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Makes Oblivion quit instantly.

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This requires OBSE 16.

This is a modified version of Scantis FastExit plugin for OBSE, published with permission from Scanti. It makes Oblivion quit instantly and without errors. In general functionality it is similar to Deathless Aphrodites Clean Quit (aka Exit Oblivion With No Crash Guaranteed). Note that this requires OBSE, which can be obtained from http://obse.silverlock.org/

There is no readme file at the moment. This is an OBSE plugin. This is a different thing from an ordinary OBSE mod. To install it, copy its data folder into your Oblivion folder. In particular, the .dll file in it needs to end up in Oblivion\Data\obse\plugins
There is no esp or esm file. You do not need to enable anything. So long as you are using a recent version of OBSE correctly, and the FastExit2.dll file is in the right directory, this should work.

Advantages of FastExit 2 over the original FastExit:
FastExit 2 saves the ini files before quitting. So, with FastExit 2 changes made to your video settings, keyboard & mouse configuration, etc will stay after you quit and restart Oblivion, unlike in FastExit. That's it, the only difference.

Advantages of FastExit 2 over Clean Quit aka Exit Oblivion With No Crash Guaranteed:
The big advantage for the moment is that FastExit 2 does not require Pluggy, which has recently been discovered to be causing crashes for some people (see http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=930549 for details). But that is a short term advantage that will be much less important once the Pluggy issues get fixed (probably sometime in the next few weeks... I think). The other advantage is smaller, but longer lasting: FastExit 2 is an OBSE plugin that hooks Oblivions quitting code rather than a script, so it does not suffer from the weaknesses of scripts. This means that FastExit 2 will work on the main menus quit button, unlike Clean Quit. And FastExit 2 will work even if you quit in the first few seconds after starting a game, when Clean Quit will sometimes fail to work.

All of the hard work was done by Scanti. All I did was add a simple con_saveini call, and even that I got the idea for from Deathless Aphrodites mod.