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Wheel based hotkey mod with a nice interface. Does pretty much anything that any other hotkey mod does, plus more.

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This REQUIRES OBSE 17. OBSE can be obtained here:

forum thread:

There are some videos of this mod in action linked in this forum post:

If you're using this mod and not using OBSE 17, upgrade now! OBSE 17 fixes several bugs that effected numerous users of this mod:

version 0.54: fancy arrow-equipping code disabled because it was causing problems
version 0.53: fixed issues with hotkeys & horses, allows console messages to be turned off, tweaks to icons and potion-drinker hotkeys and auto-cast hotkeys
versino 0.49: bug with gear-set mode selection fixed, more gear-set modes added, fixes issues with equipping multiple arrows, changes to the way auto-cast hotkeys work, adds new potion drinker/selector hotkey type, etc
version 0.43: adds more options to gear-sets, fixes the infinite wheel change bug
version 0.40: reduced annoying messages if you looked at the stats screen in the first few seconds

This is a wheel based hotkey mod - it extends the normal vanilla wheel of hotkeys. It includes pretty much every feature offered by any other hotkey mod, plus a bunch more. 99% of the stuff people want is accessed by very clean interfaces which only require you to spend a second or two in menus to set up.

This is how it works:
Use hotkeys 1-8 just like in vanilla Oblivion.
When you want more hotkeys, pressing left-shift will switch you to another set of 8 hotkeys. Pressing left-alt will switch you to another set of 8 hotkeys. Pressing left-shift and left-alt at the same time will switch you to yet another set of 8 hotkeys. The keys that do this (left-shift and left-alt) are called modifier keys, and can be changed.

When you want a special hotkey that does something that the vanilla hotkeys can't do, go to the stats menu and press one of the regular hotkeys (+ any modifier keys you want). It will pop up a menu listing the types of special hotkeys available - cycler keys, gear-set keys, auto-cast keys, etc. You click on one of them, and that hotkey will from then on act as a special kind of hotkey.

Configuring special hotkeys is generally easy - for instance, if you want a cycler key to switch you back and forth between your sword and your bow, then go to the inventory screen and hold down your cycler hotkey, click on the sword, click on the bow, and then release your cycler hotkey. You're done, that's it. If you change your mind and want it to switch between your axe and your bow, no problem, you can bind new items to the cycler key at any time the same way you bound the first set of items.

Some people want to know the limits: for the most part, there aren't any. How many modifier keys does it allow? More than your keyboard has. How many wheels can the modifier keys switch between? Tens of thousands. How many items can a cycler cycle between? Tens of thousands. How many spells can an auto-caster queue up? Tens of thousands. How many items can a gear-set key equip? Generally it's hard to find more than about 15 items that can be equipped at once, but if you can find more it will equip them for you. Et cetera.