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AT2 01-Shiki Armor Set (Type-01 Armor Set)

Permissions and credits
Name: AT2 01-Shiki Armor Set (Type-01 Armor Set)
Version: 1.8
Date: 9/20/2009
Category: Weapons and Armour
Author: A-Type2

Some Upper Armors and Lower Armors.
They should work whatever "Body Set (ex. EyeCandy, BAB, or TFF)" you use.

A Chest is placed in the Imperial City Market District.
Please refer to the screenshots. "Location01.jpg","Location02.jpg"

These armors are not compatible with any other "Body Set" such as EyeCandy.
But as long as you use an Upper armor and a Lower armor at the same time,
they should work whatever kind of Body Set is installed.

1. Place the Data folder into your \Oblivion folder and overwrite.
2. Activate "AT2 01-Shiki Armor Set.esp"

I strongly recommend using "Oblivion Mod Manager" for easy uninstallation.

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

v1.8 9/20/2008
* Add some equipments
A Lower Armor
Two Helmets

v1.7 10/11/2008
* Add some equipments
A Gauntlet
An Upper Armor
A Lower Armor
A Helmet
A pair of Boots

v1.6fix 10/5/2008
* Fixed a glitch in "Hand02Gauntlet.nif"

v1.6 8/25/2008
* Add some equipments
A Gauntlet
Two Upper Heavy Armor
Two Lower Heavy Armor
Five Helmets
A pair of Boots

v1.5.1 8/09/2008
* Change UV map for compatibility in some meshes

v1.5 7/29/2008
* Add Dress Armor Black version

v1.4 6/28/2008
* Add some equipments
A Gauntlet
An Upper Heavy Armor
Two Helmets (Hide Hair)
*Change Bodysuit UV map

v1.3 6/07/2008
* Add some equipments
Two Gauntlets and two Boots
A Lower Light Armor
An Upper Armor
Two Capes ("Tail" equipment)

v1.2.1 5/25/2008

* Change the Weight Class of Leather boots. (bug fix)
* Remove the gloss on the metal guard of the Leather boots.
* Add Alternative "esp" in the "Appendix" folder.
(Change all the armors into "Heavy Class" or "Light Class" )

v1.2 5/24/2008

* Separate Gauntlets from UpperArmors.
* Separate Boots from LowerArmors.
* Add some equipments.
Leather Boots and Leather Gloves
UpperArmors without Chest Armor
Some Helmets
* Change bodymesh version.
For future compatibility

v1.1 5/10/2008
* Add some equipments
Two Lower Heavy Armor for shorter skirt
A Lower Heavy Armor retextured version
Two One-hand Swords (with or without sheath)
A Two-hand Sword
Two Shields (normal and sword-style)
Discrete boots and Gauntlet for EyeCandy or HGEC
(Trial version incomplete compatibility)
* Change shoulder position higher (Maybe head loooks smaller than ever)

v1.0 4/29/2008
* Initial Release


Big thanks to Bethesda Softworks.
Big thanks to the Blender team and niftools team for great tools.
Big thanks to the beta testers in the "2-Channel Oblivion forum".
04/29/2008 A-Type2

Most of the meshes and textures included in this MOD are not madified from
any other MODs.
The hand mesh and bones are made from genuine Oblivion game data.

As long as you keep the following four conditions, I do not limit whatever
you want with this MOD.

1. Please include the credits above in your new MOD.
2. Please permit everyone distribute and modify your new MOD.
3. Your new MOD can be used in Oblivion.
4. This mod must not be used for commercial use.