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Dragon Captions version of The Elder Council mod is a lore mod and covers many different areas of Elder Scrolls lore, as many as the Empire it self touches, which is basically everything. Most of its 500+ lines of recorded dialog are given over to Lore based information you can listen too by talking to NPCs added by the mod. Even the quests tell lo

Permissions and credits
Dragon Captions - The Elder Council v2.03 (Cyrodiil Upgrade)
Please see Change log below for specifics.

Latest News - Dragon Caption has now added COBL v1.6.1+ Support for TEC.. See log below for specifics.

DC TEC Support Forum - http://www.forums-dragoncaptions.com/

Requires = The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Requires = OBLIVION PATCH v1.2
Requires = Shivering Isles v1.2
Requires = Dragon Captions Resource Pack (DCRP) V.1.5.4b+ - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=24279

Requires = COBL v1.6.1+ - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=21104
Note: If you want to play the COBL version of this MOD - COBL (DUH)

Note: If you download and install this Resource Pack for the first time, you have to download and install all parts + the esm associated with the Resource Pak.

Highly Recommended Add-on mod = The Temple of the One v1.2 (http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/file/The_Elder_Council_Temple_of_the_One;97686)

Latest Version (v2.03) - Dragon Caption Team.
Original Creator's (thru v1.9) - Giskard

TEC Support Forum - http://www.forums-dragoncaptions.com

Please see Change Log below for details pertaining to version 2.0 updates

The DC Elder Council Mod v2.0 comes in a single archive and requires Cyrodiil Upgrade Resource Pack V.1.5.4b to work.

Just extract the zip into your oblivion folder, that is the folder with the Oblivion.exe inside it.

About The Elder Council Mod
The Elder Council mod is a lore mod and covers many different areas of Elder Scrolls lore, as many as the Empire it self touches, which is basically everything. Most of its 500+ lines of recorded dialog are given over to Lore based information you can listen too by talking to NPCs added by the mod. Even the quests tell lore based stories.

Generally speaking The Elder Council Mod does for the Empire what Origin of the mage's guild did for the Arcane University. It total revamps palace, adding missing departments and extra lore based content so the palace becomes an important part of your game and a useful place to visit. It features a Lore Masters office that contains audio descriptions of every Septim emperor. It contains province offices that contain audio briefings on current events in other provinces, it contains Guilds and Charters offices that will present you with audio briefings on the history of the Mage's Guild, Fighters Guild, The Order of the Black worm and the Psijic Order and allow new players to get a feel for all those organizations. And that is just background information the mod provides inside the palace that teaches you about the world your playing in.

There is also a Department of Justice and Census and Excise office within the palace where you can join the legion and rise up its ranks by performing legion duties or you can collect taxes for the Empire and serve it that way. Both are these are jobs you can do for life, without ever taking on a single official quest or adventure, so yes you can role play a dry old tax collector with no personality now if you wish. Or you can walk the roads between cities on patrol keeping the citizens safe from harm as an honest legionnaire. Or you can cheat and claim you did it as a corrupt legionnaire.

Several of the rooms that should exist such as the throne room and emperors quarters were also added back to the palace in this mod and it was all done without me having to edit the Main plot or Heist quests, so this mod is a lot more compatible that it should be given that the whole palace is one big quest location and there for a very difficult place to mod safely. Yet this mod does it :)

The mod adds several quests including a short Main Plot that takes you on a journey though Southern Nibenay lore, Elsweyr lore and Valenwood Lore before it ends. An interesting story to be sure and one that allows you to take part in "The wild hunt" ritual (Valenwood version). So before the main plot ends, you will have had an introduction to a lot of lore based material from the south of Tamriel. I personally find it all very interesting so I’m sure you will too.

The mod adds an Imperial rank system to the game that rates your importance to the Empire based on the quests you completed both from this mod and from the original game. Promoting you as you earn more and more points toward your next rank. But it does not insist you do Bethesda’s quests to earn those points, you can do the repeatable quest in this mod and work your way up the ranks that way without EVER even starting the main plot for Oblivion. So by the time you actually save Kvatch, you might already be Duke of Colovia. It is entirely your choice how you get promoted, I simply provide several ways for you to do it.

Using the Imperial Rank system you can rise to become Duke of Colovia and even get your self a small room in the palace. Also it is possible to detect certain TEC ranks in other mods so Kvatch Aftermath for example can know when you finally become Duke of Colovia and implement new features if I add any. Just like any true Cyrodiil Upgrade mod should work. This is actually a much cooler feature than it sounds. In fact its the one I am most excited about.

The mod also supports good and bad players via its Nobility or Corruption system. If your good, you earn Nobility points and rise up the ranks of the Empire faster and more interesting quests become available sooner, if your bad, your rise up the ranks is slower but you earn more money and jobs like Drug dealer open up to you, plus a little fraud on the side. Again it is your choice, be good, be bad, the mod rewards good role playing either way.

