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Castle Dracula:
A Gothic style player home for dark characters (Gothic in the sense of the medieval church, not Hot Topic). Dracula is not there, which is good, because he probably wouldn't take kindly to you moving in. It is free to anyone who feels like living in such a creepy place. It's north of the Imperial City, on top of the mountain that has the climber's stick at the top. So, of course don't install it if you already have something there.
This mod doesn't contain any new meshes, but it does have many new items, books, paintings, textures and spells. I recommend getting a mod that makes bottles of Human Blood usable to vampires. That being said, there are no vampires in this mod. It is of the historical Dracula, however a vampire character would find himself at home here.
This is my first attempt at modding and I did not intend to release it. I only decided to because some friends wanted me to. Some people might see it as offensive, with its violent and religious themes. I ask you to remember that I did not make this up, Dracula is a historical character and I tried to portray him as accurately as possible. The information it contains is historically accurate, as is much of the layout of the castle. In interior is mostly made up, because the castle is in ruins. This mod contains many books which I encourage you to read to better understand the actual Dracula. If you are interested in learning more about the historical Vlad Dracula, I recommend reading "Dracula: Prince of Many Faces" by Radu Florescu and Raymond T. McNally.

Between the real lighting and the height of the castle, slower computers may struggle with this mod.

Shivering Isles expansion

Mod Conflicts:
Frostcrag Wizard's Tower
Sunrise Sunset

There are no known bugs. If you encounter any difficulty installing this mod, please ask me for assistance before rating.

Special Thanks:

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* All Vlad fans should check out the Vlad the Impaler vs. Sun Tzu episode of Deadliest Warrior. It has some inaccuracies but it is an extremely entertaining episode.
* User Betty Koms has made a Russian version of this mod. It is available at: www.tesall.ru/file/castle-dracula.

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