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In the realm of the Mad God, even a wooden crate seems like a spacious mansion! Version 2 now with interactive features!

Permissions and credits
Name: The Hall Of Blissful Dreams COBL
Version: 2-1
Date: 10/29/2010
Category: Buildings, player owned home
Requirements: Shivering Isles AND/OR COBL
Author(s): Korana

In the realm of the Mad God, even a wooden crate seems like a spacious mansion! To enter the Hall, travel to Bliss
in New Sheoth. Near an area with bridges and waterfalls you will find a small camp. "Sleep" within the camp to enter
The Hall of Blissful Dreams. You'll find that in your dreams your humble shelter turns into so much more.

Version 2 now has interactive features! Since I had SI installed for the first time since the release of version 1
and it was also my annual mod updating time, I decided this needed features like all my other homes. :)


1) "Bathe" in the fountain of Sheogorath in the living room area to cure yourself of disease and to restore
attributes and health.

2) Cook an interesting assortment of delights in the kitchen at the cooking, but bring an open mind or a lot of
alcohol to wash them down! You may choose between: Swamp Gumbo, Boiled Hunger Tongue, Spiced Baliwog Leg,
and Firey Grummite Eggs.

3) You may bake Alocasia Fruitcake in the oven.

4) The other oven is currently in use as a smoker, smoking baliwog legs. However, it seems the oven has run out
of Gnarl bark to complete smoking some of the legs. If you have Gnarl Bark in your possession you may "open"
the oven up and remove a Smoked Baliwog Leg in the process.

5) You may turn on the sink in the kitchen by activating the statue holding the bucket. You may also turn it off by
activating it again.

6) If the sink is on you may use the bucket to rinse Unrefined Greenmote. Rinsing it provides you with Purified
Greenmote. Purified Greenmote offers a few properties of Unrefined Greenmote when used in potion/poison making.
If ingested, it behaves as Greenmote does (complete with visual issues) only without the deadly 3 limit ingestion
cap of Greenmote. However, ingesting more than one Purified Greenmote does you little good as the effects will
not stack up. This was intentionally done to simulate having a minor tolerance to a non refined substance.

7) You may then use the iron pot hanging over the stove to boil Purified Greenmote over the stove for several hours
to create Greenmote.

8) You may make a donation at the Bust of Sheogorath if you have lettuce available. You will receive a blessing.
If under a certain stage of one of the main quests, you will interact with Sheogorath when activating the bust.
If past that stage you will interact with Haskill.

9) If you have either variant of tongs in your inventory, you may perform a simple surgery on the Flesh Atronach
in the laboratory. You have a chance of failing, removing human skin, or removing void essence.

10) Underneath the laboratory table is a cremation area. This is a replica of something seen in the isles. If you
place bones in the cremation chest and then activate the switch (located on the wall next to the achemical storage
if using COBL edition, if using regular edition switch is in bookcase.)
The statues will burn the chest creating ashen remains from the bones. You may then open up the chest and take the

11) The alchemy counter in the laboratory will open up a static alchemy menu when activated. This allows you to
to create potions/poisons without equipping or carrying equipment.

12) There is an obelisk of spellmaking on the alchemy counter. This opens up the spellmaking menu when activated.

13) There is a fountain of enchanting on the alchemy counter. This opens up the enchanting menu when activated.

14) The laboratory features organized storage for ingredients, potions, gems, and scrolls. There are also planters
showing off some of Mania and Dementia's flora.

15) The bedroom contains plenty of organized storage. Don't let a few containers fool you, each container holds an
extremely high amount of items. Each planter throughout the house is also storage.

COBL Support

In the COBL version, the following features have been added and/or changed:

- The laboratory urn shelves now function as a single ingredient sorter,which will sort your ingredients for you.
Please refer to the COBL readme for more information.

- The base of the spell making obelisk now works as a COBL Grinder. "Grinders convert various miscellaneous items
into alchemical materials: bones into bone dust, gems into gem dust, iron ingots into iron filings, etc."
Do NOT store anything in the grinder, as COBL grinders respawn.

- The Luggage has been added to the bedroom and can be found on top of the bookcases near the window. If you have
previously discovered The Luggage on the Anvil dock, you will find The Luggage on a bench under the window...near
the bedrooms. If not, you must first discover The Luggage first. COBL Glue is required.

- Riddle books and joke book have been added to the book chest in the bedroom. I enjoy these books, and they fit
in with the atmosphere.

- The faucet water has been scripted to accommodate a COBL-aware thirst mod. If you are not using such a
mod, the water will only have a name and no function when activated.

- The metronomes will use the COBL clock function to display the current time when activated.

Please read and be aware of the Common Oblivion readme and features:


1. Extract this archive to your Oblivion directory, or extract to a temporary directory and manually copy
over files if you prefer.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher (Or Mod Manager if preferred), click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside
Blissful_DreamsCOBL.esp OR Blissful_Dreams.esp

Do NOT attempt to run both the COBL and non COBL esps together!