This system gives you secret bonuses behind the scenes without warning as a way of rewarding good replay. So if you suddenly find your self getting promoted for no reason, that is why.

A new TEC secrets idea is being explored in this mod as a way of passing on tips to players without exposing my self to the flaming that always follows supporting any players in public. TEC now gives hints about the mod that will help you get the most out of it, these tips come from my private forum guides but are not a complete set of tips. You’re getting the 10cents tour version here.

These messages only appear once so pay attention or you may miss them.

The elder council mod also adds the Valenwood city of Arenthia as a bonus, complete with local clans, priests, cultists, shops, guilds and special arenthian equipment, an elven sector in the trees and an imperial sector on the ground. Fancy a swim ? Got the money to pay to get in ? Why not visit the Arenthia baths, if not there’s a big dirty pond in the middle of the town you can swim in with the other peasants. Just be warned, the baths are mixed sex paths and the NPCs do remove their cloths to use the baths, so if you have any body mod’s installed, this feature may become X rated suddenly. Currently it is PG and safe, again your choice, install the body mod’s, get nude NPCs, do not install the body mods, get the PG rated version. Child friendly all the way if other mod’s are not installed that change these things.

Arenthia is to be my pet project and will develop more in time but right now it is fully functional and at least as developed as most of Bethesda’s cities, plus there is some unique items on sale in the shops whos capabilities may not always be on display. Using them is the only true test.

The Second Door leading up the door is locked for a reason. Do not try and open it, behind that door is Beths original quest areas for the Heist, every door in those areas triggers stage 75 of the heist early. So if you unlock that door and explore beyond it, you will totally screw up the heist quest and will cause the guards in this mod to assume your trespassing all the time. So do not go beyond that door unless you’re doing the heist quest.

Also the its best to increase the view distance for trees in your game options if you intend to use Arenthia because Arenthia has a lot of trees and some are so big you can almost touch them before they pop in to view if you do not.

Compatibility Issues:
Streamline and repeatable quests.

Streamline function Kill Corpses seems to cause a miscount for the number of dead corpses in repeatable quests so leave that function turned off. This bug will effect all my mods including Kvatch Aftermath, Fighters Guild Contracts, Origin of the mage's guild, The Necromancer as well as The Elder Council, so its a bad idea to have it turned on if you use anything I have made. Reports indicate that only the kill corpses function is a problem, so if the makers of streamline fix his in the future, I would be grateful if somebody lets me know so i can update these docs. Thanks to FatGiant, EK and Hanzo The Razor for identifying this issue and finding the cure. Well done guys :)

Change log:
Version 2.03 COBL v1.6.1 Supported (THANKS ONRA)
- Adding ingredients, books, food, drinks etc from theprovinces to the provincial offices, the imperial cafeand some Arenthia shops and taverns
- Revamped some of the provincial offices, the census office, the department of justice and the administratum
- Summerset has got now its own office, you can reach it via the portal in the valenwood office
- The old summerset office is taken now by a new High Rock councilor Grok na Gul (The first Orc councilor)
- Added cobl water support to Arenthia ( well and barrels)
- Added the cobl luggage to the Arenthia rentable rooms

Note: Playing the COBL version the The Elder Council;

1) Unpack The Elder Council Mod to the OBLIVION folder.. NOT THE OblivionDATA folder.
2) Replace or rename the "TheElderCouncil.esp" file in the Oblivion Data Folder
3) Move the "TheElderCouncil.esp" in the "TEC COBL ESP Version" folder to the "data" folder.

To Play the NON COBL version, extract the "TheElderCouncil.esp" from the data folder of the archive and place in the OblivionData folder as normal. Overwrite or rename the existing one as necessary

Version 2.03 ESP only update
- TEC Legion Patrols are ending now in the Castle Great Hall / County Hall of each city. This makes TEC fully compatible with any Open City mod.
- Fixed bug associated with Dishonorable Discharges and the removal of Legion Specific Items

Version 2.02 ESP only update
- Fixes a compatibility problem when stating your rank at Fort Akatosh, Sergeant Viculus will now recognize your current TEC Legion Rank
- Highly recommend that you update to the latest ESM v1.5.4b of the Dragon Captions CUO Resource Pack (DC CUORP)
- Highly recommend that you update to the latest Fort Akatosh ESP file as well for total compatibility accross all DC mods

Version 2.01 ESP only update
- Corrected a bug that failed to address backward compatibility relating to the TecImperialPalaceCuirass script. This should now work properly.
- Changed mod description of the reflect v2.

