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Last updated at 14:31, 19 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 3:32, 15 Feb 2009

**OOO Version Requires Oblivion.esm + Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm**
DarkIllusion by skeleton K.
Queens Armory by Eyren
Queens Armory
BlackLuster by hide

What it is:
Places the above armour sets on
sexy ladies in a deadly(LVL 20+) dungeon.

What it isn't:
An armour/mesh/texture replacer.

Where is it?:
Elven Gardens District. (For those that can't find it there is a map+marker)

DarkIllusion was in an ayleid ruin.
OOO adds some high leveled nasties to the area..
Why not make them a new home, with some friends...
Buying/Picking Up armour is a bit too easy....
Now you have to fight for it! :-)

How to install:
1) Extract to your OblivionDATA dir.
2) Run Oblivion Launcher, and select "Data Files"
3) Uncheck(disable) DarkIllusionArmor.esp & BlackLuster.esp & Queensarmory.esp
4) Check(enable) Combined_BL+DI+QA.esp
5) Select OK
6) Play the Game

Added missing BloodSkirt_WP (with pants) and texture.
Fixed more nif links.(things should drop ok)
Fixed NVIDIA black screen bug(near0.0001)
Fixed Swarming in OOO combat(3 distinct combat areas)
Fixed Hardlinked Master REFS
Fixed Scripts & Scripted items.
Fixed stutter by removing shields.

**New versions are **NOT** compatible with old saves(keep using the old version)!!!**
**Only use the New Versions with new characters/games/installs!!!**
Not really a bug but the level is VERY HEAVY on the gfx engine!!
(heaps of polys + light sources + reflections)

Will work with DI, BL, and QA armour upgrades(existing pieces/weapons/ammo/ect.),
and Body Shape versions if they exist (Normal/Exnem/UFF/HGEC/ect.).
As it only loads whats in the Meshes & Textures folders.
Added ImpeREAL compatibility.
Compatible with Keychain.

to Eyren. skeleton.k and hide for their kicka*$e armour mods!!!
to OOO folks for the addon collection!!
to ElminsterAU for TES4Edit! DON"T MOD WITHOUT IT!!!