when they
drink them the player will get the empty bottle or tankard added to their inventory, not
the companion.

- Telling/allowing a companion to sleep in the beds will NOT trigger the quest, or reap the benefits of
the healing bath. You are safe to allow them to sleep in all "beds".

- Pathgrids have been set up and adjusted for one companion only. Several areas are rather tight
spaces, and even with one companion they are forced to show up a slight distance away from the
player upon cell load. If you are running more than 1 companion, things may get sticky!
Pathgrids, etc have only been tested with non creature companions.

- Due to the way I had to set up the doors to enter and exit the cursed version of the manor, your
companions will not be able to follow you back and forth between the cursed and regular manor. If you choose
to take them with you, you must use the companion ring available from CM partners. I have made mild companion
considerations in the evil cells if you choose to this.

- The balcony is small, there's not much I can do about this. While I have set it up so that
is in fact possible to have a companion join you on the balcony, I really do not suggest
taking more than one companion with you. Also, I don't suggest taking a large beast with you,
if you can even make it that far with one!

- The guest bedroom has no cell ownership, which ensures if you wish to allow your companion to
stay here, that any food they take out of the fruit bowl (or if they take the alchemy equipment)
will not be marked as stolen items in their inventory.

- I would suggest avoiding using the harvest command in the laboratory. I have tried multiple
companions using a harvest command in any interior cell, and they appear to ignore all pathgrids
(and even collision at times) to complete their AI package. This may be something specific to
my game, but I warned you just in case! If you do use it, and they pop behind one of the walls
simply leaving the cell should warp them to you.

COBL Support

In the COBL version, the following features have been added and/or changed:

- The Ingredient shelves in the laboratory are now COBL shelves, which will sort your ingredients for you.
Please refer to the COBL readme for more information. I did not go the multiple container route with
these, all containers are the same.

- Instead of a mortar and pestle in the laboratory, you now have a mortar and pestle that uses the
COBL Grinder techinique. "Grinders convert various miscellaneous items into alchemical materials:
bones into bone dust, gems into gem dust, iron ingots into iron filings, etc." Do NOT store anything
in the grinder, as COBL grinders respawn.

- The Luggage has been added to the hallway in the upper floor. If you have previously discovered The Luggage
on the Anvil dock, you will find The Luggage on a bench under the window...near the bedrooms. If not, you
must first discover The Luggage first. COBL Glue is required.

- An Upper Class Dinner Plate has been added to the dining room area. (Look on the buffet next to a pitcher
and two silver goblets). If you are not running a COBL-aware hunger mod this will just simply appear as a
named plate you cannot pick up! The dinner plate will take food from your inventory.

- The exterior well has been changed to accomidate a COBL-aware thirst mod. If you are not using such a
mod, the well will simply appear as a named well.

- A barrel of COBL food has been placed in the kitchen. The food barrel RESPAWNS so don't put any thing in it
unless you want to lose it. The other food barrel found in the back part of the kitchen does not respawn and
is safe, you can put your COBL food items in there if you choose.

Please read and be aware of the Common Oblivion readme and features:


If updating from non COBL esp to COBL esp with a character or items stored in any cells or containers from this
mod, please REMOVE any items you have stored in the ingredient containers. Also, remove anything you may have
stored in the barrel under the candles in the kitchen. I highly recommend traveling to a cell that is not
invovled in this mod, and also removing all stored items and then saving before switching esps. You may or
may not have your completed quests from this mod disappear. One player had this happen, while I did not.
If so, try reverting back to your earlier save with them complete and rename the COBL esp to the original
esp name (by right clicking it and select rename). The original esp name is Shadowcrest_Vineyard.esp

If you still have missing quests, and don't want to redo them, open up your console (hit the ~) button
and type in the following:

Setstage nk001 20 (this will give you the key back for the door)
Setstage nk001 110(this should mark this quest as finished)
Setstage nk002 30 (this should mark the second quest as finished)

Note: Do NOT attempt to run Shadowcrest_Vineyard.esp and Shadowcrest_Vineyard_COBL.esp together.

0.1, 2/16/2009 - Beta
1.0, 2/25/2009 - Version 1
1.01 3/01/2009 - Version 1.01
1.02 4/07/2009 - Version 1.02

Guard Addons added to file page 12/17/2009

Version 1.02 changes- fixed some spelling errors that I had missed when spell checking the mod previously.

Version 1.01 changes- Removed scripts from table settings in guest bedroom. Oops, those were not supposed
to behave like the downstairs settings (they tried...they tried.)

If you are running version 1, you do not need to update to 1.01 unless you really want to. There are
no major changes, just the dish issue in the bedroom. If you do want to update, save your character
in a cell unaffected by this mod, exit the game, and replace the esp.


This addon adds a guard to the grounds of the vineyard name Gaius Novrin. He will not attack you, the
residents, or any of the animals on the property. However, if certain NPCs or creatures wander into
the yard he will attack them.

He is set to essential, and makes quick work of intruders.

Please keep in mind that he may possibly attack any companions you may have in tow with you if they fall
under deadric, dremora, conjurer, vampire, or creature factions. If you are unsure of what factions your
companion uses, just stay close and watch Gauis as you aproach. If he draws his sword and advances,
simply activating him will send him away.

You can tell him to go down to the basement to take a break if he enters combat with anyone or anything
you do not wish him to fight with, while you get them out of the area...or if you just want to give him
a break. He will be down in the basement if you need to send him back out to patrol.

He uses scripts, instead of dialog. The main reason for this is you cannot speak to him if he enters
combat with someone, and therefore you cannot stop the combat. He is also inside the manor instead of
a resident's house to avoid any complications which may arise if you need him to guard the grounds at
nighttime (and don't want to risk tresspassing.)

He will NOT arrest you for any crimes...he's not that type of guard!

He goes on a widespread patrol, not one general area...which means he will help himself through gates...
which is rather cute, he checks on the animals. Don't be alarmed if your sheep escape because the gates
been left open or a horse wanders into the yard because of this. The sheep will return and you can
ride or nudge the horse back in the stable area (though to be honest, I've yet to actually witness them
walk out but I'm covering all possible sceneros here!)


He attacks anything in the creature faction. Normally, this is not a problem...however there are two
large exceptions to this rule you need to be aware of.

1) Shadowmere is in the creature faction. He will not attack Shadowmere if you bring her to the stable
yard while she is your active horse. However, if you switch horses she will no longer be "protected" and
he will in fact attack her. If you want to switch horses, please send him into the basement first!

2) Lucien Lachance is also a member of the creature faction. While I've tested visits from Lucien in
the manor without him being attacked, it is entirely possible that it may happen. If you don't know
who Lucien Lachance is if you commit a murder and see the message "Your killing has been observed by
forces unknown...." send Gauis to the basement before you go to bed, and keep it that way untill
Lucien is finished visiting you at night (which doesn't last very long at all.) Or spend those
nights in another bed.