Version 2.0 Dragon Captions the Elder Council

- All voice-overs have been re-mastered

- Added voice lip animations for all 500+ lines of dialog

- Corrected misspellings and some minor dialog issues between voice and text

- Optimized pathgrid’s and path finding for the guards in the IC palace and near Arenthia
- The mod has been cleaned with Tes4 Edit

- In the Legion now:
When you join the Legion at the department of justice, you will still get a full set of legion armor...but from now on you will get a unique cuirass (CUOLegionCuirass) with an attached black cape... This should avoid conflicts with other mods/overhauls/patches changing the legion cuirass... Of course the original Oblivion Legion Cuirass (as long as the form ID is not changed) will work as well.

Also you have to wear only the legion cuirass to be recognized as a legionnaire (listed on duty)...this means you can combine your legion cuirass with any other gear you want...you like to wear your cuirass together with a Battlemage hood or a red skirt, as long as you wear the legion cuirass you are listed on duty.

Note : higher ranks - You have to wear the imperial palace armor...which seems to be more logical... but, to have a bit more of diversification. You can now wear the Black Marsh and Morrowind legion cuirass as well… representing higher ranks from the legions...

- Legion Support:

By playing DC The Elder Council together with DC Fort Akatosh final and DC Guards of Cyrodiil you will be able to wear many more different new legion gears; Skyrim Legion Cuirass (heavy Legion Cuirass with an attached Snow Moth Legion cape), Morrowind Legion Cuirass and Caligae (nice original Morrowind cuirass and roman style caligae...light armor), Skyrim Legion Archer gear ( full set of light armor), Blackmarsh Legion ( Swamp Moth Legion) gear ( full set of mixed armor... heavy /light), Nightblades Cuirass and hood (Legion Cuirass with an attached green cape and green hood...light armor), Imperial Navy cuirass (Legion cuirass with an attached blue cape) at higher ranks...( light version of the Imperial Watch armor with an attached red cape). All this new stuff can be found in different locations or will be given as quest rewards! Every Cuirass is compatible with Tec (listed on duty) and can be combined as you like...

Last but not least... DC has changed the TEC legionnaires so that we have a unique look of the legion now (black capes and legion scutums for the fighting squad)

- Navy Support:
All navy ships have now bigger crews (soldiers/sailors), pathgrids, added to the ship’s, Npc's have wander packages now, soldiers and sailors wearing the same gear as the navy soldiers in our Fort Akatosh and Guards of Cyrodiil Mod...so that we now have a unique look for them, as well.

For Change log information prior to v2.0 please see the TheElderCouncil V2.0.html inside the archive.

Modder’s Resource Pack (MRC)

You will notice several files install in to a folder called MRCompilation, these are all Modder’s resources either made by my or others. The necromancer also uses this folder but its meshes are placed in different locations so they appear correctly in the CS. However these files are modder’s resources and if you use them and keep the file structure, do not edit the files you find here. This mod uses them and so will yours. So make your own versions of meshes and textures if you need to edit them, put your versions in the MRCompilation folder and you will have contributed to the resource pack idea that has been have started. When others see that folder they will know its safe to use those files them selves and they too will eventually contribute.


Cyrodiil Upgrade Resource Pack Resources used by this mod are Credited at the link below in full.

Special thanks to the ORE which link or host to most of these.

Ore Website: http://www.moddersofore.com/index.htm
ReTextured Curtains Set1 By PhantomVoid
jcd13 = Paper Lanterns on Ropes
Razorwing = RazorwingAgora
Metz = Weapon Display Resource
Raistlin2002 = ORE native Tile Set (Repack of Aezarka Resource Pack)
Raistlin2002 = ORE EL dawnwood set (Repack of Aezarka Resource Pack)
Default (no name) = THERMAE v1.1 (Roman Baths)
Ghogiels = Dwemer, Dreugh and BoneMold Armour.
Nicoroshi_Creations (also known as Nicoroshi) = The Bow of Bones, Doomshard, Spirit Blade, Nico's Dreadweave Axe, Nico's Quinga Bow, Obsidian Axe, Talon of Akatosh, Daes' Rakan Sword and Dreadweave Armor.
Irjavascript-event-stripped animated staffs

All files found inside any folder named MRCompilation in my mod’s are Modder's Resources where permission has already been given for use in other mods. My own work is to be considered a modder’s resource too and usable in other mod’s with my blessing. I have started placing my work for various mods in folders named MRCompilation but it is not that well organized. It is however easily identifiable as free to use due to the folder name. MRCompilation stands for Modder’s Resource Compilation btw and is my way of following the lead of Silka, Razorwing, Metz and other modder’s excellent example. Thanks guys :)

Voice actors
Ibsen's Ghost
Wald Woland

Thanks to…
Giskgard = for creating TEC and allowing Dragon Captions to expand upon his work.

DC Team members (Onra, Firespark, Kosh,) = for taking the time to update, test and add these great additions to TEC

Aeven = Various Quest, Faction and Rank Icons.
Jannix Quinn = Arenthia Guards Armour & Skeleton Staff