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck Blissful_DreamsCOBL.esp OR Blissful_Dreams.esp
2. CAREFULLY delete the following folders:
3. Delete Blissful_Dreams.esp OR Blissful_DreamsCOBL.esp

Compatibility Notes

Special care has been taken to allow this mod to be companion friendly, and was tested thoroughly
with CM companions. However, you do need to be aware of a few things if you use companions:

- Special consideration for companion seating has been arranged by giving certain furniture
persistent references. However, there are some exceptions which you may or may not experience.
This only extends to one companion. You may have odd behavior with multiple companions. Your companion
may pick a chair, or choose the bed to rest. If you sit and your companion does
nothing...you are in the chair they prefer. Moving to another chair should result in your companion
sitting. I have chosen seating areas which are in logical areas to sit, but due to how the cells are set up
they may decide they should go sit by the fire when you want to have them sit with you at the dinner table.

- Pathgrids have been set up and adjusted for one companion only. Though I admit I did drag 5 of them through
with me at one point.

- I would suggest avoiding using the harvest command indoors. I have tried multiple
companions using a harvest command in any interior cell, and they appear to ignore all pathgrids
(and even collision at times) to complete their AI package. This may be something specific to
my game, but I warned you just in case! If you do use it, and they pop behind one of the walls
simply leaving the cell should warp them to you.


None that I know of. Any mod that modifies Bliss will show as an conflict in several tools, however they
most likely will not cause any conflict. I know of no mod which modifies the area where I added the small
beggar's camp.I did modify pathgrids to accommodate for NPCs walking into the crate and over the bedroll,
but this should cause little or no issue and if one does arise please evaluate load order.


- Due to how I had to implement the water and alchemical storage, it may be difficult at times to activate the
statue/faucet or the chest for the scrolls. Simply change your viewing angle and you will be able to activate

- This house will NOT show up in your houses owned stats. This is intentionally left out, it's rather silly for
you to own this since it's not really real now is it?

- When cooking in the cooking pot, you will see the items you have "put" in the pot appear. While you can see
them, you may not pick them up. However, any major havok event such as a spell or hit to them will send them
out of the pot. I normally go with static versions, but since version 1 had no files added to it and I unfortunately
couldn't do that with version 2 I still wanted to keep file size down...and I rather like having the actual items in
the pot. Just activate the pot when your item is ready and those items will disappear, and it was reported upon next
cooking they will be back in the pot again.

- I did not include 50% or 80% resolution icons for the gumbo. It seems no one misses these, but if you do feel
free to contact me.

- Due to the game engine's time scale, cooking/boiling/baking past 9pm may result in your items being "cooked" earlier
than their allotted time.

- All storage is safe.

- As was my Morrowind mod practice, I make my houses for myself. I take joy in details, and will not under any circumstances
change my style to accommodate for a computer which is not my own. If you are worried about anything I make blowing up your
computer, please do the following:

Hit the delete button right now. Seriously, delete this mod. Loose my email, because you'll simply get deleted. Or upgrade
your computer. Or go take a knitting class. If this mod isn't for you, I'm not going to shed a tear if you don't play it.

2/4/2009 - Version 1
2/1/2010 - Version 2
2/1/2010 - Version 2 COBL
10/29/2010 - Version 2.1 & 2.1 COBL

Verson 2 changes:

- ALL scripted features added except for enchanting/spellmaking altars
- Crematory added to base of lab table
- adjusted size of basket with Alocasia fruit in kitchen
- Straightened up/fixed wall clipping with several planters
- Removed ownership on some books which had snuck in and straightened books after havok explosion had occurred in development I had
not noticed.
- Designated seating for companions
- Added sounds to the following: metronomes, kitchen sink, fountain, spell making obelisk
- Changed static benches/planters into container version for additional storage compartments
- Added actual water to kitchen sink and enchanting fountain
- Kitchen counters changed to container versions for additional storage.
- Fixed up various items which had also been effected by CC havok issue.

Version 2.1
- Adjusted the surgery script. It was apaprently returning an error when both types of tongs where in the inventory.

To update please save your character and any companions outside of the home. Remove any items you have added to
containers before replacing the esp.

As always, backup your saves and previous esps in case you forget something!


You can find me under "Korana" at ORE, nexus, or TESeyecandy.co.uk or http://tesadventures.com
You can email me at the following address: [email protected] but due to some recent
mis-adventures I'd prefer contact via one of the above forums. Thanks for understanding!


Thanks to Greenwarden for testing version 1!

Thanks to Helol for testing version 2!

Thanks to Ogramirad for food idea input!

Thanks to Bethesda for Oblivion and The Shivering Isles.

Thanks to Trollf for the scripting wisdom taught on so many occasions!

Thanks to Wrye and the COBL Team!

Thanks to LHammonds for the readme generator.

Tools Used
7-Zip - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579
NIFSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
TES4Edit - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11536
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp


You may not change this mod and redistribute it without my permission. Please do not upload this mod or translate
it without seeking permissions and providing me with links. Even with permission granted, by re-uploading
or translating you assume responsibility for keeping those files up to date.